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  1. Why do not you put that can decompress directly with ZIP, which is what most people think it has by default on the PC? And does not have the RAR Decompresser installed.
  2. Miguel_V

    Elevator stuck and shaking

    Do you happen to have FSUPIC to adjust the controls? The application or driver of the controls, you may be going through some bad settings
  3. I have put in options this configuration, and all correct. You can close the line as far as I'm concerned, if you like.
  4. What is not real is that efectues a TAXI to a position and hit and whack clashes against something you do not see and should not happen or be or anything, at night, because it does not happen by day.
  5. Thanks, but I think that eliminating the option of CRASH, is to remove realism to the simulator. In the video from minute 06
  6. As I do not like to extend much in writing, I publish this video to understand me better. Yesterday I bought this scenario, and when trying to fly at night with an airplane, taking off from Rwy 03 position M5, the first time crash, because it collided with ' something ' try again... and so several times, tired of not being able to take off the attempt since RWY 21 , no problem!, this morning I tried again, nothing happens all right,....... but for a must the VIDEO of what happens at night come from where CRASH And the video demostrate…...
  7. Miguel_V

    Red message "Differrential Brakes"

    I almost always use the Logitech EXTREME3D Pro Before using the Saitek X52 Pro black, as you know this control, the one containing the accelerator has defined several positions in its displacement, reverse, IDLE Point, Gas zone, point of Maxim Gas and post-combustion zone. With the Airbus I have not been to adjust so that in the idle point does not apply gas to turbines, which happens that the Airbus and gases in idle advances in overland travel, and must take the control of gases to reverse to not apply power to Torbinas , so you lose the option to apply reverse from the control against having to press F2, sure you can, but I have not dedicated to adjust that control.
  8. Not if it is normal or not, in reality, but after applying the Update testing with all Airbus from the A318 > 321 configured with MTOW or CFW, putting the Airbus in a default RWY at any airport, and applying the MCDU 3 ready for Taxi , removing brakes, none after one or two minutes did not move from the site,
  9. In options in P3D v 4.3 in controls you have manually adjusted some additional adjustment on some axis, or in the application of configuration of your controls you adjusted some axis that was not the default?.
  10. Miguel_V

    AS A320 Key Mapping with FSUIPC

    These are "posts " that give specific solutions I have interesting.
  11. Miguel_V

    Red message "Differrential Brakes"

    It happens to me the same, but only and I think it is because at that time I'm applying RUDER to right or left, and only at that time I get breaks differential, is this correct? If I do not apply RUDER does not indicate differential.
  12. had not entered until today in the forum, I the same day that Aerosoft published the Update installed it, and then I did two flights from dark and cold with two different Airbus a A318 British Airways and a A319 EasyJet of the latter I have a video capture , the two CFM that was where the problem, because for me disappeared that problem, I have not tried with A320 and A321... tomorrow I Will
  13. Miguel_V

    No elevator movement

    I finish the SID ASTRO4F with real conditions by means of AS16 of Valencia RWY 30 with the A319 EassyJet, without any problem, that if had the previous version, I saved the position to continue the flight later. I have video capture of the whole process from cold and dark on LEVC gate 5.
  14. Miguel_V

    No elevator movement

    Yesterday Wednesday, after Aerosoft announced new update that only affected the CFM of Airbus, I installed the update and perform a flight with the A318 cfm, I had no problem if it existed in I have just prepared a flight between Valencia and Lisbon and I will make it with the A319 EassyJet, I will see if I have been solved with this.