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  1. My CPU is already very old, is a i5 4690K, so I have to put the value AffinityMask = 14
  2. I can assure you that the REX w Soft clouds ADDON uses many CPU/GPU resources, and if your configuration uses high or denser resources use. For me the 16GB installed RAM is short, for the installed addons that I read you have, and the GPU I imagine you will have the 8GB or more. And as you've been told I recommend SSD By a casual, in the Prepar3D. CFG you will have the entry, AffinityMask to a correct value http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/prepar3d/getting_help/advanced_configuration.html
  3. Miguel_V

    GSX Level 1 and Aerosoft A319 Professional IAE

    I don't know if it'll do you any good, recently I acquired the GSX 2 version, which in itself is an extension of GSX 1, if you run FSDT Live Update will update you the GSX 1 I will even install the GSX 2 but this will not activate while you buy it I have enter the key , and I have carried out actions with the A320/321 IAE and CFM, and I don't have the problems that happen to you.
  4. I always say that a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case VIDEO. My English is not good, so I translate from Google Translator texts. In the video of the flight that I made today with rain in Barcelona with destination Valencia, with Vueling's Airbus A320 from Aerosoft, as in other flights since I installed A320/321 I have some ' failures ' that in the A318/319 do not happen to me. 1º -From the minute 28:55 of the video to pass the level of transition in Spain is 6000 feet and as it has been seen in the previous preparations, the sound does not indicate that I have passed the transition nor the copilot acts on the button STD , having to press me. 2º -In the minute 30:30 to reach the level of 10000 feet, reports that it has exceeded, but does not turn off the landing lights. The previous two points, those bugs as I indicated in the A318/319 do not occur to me. Any solution? Thank you. https://youtu.be/XpMOk5Ywh04
  5. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    Your suggestion of prove with another configuration In P3D, I solved the problem I had, so far I used HYBRID (feet, millibars) I selected U.S. System (feet, inches) and has worked everything correctly. Thank you. For my part, you can if you want to close the thread.
  6. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    I have configured HYBRID (Feet, Milibars). In the next flight I inform you
  7. Miguel_V

    Very short warning sound

    The same thing happened to me, with the A318/319 expected that with the A320/321 to be solved, but not, keep beeping, between takeoff and end of the SID, then no more listening, sounds with or without AS16...... in the flight I flew between Barcelona and Valencia today , I rang (I was recording), but my surprise is that when editing the video has not appeared, and I happened between the minute 28:00 and 30:30
  8. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    In case you ask about this.... As you can see I have not installed the A318/319, but I have them, and I was flying with them before upgrading to A320/321....
  9. Today carrying out a flight with departure in GMMN from RWY 35R SID ADGA1D having the CHKLIST with the pilot and the copilot in on, arriving at the level of transition that is in 4000 feet and flying in the A320-232 IAE SHARK, the last update applied , should the sequence of the CHECKLIST pass the pressure to STD has not made me, in the previous preparation, if I configured the transition in the FMC to 4000 ', this change if you do the A318-319 Did this bug happen to anyone else on other flights?
  10. The same as in the CHKLIST if it starts from the cold and dark position of the cabin, and with the help of the copilot the cockpit starts, because at the end at the airport of destination in the door, the copilot there is no option to put the cabin in cold and dark And let the pilot be the one to disconnect the batteries at the end?
  11. Miguel_V

    Future of PFPX...?

    I recently updated the program AivlaSoft that had installed its latest version, and I have not been disappointed, if as you say the new PFPX is in development, will it be like the latest version of AivlaSoft, and bring more options? I hope so, as it is the application I usually use to create flight plans and export them either to PMDG and/or Aerosoft aircraft and AivlaSoft To track the flight, and AS16 Still thanks for the news.
  12. Miguel_V

    Unable to get 'WINDS' in the FMS

    This answer has created a question for me. The data of the winds for the ascent, route and descent, the Airbus reads them from the file exported from PFPX to the folder for PMDG? I mean the folder \Prepar3D\PMDG\WX Thank you.
  13. Miguel_V

