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    Observed several failures A318/319

    I have observed that in the current version of A318 / 319 for Prepar3D v4.3 having Armed the Airbrake in any landing mode when touching ground, putting power levers in IDEL and pressing F2 for reverse, the airbrakes are NOT automatically activated as if In the previous version of the Aibuses, is there any cause for them not to act? Another failure (I have videos of captures) is that once the brakes of the main wheels are removed, once folded and after a long time of flights an hour or more, its temperature does not go below 30 degrees, even in levels of flight not less than 30,000 feet, is it normal? even when it lands, it exceeds 300 degrees, and still I put fans continue Increasing its temperature, preventing it from being able to brake when arriving at the landing gates, passing the safe distance or STOP, is it normal?
  2. Miguel_V

    Observed several failures A318/319

    As soon as I have time, I will make these indications.Thank you
  3. I do not use any tool, nor do I intend to install. I capture from GPU GTX970 and I edit with Magix VideoDeluxe Premium the capture of Nvidia to MPG4
  4. This video only contemplates the previous preparations of programming the flight and configuration of passengers, load bagaje and general load, flight level etc.... to see data of the letters departure and arrival. Lasts about 10 minutes. Note: I have to edit the full flight, when I finish I'll put it here.
  5. Miguel_V

    AIRBUS Short flight

    Video from initialization, taxi, takeoff from Barcelona, route and landing in Ibiza I would appreciate comments in this forum on bugs or things I've done wrong or things I've forgotten, and more if they come from pilots of this aircraft A318 recent aerosoft with Prepar3D v 4.3
  6. Miguel_V

    Version now available

    Thanks for the speed, to create the Hotfix, and publish it, I will try in a few moments today
  7. if one day I decide to restore to the initial configuration the MCDU 3, after changes. How do I do it if I remember how it was initially configured, deleting any file would be solved. and reloading the airship again?
  8. Miguel_V

    Restore MCDU 3 to default

    Sure? I've done it and it doesn't happen. Even switching from Airbus from a 318 to a 319 and vice versa
  9. Miguel_V

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional Bundle Low Fps

    I think it is not the Hardware you have, if not just as you have configured certain entries in the Prepar3D. CFG For example, I have a i5 4690K and for being 4 core, I have configured the input [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 There are applications that tell you according to the CPU the correct value And the GPU is a ASUS GTX 970 32 GB Ram 1600 HardDisc Crucial SSD 950 GB M2 128GB
  10. As you can see my in the menu, I do not appear,..... I did the installation as admin when running the setup.
  11. Miguel_V

    The error of the century...dxgi_error_device_hung

    What you expose, is very correct, forget about adjustments and other things, and do it from Prepar3D
  12. That you ask, of the PUSHBACK seems to me, if I am not mistaken of the developers of AES or GSX, I think. In the case of Prepar3D only GSX because AES is not compatible, but GSX if compatible with the simulators FSX
  13. Miguel_V

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    1: AS16 version do you use? I use this…. 2: And if I generate the files..... 3: In the PFPX 1.28.9i This is the Meteorology settings A sample with the conditions in Barcelona LEBL in AS16 and PFPX that are the same in both, ie I read from the generated files You use Prepar3D v 4.3, if that is the case.... download the BETA version of AS16
  14. Anxious to fly again the A318/319 I will buy it as soon as you put it on the web for sale, later when the A320/321 will use the discount Tiket I own the Bundle that I purchased, and wait for the A330.
  15. Of the 5 addon that I acquired long ago, there is some foresight to update them to Prepar3D v4.x: EDDL Dusseldorf P3D v3.x 1.10 EHAM Amsterdam FSX 1.04 LGKR Corfú P3D v3.x 1.11 LEMD Madrid Barajas FSX 1.03 LPPT Lisboa P3D v3.x 2.01
  16. Cessna C172SP Skyhawk TakeOff Barcelona LEBL Rwy20
  17. I have long wanted to ask the following question in this forum Aerosoft. Not even a week ago I reformatted all disks, and then perform a reinstallation starting from ' Clean ' OS Win10 64Bits (updated), applications, utilities, Drivers (graphics, keyboard, Motherboard...) Games and as last Flight Simulator Prepar3D v 4.3 In the simulator I have databases of Airac of Navigraph and the Charts of Navigraph and by NavData Pro ie use Charts Jeppsen and Lido, all paid on the date that expires annual access, well, whenever I have installed scenarios of the two types Mega and normal bought s in Aerosoft, at the end of the installation always asks me ' If I want to install the Chart Viewer NDP charts ' to what I say NO, because I have paid I installed, so I do not need to install it again. My surprise from the first day, is that even saying NO, is installed in a folder of a hidden directory of the root disk, a number of PDF files, corresponding to the stage installed within a hidden folder identified with the ICAO ID of the scenario, which At the end (currently I will need to install some 7 scenarios of about 20 purchased in Aerosoft) occupy a negligible amount of space in the root disk, in my case an M2, not giving me the option to never tell me if I want to install those PDFs , that I will never use, for that I already have Navigraph charts and NDP charts. The PDF any of the users of scenarios of aerosoft you will find them in: * C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaning\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\ * Note: In the File Explorer in Windows, very important to have activated Viewer the hidden files, without that it will not be able to access to that folder from .....\<User>\..... One solution I would propose is to give the option of not or if you install those PDFs if the user when installing the scenario with ' installation Wizard '.
  18. Canary Island : Airport La Palma GCLA … CRJ900 Air Binter Canarias 07/07/18 21:28
  19. Miguel_V

    Installation of the Aerosoft scenario

    By means of this ' excellent ' application to sort ' Layer ' the scenarios, these are those that I installed in Prepar3D v 4.3 and at the moment I have no problem of operation. And as I explained earlier, this is the ' folder ' hidden in what you see the ICAO ID folders full of PDF 500 files that occupy me a 40MB in the disc M2.... C: As I'm a bit fair... I make the decision to delete everything because it does not affect the operation.
  20. Miguel_V

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    I thought the type of graphics does not affect, but I see that if, I use only NVIDIA.
  21. Miguel_V

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    and especially three days ago I'm reinstalling the entire simulator from 0, Prepar3D v 4.3 and so far I have not had any paste in its operation or applying any AddOn, Aerosoft, FSDreamTeam, ActiveSky (version for P3d 4.3), RAAS PMDG etc....
  22. Miguel_V

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    As many have explained here, in their last interventions, applying the HOTFIX 1.28.9i solve all the problems that ' some ' expose. I personally for years I use and since then I have no problems of any kind, it is true that when installing (downloaded from Aerosoft) installs the 1.28.8, but I recommend that once installed you apply the HOTFIX 1.28.9i
  23. My question is the following. What is the degree of compatibility between P3D v 4.2 with the recent P3D v 4.3 with scenarios, airplanes, utilities etc... marketed by you and updated lately most to the V 4.2 which I have all installed. Will I have to wait again to update them for failures etc..., in order to install the version of P3D v 4.3, with scenarios, airplanes, utilities etc... Updated to that new version.? That is to say more time almost a year, since the 4.2 left and now wait again to update them? Well in all puts at the time of installing that you can select the V 4.2 but in no will put v 4.3 Miguel
  24. TakeOff from Spain Naval Base ROTA LERT Rwy 28 F22 Raptor