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  1. Flavio1

    CL info bar problem

    As promised I have tried some wrong procedures. During the p/b started using the CL I have opened the MCDU3 and started p/b again in Groundservice section. Double voices was present, and this time I had no problem in the CL infobar but I had an infinite p/b. I was aware that this incorrect procedure would have created problems, but was only a test for feedback. Thank you Hanse. ciao Flavio
  2. Flavio1


    yes, in E:\Documents\Aerosoft
  3. Flavio1

    CL info bar problem

    Today I follow the step by step guide procedures and all went right, maybe that in the last flight I used the wrong pushback as you suggest. Next days I test the "wrong" one and I will check if the problem will repeat.
  4. Flavio1

    CL info bar problem

    A320 CFM I don't use GSX, I use that in the MCDU3. I was using Copilot. Set nose to the right 90° and strangely, he did not let me set the distance. After pushback there was an overlap of 2 voices, that of the ground services for PB and that of the CL the info "MDCU3: Configure and Start pushback" remained visible, then overlaid by the warnings that appear regularly. Ciao Flavio
  5. A320 , Turn Around State After push-back the instructions, in the CL infobar, t o configure and start the pushback have remained visible throughout the flight, as shown in the pictures.
  6. Are there any news on the Flight Recorder fix? Tnx
  7. Flavio1

    Adding A320/A321

    You have to go to your AS profile and you will find the A320/321 zip to download in your instant download section. Download, unzip, install.
  8. I have installed RAAS (locked) with the Airbus since the day of release. It worked well untill yesterday when I had to stop the fly half-way. Today P3dv4 has not started anymore, after the very first screen loading scenery the window is closed and nothing happens. In the task manager it seems to be running (as shown in the image here attatched). After many attempts (including re-installing p3dv4 Client) 1 - I have uninstalled RAAS (locked) 2 - launched p3dv4 ... and it works 3 - I have re-installed RAAS (locked) with the files \documents\aerosoft\general\FS2Crew RAAS AA P3DV4.exe 4 - P3dv4 don't start 5 - uninstalled RAAS again ... p3dv4 starts I can live without RAAS but ... have any suggestion to solve the problem?
  9. Flavio1

    Wind Request Returns No Value

    Last question and then I promise stop boring everybody with the thread In Simbrief I have learned how to generate the .wx file, where must be placed the .wx file in order to be readed from the MCDU?
  10. Flavio1

    Wind Request Returns No Value

    Perfect, I lost previous post sorry. Many thanks.
  11. Flavio1

    Wind Request Returns No Value

    My weather engine is FSXWX and I have the same problem ... no value. Is FSXWX compatible with MCDU?
  12. Flavio1

    Company Route FP filename

  13. Flavio1

    Company Route FP filename

    why FRALHR01 works well?
  14. Among the default flight plans there is FRALHR01 that does not respect the " ICAOICAO01 " filename, like LOWILFMN01, and it works well. I have saved a new flight plan as XI8470.fpl but the MCDU don't load it. I have renamed the file to LICCLIRF01.fpl and the MCDU was happy Is it mandatory to save the flight plan in the ICAOICAO01.fpl format ? Flavio
  15. Flavio1

    No ILS active

    you can update all navaidsd in p3dv4 http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html