    RAAS Install on update

    What would be the most appropriate profile of RAAS to edit and apply to A318-319? In my case I have purchased in FS2Crew the Addon RAASPro64 version and in the profiles there is none to select an Airbus. I would appreciate profile images to apply
  14. Miguel_V

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Correct explanation, GSX only follows the line defined in the AFCAD to one of the first two points defined from the beginning of the PUSBACK points to the left or right of the starting line of TAXI, and at that point is where the plane orients the head left and right , if those points are not correct in the manual GSX gives you an explanation of how to define and assign the correct point, which used for all types of aircraft that come out of that door of that airport and perform the PUSBACK requested. To find the correct data to define the point or points, there is an excellent application that reads the AFCAD (airport dessign Editor or better said ADE currently v175) of the airport that selects, either by default or the file AFCAD defined (always a BGL file) by the developer of the scenario you installed.
  15. Miguel_V

    Takeoff flaps?

    What sounds of flaps alarm, is the RAAS, if I am not mistaken, in that case I think touching the settings, has to be solved.
  16. Miguel_V

    Very short warning sound

    It happens to me the same thing as a short alarm beep, but only when I am doing the SID and not every time, use or do not use the AS16 with or without winds etc.... and no longer whistle again during the flight, or in the descent or during the shooting , nor upon reaching the gates. Today I will make a short flight with capture and if I pita it put in my YouTube channel, so you can hear and see. I have updated the A318-319 always updated to the latest published
  17. Miguel_V

    RAAS stall P3dv4

    This always happens to close the computer to off and before having closed the Prepar3D, even having selected [ESC] and you have not left a few moments to close all the files opened by Prepar3D including the communication via Internet with Prepar3D. When you turn the PC on again you will start the Prepar3D without having to click on the simulator. What accounts of RAAS for the moment, and I touch wood, it does not happen to me, and that I have installed the two professional registered and installed free by Aerosoft. To exit Prepar3D and do not stay running, let me finish booting the PC and then press CTRL + ALT + SUP and from Task Manager closes the Prepar3D, and restart the PC.
  18. Miguel_V

    Repaint requests

    Which of the two libraries will be able to fly with the A330-300?
  19. Miguel_V

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    I hope that if they put library of Spanish companies, for example Iberia
  20. It happened to me the same, but when I reread I noticed that the movement is made by the AES ADDON, as I imagine you use Prepar3D and AES is not compatible with this simulator.
  21. Miguel_V

    Stutters lead to loss of control

    You are very right, I use the Google Translator, both to read and write, and so I put or Google errors inadvertently, my language is Spanish My apologies for that.
  22. Miguel_V

    Stutters lead to loss of control

    This not to update the Windows 10 is the version that is, I do not recommend it to anyone ever, is more whenever I can recommend having it updated to the day, and I have installed the professional Windows 10, so if I have is disabled many things that affect my privacy policy D in everything, even Windows defender, I use the ESET, although many applications I installers recommend disabling the Firewall and antivirus, I never do and I have never had problems with applications, that if everyone does what they want with their PC.
  23. Enter the following Prepar3D websites and you will surely come out of the doubts https://www.prepar3d.com/product-overview/prepar3d-license-comparison/ https://www.prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  24. I use the P3D v4. x Professional, with which I can do ' some ' things more, with the academic if you only fly to fly, and do not want to get into things deeper, you're left, same as Hardware. And that my PC is ' Normal ' I5 4690k 32GB Ram 1600 GTX 970 M2 (128Gb) and 2xSSD (970 Gb and 500GB) ASUS VII Hero Motherboard ACER G277HL Monitor Windows 10 Professional 64b and Prepar3D v 4.3 professional And many scenarios of Aerosoft, some aircraft and utilities also some scenarios of the USA of other companies, like ADD-ONS
  25. I'm nervous, I can not stand, waiting that day.... if I could make the days were less hours I would. The Airbus A320-321 is the one with the most flights I have made, I imagine that it took out the A318-319 to ' see ' which is what works right or wrong, and that are the end users who have exposed those bugs, and Aerosoft has solved them, and so in the A320-321 will work everything to the Perfection since it is installed on the PC. I hope that happens.