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  1. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  2. I created another Prepar3D. CFG by default and then adjusting the options in Prepar3D graphics etc..... without applying the tweaks of Prepar3D that I put in the link days ago, and I found that the simulator works in dense scenarios ' finer '
  3. Thanks, I'll prove it.
  4. What will be heard in the video piece of a flight, during the ascent phase (I happen in all Airbus A318/319/320/321) from the first day even with the latest updates. The duration of the video does not exceed 2 minutes, if you are attentive between minute 1 and minute 1 and 5 seconds you hear a beep, and only in the ascent phase, fly or where you fly and always before reaching the level of cruising. At that time I am between 12500 and 13100 feet and my level of cruise scheduled was 35000 feet and exceeded the transition of 6000 feet in Europe (departure from Barcelona) https://youtu.be/xdTmZw8XuEg Any suggestions of what may be or indicate the alarm or beep? Thank you.
  5. My CPU is already very old, is a i5 4690K, so I have to put the value AffinityMask = 14
  6. I can assure you that the REX w Soft clouds ADDON uses many CPU/GPU resources, and if your configuration uses high or denser resources use. For me the 16GB installed RAM is short, for the installed addons that I read you have, and the GPU I imagine you will have the 8GB or more. And as you've been told I recommend SSD By a casual, in the Prepar3D. CFG you will have the entry, AffinityMask to a correct value http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/prepar3d/getting_help/advanced_configuration.html
  7. Miguel_V

    GSX Level 1 and Aerosoft A319 Professional IAE

    I don't know if it'll do you any good, recently I acquired the GSX 2 version, which in itself is an extension of GSX 1, if you run FSDT Live Update will update you the GSX 1 I will even install the GSX 2 but this will not activate while you buy it I have enter the key , and I have carried out actions with the A320/321 IAE and CFM, and I don't have the problems that happen to you.
  8. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    Your suggestion of prove with another configuration In P3D, I solved the problem I had, so far I used HYBRID (feet, millibars) I selected U.S. System (feet, inches) and has worked everything correctly. Thank you. For my part, you can if you want to close the thread.
  9. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    I have configured HYBRID (Feet, Milibars). In the next flight I inform you
  10. Miguel_V

    Very short warning sound

    The same thing happened to me, with the A318/319 expected that with the A320/321 to be solved, but not, keep beeping, between takeoff and end of the SID, then no more listening, sounds with or without AS16...... in the flight I flew between Barcelona and Valencia today , I rang (I was recording), but my surprise is that when editing the video has not appeared, and I happened between the minute 28:00 and 30:30
  11. Miguel_V

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    In case you ask about this.... As you can see I have not installed the A318/319, but I have them, and I was flying with them before upgrading to A320/321....
  12. I always say that a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case VIDEO. My English is not good, so I translate from Google Translator texts. In the video of the flight that I made today with rain in Barcelona with destination Valencia, with Vueling's Airbus A320 from Aerosoft, as in other flights since I installed A320/321 I have some ' failures ' that in the A318/319 do not happen to me. 1º -From the minute 28:55 of the video to pass the level of transition in Spain is 6000 feet and as it has been seen in the previous preparations, the sound does not indicate that I have passed the transition nor the copilot acts on the button STD , having to press me. 2º -In the minute 30:30 to reach the level of 10000 feet, reports that it has exceeded, but does not turn off the landing lights. The previous two points, those bugs as I indicated in the A318/319 do not occur to me. Any solution? Thank you. https://youtu.be/XpMOk5Ywh04
  13. Today carrying out a flight with departure in GMMN from RWY 35R SID ADGA1D having the CHKLIST with the pilot and the copilot in on, arriving at the level of transition that is in 4000 feet and flying in the A320-232 IAE SHARK, the last update applied , should the sequence of the CHECKLIST pass the pressure to STD has not made me, in the previous preparation, if I configured the transition in the FMC to 4000 ', this change if you do the A318-319 Did this bug happen to anyone else on other flights?
  14. The same as in the CHKLIST if it starts from the cold and dark position of the cabin, and with the help of the copilot the cockpit starts, because at the end at the airport of destination in the door, the copilot there is no option to put the cabin in cold and dark And let the pilot be the one to disconnect the batteries at the end?
  15. Miguel_V

    Future of PFPX...?

    I recently updated the program AivlaSoft that had installed its latest version, and I have not been disappointed, if as you say the new PFPX is in development, will it be like the latest version of AivlaSoft, and bring more options? I hope so, as it is the application I usually use to create flight plans and export them either to PMDG and/or Aerosoft aircraft and AivlaSoft To track the flight, and AS16 Still thanks for the news.