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  1. gibralta x

    i think an apology is due after asking for the corect gibralta x new 1.01 ver. and aerosoft insisting that ther site is up to date? they have now revised the site to include the 1.01 update that was wrongly labelled?
  2. gibralta x

    any news please
  3. gibralta x

    thank you so much
  4. gibralta x

    any help pease
  5. HELP with as a318,319,320,and 321

    calibrate throttles
  6. gibralta x

    im not getting any help from support only going around in circles? any one got the update zip 1.01?
  7. gibralta x

    yes i see but when you down load any of these its the 1.0 cold you try please thanks
  8. gibralta x

    anyone got a copy off the gibralta x 1.01 update please? it is no longer avalable since they messed around with the update page? it says 1.01 but when you download it from both mirrors its the 1.0 version? please help
  9. gibralta x

    there is only 1.0 in shop accounts ? please update
  10. gibralta x

    where could i find the 1,1 update for gibralta x please