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  1. A318/A319 Professional D-Day A320/A321 Professional I'm slightly confused to what this means. Does it mean that the A318/A319 releases at D-Day or that D-Day is the time period between A318/A318 and A320/A321 release?
  2. Fredge


    Just out of curiousity: May I ask why you choose to do this? Since, I think a lot of people, including myself, don't want to wait 5 weeks after the A318/319 release to get the bundle and to be able to fly the new buses with a discounted price. I think the buy the bundle and then the A320/321 show up when they're released is a better option personally.
  3. Fredge


    Thanks, if I’ve understood correctly, you have to wait until both products are released to get the bundle.
  4. Fredge


    It might just be me but I’m having trouble finding the post which you referred to. Could you please link it?
  5. Fredge


    Do we have to wait 5 weeks after the A318/19 release until the A320/21 are released to get the bundle A320 family bundle? OR Can we buy the bundle when the A318/19 are released and then the A320/21 how up as downloads when they're released?
  6. 5 weeks between the A318/A319 and A320/A321? Are the service packs charged updates or free?
  7. At 20:16 in the video there is the clicks followed by the beep, however it only occurs after engine start. Isn't also supposed to sound when External power is turned on? There was only one click and no fans started when external power was turned on in the video.
  8. Wow there is a lot of new things in the MCDU that I don't understand Do you really have enter all the data in the same way as in the video?
  9. Ok thank you for the clarification.
  10. After you enter the flight plan from simbrief into the CO ROUTE, do you still need to choose a departure and arrival?
  11. For example, in simbrief and other flightplanning tools you can create, download a flightplan and put it in the "CO ROUTE" box in the MCDU. Can you use the current format for the upcoming Professional A320 or will we have to wait until a new one is made for the A320 Pro?
  12. Fredge


    Ok, thank you for the clarification!
  13. Fredge


    I've not owned any Aerosoft Buses at all; if I purchase the A318/A319 pro and then the A320/A321 pro, do I get I discount for the A320/A321 pro?
  14. Will the new buses come with a full new manual like the current versions do?
  15. Here’s a question just out of curiosity, why did you guys to model the new style cockpit instead of the old one with the round corners of the displays?