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  1. Christopher J

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Have you guys had the chance to see how This scenery will work and perform with GSX2?
  2. Christopher J

    A small problem

    Hello oliver I have FSX and Win XP with aes 8. I have tried several time uninstalling and re. with Imagine MYNN and I still get the message that it is not activated in the scenery and i have resync aes and still have the same proble any suggestions Thanks Chris.
  3. Christopher J

    Meigs Field is back! - US Cities X - Chicago

    Hello Mathijs How are you doing I hope all is well. Is there any chance That this Scenery could Include the New Skyscraper they are building in Chicago that will be the Tallest Building.
  4. If it is possible could you tell me is at any time any one from aerosoft has come up with the Idea to Create a true to life Blimp for FS. I would like to know if it would be possible to fly one around the cities and so on. Just wondering?
  5. Christopher J

    Need Help

    To be honest with you OPabst I can not even find it anywhere on my computer. and I dont even think I could put it in a zip. sorry about that. Another thing is I cannot even find AES to uninstall it from the control panel remove programs. I have windows XP.
  6. Christopher J

    Need Help

    I am getting this error message and can not find support FSX AES get Error while Check/modify DLL.XML Contact support Subscript out of Range
  7. Christopher J

    Innsbruck X

    Would like to know how it is coming along with Innsbruck X. If maybe therer were 1 or 2 screenshots available
  8. Christopher J

    Would Like to Know?

    Thank You very much
  9. Christopher J

    Would Like to Know?

    I would like to know from anyone who is an FSX fan. In the UK where do I find Stone Henge. or does it even exist.
  10. Christopher J

    Nice X

    Could you also do Night time screen shots of Nice to Please. Thanks
  11. Christopher J

    Monastir X

    Hi there Mathijs How are You Doing? Well let me say I am a very happy customer and That I will always be a big supporter. If when you get a chance could you upload some night time screen shots of monastir. Thanks