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  1. Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    I guess there is no crash at the end of the log file because X Plane crashes entirely before it could write anything more into the log file. After disabling X Life, there is now a crash report window popping up, which I filled out and sent, including a link to this thread. With X Life disabled, it works about every other time. It is noteworthy that, according to the log, it tries to download a grib file (weather info?) which fails with a 404. Then, there is also a failing connect to Google Analytics. Google Analytics, among many other tracking networks, is blocked in my network and will always fail. Thanks so far and cheers Lugi Log_adv_light_crash_reporter_popup_no_x-life.txt Log_adv_lights_working_no_x-life.txt
  2. Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    Here's an update: - Xplane crash: After updating the nvidia drivers from 388 to 391.01 and restarting the computer, it worked once. Unfortunately I forgot to backup the log file ;-) anyway, on the second try it crashed again. Restaring the computer once more did not help. So, the problem persists. - Engine start-up: I did miss something, indeed. It seems to have something to do with ice protection. Although I set the weather to clear skies and 20°C, it didn't work at first. But now with real weather conditions (light rain, 7°C) and playing around with ice protection, I managed to turn on the engines. Looking forward for my first flight with the Dash 8. Just don't forget to not check the advisory lights ;-) cheers Lugi
  3. Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    Here's the log file just after the crash. I noticed the crash does not happen when clicking the switch with battery master off. Using X Plane 11 on Windows 10.0.16299.248 The warning inside the log about some hardware not being calibrated correctly comes from an older steering wheel i bought for the PlayStation 2. I'm only using the pedals that are attached to it, which work as expected. thanks and cheers Lugi Log.txt
  4. Hi everyone I recently purchased the Dash 8 2.1703.1050 from Aerosoft and am having issues getting it to work properly: - Clicking "Caution/Advisory Lights" crashes X-Plane - Engine startup: following the procedures in the manual (omitting the Caution/Advisory Lights), after setting both ignitions to "norm", selecting an engine and hitting the start button, the ITT goes up to about 580° and NH to about 16 RPM. Both then stall and nothing more happens. Am I missing something? Starting with engines running works fine. thanks and cheers, lugi