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  1. I calibrate my monitor using the X-Rite Colormunki. Additionally, I have ENVShade installed (which I like because of its simplicity, although it's not perfect). I slightly tweaked the P3D lighting settings, starting from the ENVShade recommended settings, and then tweaking to something that looks better to me. (much less light bloom, for one).
  2. Brussels International preview

    Looking forward to seeing this project proceeding in the right direction... Brussels is sorely missed in P3D right now. I keep my fingers crossed that development goes smoothly once it is resumed in full. Thanks for the open and honest communication Mathijs.
  3. Some very nice shots once again this month! Here's mine.
  4. For me, using CTRL+left mouse on the download button (in stead of just clicking) also seems to work...
  5. Here's my shot for the month. Hope you like it.
  6. Any news for Torp - Sandefjord ?

    As far as I know, Alta is not compatible either (and being missed...) I'd love to be proven wrong though.
  7. I'm tempted to try this challenge... Just not sure whether I'll make it. Not sure about my aircraft either. 737/A320 would be comfortable and easy. But also thinking about something older or smaller...
  8. Very nice screenshot indeed. Congratz.
  9. Departing for Sint Maarten, loaded with emergency personnel and supplies.
  10. The Round The World crew coming home!

    Congratulations pilots! Must've been an amazing adventure.
  11. Radials you say? There's four of those on this beauty!
  12. Dovetail Flight Sim World

    I'm not sure I used the right description. What I mean is the lack of options when creating a starting scenario, the way the sim tries to lock you into a to-from flight, yet lacks of a decent flight planner,... Do keep in mind that I haven't used it much yet. As for the Steam aspect of it, I don't mind at all. It's very user-friendly in installing and running. I am worried about them making it into a closed environment though. I'm not really tempted to use steam for Add-ons.
  13. Quick poll about STEAM

    Yes, but not for flightsim. For that, I prefer to go directly to the developer/publisher. Also, I'd like to maintain more control over my add-ons than Steam allows.
  14. Dovetail Flight Sim World

    As I owned Flight School, I also have FSW installed and working. But as long as it's early access, I'm going to be reticent in putting a lot of time and effort into it. When I do start it, it still fails to impress. It's better than Flight School, but that's no achievement in itself. Fully keeping in mind that it's early access: - I'm not impressed (at all) by the lighting system. - The aircraft look good (the VC's especially look good), but so far have failed to convince me regarding functionality, systems, flight dynamics and sound. - For it being 'the next big sim' building on the legacy of the MSFS line, I'm seeing a remarkable lack of open-world-accessibility, versatility and all-round usability. - The User Interface and menu system feels like it's designed more with looks and 'feeling game-like' in mind rather than usability and common sense. And finally, well, it's Dovetail Games. They have already received more money from me than I'd care to admit, and what I got in return has more often than not failed to impress either in quality of value for money. So I'm getting to be very, very critical with what comes out of their offices. That being said, when Dovetail Games Flight Sim World is released out of Early Access, I'll try very hard to look past my prejudices, and give it an honest chance. You never know, it might still surprise me in a good way.