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  1. I run a Turbulence Effect Scale of 30 presently. I think the 70 default value is too high in general. You may have had some wake turbulence bothering you -- I have seen it do that with the default value. Probably a value similar to what Alex runs would be good to try.
  2. Whew, I'm glad I went with 32 GB RAM when I built mine. I figured I was way ahead of the curve but I guess the curve has caught me. In Soviet Russia curve stays ahead of YOU.
  3. I have an 8700K. It seems to give better performance with HT on -- but admittedly I only did a little testing when I first set up the machine a few months ago. I wanted to fly more, tweak less, and this rig has allowed me to do that. I plan to do some in-depth testing with HT soon though. Based on what I have seen around the forums, HT on or off seems to work differently for each person's machine as was said by Dave, above.
  4. Mace_RB

    Power off the INS?

    You should be able to power them down using the INS dial on the overhead panel. The same dial that you use for aligning the units / putting them in standby, etc.
  5. This isn't a tech support post. This is just a story-type post for those interested in INS flight. I just completed a trans-pacific flight (RJAA to KLAX) in the DC-8. I of course used the INS for navigation, as I was far away from any VOR's. So I had more than 9 waypoints, a topic which has come up on this forum before. I did not enter 9 into one box, and 9 in the other...that's not good practice. So, what I did was, enter the first nine (9) waypoints in the INS (both INS's, using the REMOTE key). Those nine waypoints got me to 170 degrees West latitude. A little over halfway. Shortly before reaching waypoint #9 (46degN, 170deg W), I ensured that my heading bug was set to my present course, and then switched over to HDG mode on the autopilot. This allowed the aircraft to continue flying straight, and yet freed me to enter new waypoint data. Not sure if that is proper technique, but that's what I did. By this time, yes, my INS precision was low (at 9 already) -- but I had no set radio or dme fix to re-calibrate it. Therefore, I had to trust and rely on the INS as is. So, I began entering new waypoint data...starting with point 1, and progressing on to finish out my flight plan (it finished on 9, nicely enough). I reset the INS to begin leg 1 to 2, then switched the autopilot back to INS, and the aircraft began following its new course. Long story short, I came ashore very close to my desired spot -- Monterey Bay, California -- and quickly re-calibrated my INS by overflying the Salinas VOR. After not seeing land for 10+ hours, it was a pretty amazing feeling to see the lights of San Francisco (it was night time), and know that I did it -- the INS did it -- and I wasn't 200 miles out to sea, or something like that. Good flight, that's the kind we like, using the old-school nav techniques.
  6. Mace_RB

    P3D v4.2 Crash

    Double check the power connections on your gfx card. Monitor your temperature of your card (using a program like GPU-Z, or nvidia's monitoring) while running P3D. I would do that, and also update to the latest driver. Are you seeing this many times? Or just this one time?
  7. Mace_RB

    Hydraulic System

    I never save flights cold and dark. I was just trying to help the original poster (hectorp?). And I was able to reproduce his issue, giving you another data point.
  8. Mace_RB

    Milviz Wx Radar

    Further comments on the above.... If you comment out the ASC!MAIN gauge line, you will not get any .asc (aircraft state) save file with your saved flights. My Roland Radar seems to be working just fine with that gauge loaded, so I see no reason to comment it out, at least in my testing so far.
  9. Mace_RB

    Hydraulic System

    I figured out why I had no .asc file. I had wrongly commented out the asc.dll. Even so, if I save a flight cold and dark, then load the flight, it loads with engines running. I attach the save files (fxml, wx, and asc) for your reference. dc8 test3.fxml dc8 test3.wx dc8 test3.asc
  10. Mace_RB

    Hydraulic System

    FYI - it is not creating an .asc file when I save a flight with the engines off. I'll have to test that again just to make sure, but that is what I've found.
  11. Mace_RB

    First impressions and a few bugs

    That's really interesting. I was unable to reproduce this on my DC-8. Then I played around with it, trying to use the mouse wheel to alter the flap lever positions, and indeed I heard the sound as you mention. I never activate flaps in that way, so I had never run into that before. I too like the Jet Trader version of this aircraft.
  12. FYI -- this does not appear to be limited to FSX + CRJ. I hear this with P3D v4.2 and Win10 and the CRJ as well. If I have the CRJ loaded, and I minimize P3D, every once in a while I'll be working in something else (like browsing the Aerosoft forum) and I'll hear this strange sound pop /click coming out of my speakers. It only happens with the CRJ loaded into P3D. Not a big deal, but strange.
  13. In there, yes - a DCOM error in the system log. I am tentatively going to chalk it up to a system that had been on all day...and had recently been updated (Win10 April update)....I'll tentatively blame all of that... I say that because tonight I was able to complete a short hop from KMDW to KSTL using the FMC. I also first did a KSTL to KMDW not touching the FMC. To make a long story short....this is a really fun aircraft. I will of course make more flights. I'm usually pretty good at breaking things.
  14. I'm not so sure that was the problem. I too, have yet to complete a flight without a CTD. Testing without any FMC data entry will be forthcoming. I'll probably apply the 1.0.6 hotfix before I do that. It's disconcerting to have a CTD without any notification at all -- no mention of any dll, just a straight CTD.
  15. Mace_RB

    CRJ Real World Tips/Techniques

    I have a general question about airline ops -- Does ATC always direct you around thunderstorm/convection areas as you're flying? Or, if your aircraft is equipped with radar, do you use that to make a heading change to avoid the storms?