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  1. Mace_RB

    DC-8 clock

    I've noticed the DC-8's clock gauge always shows local time. Is this how the real DC-8 clock was? Or did it show GMT time?
  2. Another problem with "cookie-cutter" PC's is that the manufacturer will use the slowest / cheapest/ least reliable components they can. Like that 200 watt power supply PatrickZ mentioned. If you get a 1080 card you will want at least a 600 watt PSU, preferably 800 watt if you plan to overclock. Price difference isn't that much.
  3. I think everyone has already given good answers to your questions. 1. K cpus Yes definitely go for a "K" cpu -- you will want to overclock, even just a little mild overclock helps immensely in the sim, and it's simple and easy to do with a good motherboard. My Asus Maximus X Hero motherboard, for example, has factory-pre-sets for mild overclocking. That motherboard may be past your budget, and not needed for your build, BUT you can find a motherboard by ASRock that will be inexpensive but still allow for some overclocking. 2. Watercool vs. air In many cases the fans on a watercooler are the same sound-volume as an air fan cooler would be, so yes, I concur with whoever told you that. I would say if you're just doing a mild overclock, an air cooler will do perfectly fine. You will want a water cooler if you want to push it to around 5.0 ghz, but that's a pretty solid overclock and maybe beyond what you're looking to do. 3. 1080 vs 1080ti That's not something I have researched. I /think/ the non-ti 1080's have less memory, but I'm not sure about that -- hopefully someone else has firsthand knowledge. I do not know if the non-ti's have slower clocks or less features, either. 1080Ti's should drop in price as the RTX2080 cards are out now. 4. monitor -- I don't run a 4K screen, either, but I think moving forward it will be the way to go. Like me, you may be quite happy with a non-4K monitor. I know Mathijs and a lot of the Aerosoft folks are using 4K's now and curved etc. and it's something to look into, for sure. 5. memory -- 16 GB is fine. I agree with Otto, if you buy 2x8gb modules, you can always add 2 more later to go to 32 GB if your motherboard has 4 ram slots. I would consider ram with the lowest CAS latency you can find, from a quality vendor like G.Skill, Corsair, Crucial, etc. 6. disk -- I agree with the others I would go for a 1 TB SSD. Maybe buy a big hard drive for backup / archive purposes.
  4. Mace_RB

    Problem with the INS position update

    Your post was helpful to me. Thank you! Sometimes I could get it to update, other times no. I just did a flight from Lisbon (LPPT) to Rio de Janiero (SBGL) and my flight plan took me over Fernando de Noronha islands -- I used that VOR to update. Interestingly it looks like the Fernando VOR has been moved ?? vs. the 2006 navdata. Anyway, thank you again.
  5. It sounds like you have already done some research on this, because your thoughts are pretty much on. I will post the primary specs of the machine I built, and then some insight into why I chose each component: i7 8700K (overclocked to 4.8 or so) ASUS Maximus X Hero Wifi (can't go wrong with ASUS or the Gigabyte Aorus series of boards) Corsair h100i water cooler (I should have gone with the h115i Pro, quieter fans, and would allow a little more o/c) eVGA 1080ti SC2 (also water cooled) 32 GB 3200 mhz memory 1 250 GB Samsung M.2 SSD, and 1 500 GB Samsung M.2 SSD So as to the cpu, I would recommend the 8700K -- Hyperthreading ON - a decent watercooler, and with a comparable gfx card, your sim will be fine at Heathrow with AI and heavy weather, with quite good settings in P3D. As to the vidcard, the 1080ti's are undoubtedly going to drop in price now that the RTX2080 cards are coming out. 9 months ago, I chose to future-proof somewhat, by buying a 1080ti, a card with 11GB of vidmem (we may not need this overhead now, but we might later...), and a waterblock installed from the factory (video cards run hot, and I wanted a potentially long life out of mine). I planned to skip nVidia's next gen cards (what are now the 2080 series), unless they were must-have good (and I think I made the right choice, based on what we've seen so far of the 2080's). I do not know your planned monitor setup, but a pair of 2080's in SLI with a 4K setup look to be the primary benefit of that card at this point in time. However, as nVidia releases more mature driver packages for this card, its benefit could go higher for single card ops. As to the main memory, I chose 32 GB not because our sim uses that now, but because it might at some point. 16 would work fine, too, but I also do some image work and sometimes that pushes the system memory. As to the storage, in my opinion any decent SSD is fine. I consider a mechanical HD to be only something I would use for mass storage/backup, at this point in time. I am not sure my purchase of M.2 SSD's was really worth it, in terms of improving load times. I do not know that having a boot SSD and a sim SSD really makes much difference anymore. I did that anyway, just in case separating the OS I/O from the sim I/O still mattered. Most importantly, however, if you plan on lot of add-ons, 500 GB will get cramped. Mine is down to about 180 GB free, and I haven't installed any photoscenery. If Aerosoft would quit making such good stuff, I wouldn't have this problem...
  6. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    What are the loader machines in your picture? Is that GSX, or are those some loader vehicles you are including with the aircraft?
  7. Mace_RB

