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  1. I am pretty sure ''terrific'' was the word you were looking for - not terrible Nice drawing though! ...I am pretty sure all the A320 devs' will appreciate it! Best regards Anton
  2. Sure free is always better... but W10 is not that expensive anymore! You can get a key (totally legal) for around 10€ on multiple sites! Here is a link to a site to compare some prices! hope this helps! (If posting links to other shops is not allowed please correct me/ delete my post!)
  3. As far as I thought the developers DO get the new Version up front (they have to sign an NDA), but I am pretty sure the Beta testers don't. This means the Aerosoft developers who write the code can do so - aswell as doingsome limited testing (if they can find the time). The Beta Testers however only have access to the normal P3D version. (If I am mistaken please do not hesitate to delete my comment) Hope this clarifies it.
  4. Anton M-E

    SODE issues

    Thanks but this is not nescessary anymore! I changed the folder's properties and now SODE works fine. Anyhow - I will try to uninstall all my P3D AddOns that are in the X86 Folder and reinstall them in the correct/desirable location - just like Tom suggested! Thanks again for your efforts!
  5. Anton M-E

    SODE issues

    I did not choose that location... it was automatically assigned by the installer.. :/
  6. Anton M-E

    SODE issues

    Thanks for the tip! ...As you can see some folders were read only... I quickly corrected this and now everything works! Thanks again!
  7. Anton M-E

    SODE issues

    I've already tried running it off and on again - just did it another time just to make sure, but still the same issue. :/ I am not too familiar with SODE so I don't really know how to do what you suggested. Thanks for your help!
  8. Anton M-E

    SODE issues

    I have pretty much the same issue on P3D V4.2 at Malaga Professional (Simwings). I installed the latest version of Sode (1.6.3) and checked the installation instructions of the "Sode Plugin" by SimWings.... Judging by the issue itself smh the default jetways are still active. Thanks in advance!
  9. Really exited for the A320 series! I am not really sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but are the new P3D Bus's going to be featured in the FlightSimApps Remote Server? ...I know the CRJ ist supported, but will the A320 be aswell? Cheers!