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    Flight plan

    Hello, I tried to create flight plans and insert them in the folder of the Aerosoft to load them automatically in the MDCU, but when I insert in the CO the "name" of the file with ICAO of departure and arrival, it tells me that there is no flight plan available. Then I tried to enter the ICAO of departure / ICAO of arrival in the route and tells me that there is no wire available. How can I load the flight plan automatically? Files must be *.flp?
  2. Last evening I made a flight with the A321, and to my surprise the vertical speed manual is no longer crazy. Now the V/S in the manual descent is 1000 and the seep is managed. I will also do a test with 320 to see if it works.
  3. Hello Bill, Yesterday evening I tried to make a descent managed. At the FL280 with a speed of 310, with wind contrary to 30 knots, I have seto to descent to FL110 in at the TOD. In the first time the descnet follow the Magenta doth with the V/S of 2000/2500, and befor when I arrived at the FL110 and I wanted to stabilize to decelerate at 250 knots, the Magenta doth he continued the descent in the PFD, and when I have insert the 7000 feets for entry in the star, when I have push the button of altitude the V/S it went over 6000/7000 feet per minute and as a result I went into overspeed. For the versione I have I updated last night using your automatic update system (i think my version is
  4. Thanks Dave, Tonight I try to run a run down and I'll let you know, so I will also tell you the version that is currently installed.
  5. Hello all, Every time when the ProATC X he tells me to start the descent (usually don't is the same of the MCDU has calculated),I insert the altitude communicated in the autopilot, but when I push the button for the descent and conferm the altitude, the vertical speed goes up to values of 6000/7000 and continue to go up and the airplane descent down almost vertically. In the A320 for FSXSE I did the same procedure, but the V/s went down to 1000 and then did not move any more indicating the range of speed that held the plan, which does not happen to me anymore in the A320 professional. Am I wrong in some procedure? Or is a BUG in the program? Thanks you so much in advance
  6. Hello Kok, And it's impossible, for the newspaper, add or indicate a patch of file for modify the texture in base at the preference of user?
  7. Thankyou a lot for the information. But I still have a question, although I think it is not the right place to ask but I do not want to open another topic, during the climb to the various quotas communicated by the ATC, the hostes plays me and brings me coffee -.-" it's possible move everything during the cruise? and another thing, I saw that they also bring the newspaper: would it be possible to have an Italian newspaper?
  8. Hello Hanse, I have used the MCDU3 for define the C&D every time when I start a new flight. <<Did you use the copilot or not?>> Yes I have use the copilot. Now I don't remeber what is the last item called from the check list, but I rember is the 2° item called in the list. After the 2° item called, the checklist do not go further with "skip the object" Could you please describe what is the correct procedure after activating the batteries?
  9. Hello, I recently bought the A320 pro and the first time everything worked. Now with the second flight I find myself with the checklist that no longer goes. I start the "cockpit preparation" and after the first two items I get stuck and do not go any further. If I try to block it it tells me "OFF DELAY" is the writing checklist flashes. Is there any solution to this problem? Thank you so much (I hope I have written in the right section)