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Those shots look COLD. SO cold... We used to have this beer man at Busch Stadium in St. Louis -- he was self-styled, "the REAL beer man." And one of his catchphrases was, "...SO cold..." On a hot day at the ballpark, he would walk by you, and say, "...SO cold...", in such a way that you almost needed to buy a beer from him. And as for virtual hubs, I wasn't aware that Koln/Bonn was a big cargo hub, but -- since I like simming cargo airplanes -- I'll be visiting this one for sure. I always thought Leipzig had become a big cargo hub in Germany, since I think that's where AeroLogic is based, and of course Frankfurt-Main, but I didn't know about Koln/Bonn.
  8. Your autogen settings are pretty high -- I mean, they are higher than what I normally run, and I have an 8700K overclocked to 5.0 ghz, along with a 1080ti and 32GB mem. Now, if I am flying in a rural area, I might tick up the autogen. But if I'm landing the Aerosoft Airbus Pro into Mega Airport Heathrow, with heavy weather and AI traffic -- I run Normal on the autogen sliders. Anything more cuts into my frames when I need them most. I run a 60 mhz refresh monitor and with P3Dv4.3 I run the in-sim framelock at 31 fps. Your lock of 35 seems high, and it is not half your refresh rate (unless your screen refreshes at 70 mhz), which I've found seems to help with smoothness, at least on my setup. Running unlimited with vsync was the ticket in P3D 4.1 and 4.2 on my rig, but now -- 4.3 doesn't like that on my machine. I get smoother results with the in-sim lock. You should test these things with your setup, because there are so many variations configging PC's for our sim.
  9. People who are "new to it" often give us a new perspective and outlook -- it's nice to see. A stick like the one mentioned earlier in this thread is relatively inexpensive. Rudder pedals, if you decide to get them, can be a little more expensive. But you can have a pretty nice setup even without pedals. A lot of the sticks allow you to rotate the stick to simulate rudder movements. I have a Thrustmaster T16000M and it was about $60. I'm pretty happy with it. I use it for everything from helicopters, to an F-22, to an Aerosoft Airbus.
  10. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Yes -- I fly out of Miami often, down to Managua, Panama, MROC, and Guatemala City. I need to expand down to Bogota / Cali / Medellin. It's just a stone's throw further. I should look into doing an Arrow Air repaint once the cargo aircraft is out....but it would be the late Arrow livery (the green/blue and white one) probably.
  11. Mace_RB

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Well at least you didn't say Belgium. I have to say, I do not know where exactly the boundary between Orbx's GEN and GES is.
  12. Mace_RB

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Wow -- this is really neat looking. I'll be in on Koln/Bonn fer shure. I hope it integrates well with Orbx North Germany.
  13. Mace_RB

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    This is great for a cargo plane junkie like me! I'm very excited to say the least! I believe this is the plane they called the "Jet Trader" (50-series DC-8 cargo aircraft).
  14. Zimmi et al -- this was good information, whether it be Deutsche oder English, about how to manually edit the database if an error / crash happens. I also learned that "und siehe da" is "and lo and behold" -- or at least it translated to that.
  15. Mace_RB

    Question for Hans

    Thanks for pointing this out. I'm curious as to what vid card do you have, cpu, and system memory?