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  1. ocaviation

    Aerosoft A318/A319 - Uh Oh!

    Ha! Nevermind. I'm such an idiot. I'm not on 4.3. Bashing head on my desk right now.
  2. ocaviation

    Aerosoft A318/A319 - Uh Oh!

    I just purchased the Aerosoft A318/A319 for P3D v4. My first words when I loaded in were "Uh Oh!". I load in with purple lightning all over my windshield, no words on the PFD, autopilot panel, etc. But wait... there's more. I move the controls around. The side stick moves, but there's no aileron/elevator movement. Unwillingly, I set takeoff thrust. The plane accelerates, and I rotate. The second the gear leaves the ground, the plane starts a fast roll to the right and I have no control. Bottom line, I have St. Elmo's fire on my window, no lettering, and a plane with the mind of its own. Please help if you can. Thanks
  3. The A330 product will contain the A330-300 Trent 700 model. Aerosoft people, correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm pretty dang sure it's the -3 T700 variant for now.
  4. Maybe the Bombardier C-Series in the future? Or the E175?
  5. Hi all. I've had the PMDG 747 for a while. All of the sudden, the screens are black, there's no gear, yoke is pulled back and turned to the left, the throttles are pushed forward (no thrust), etc. I've tried a re install mannnyyyy times. I also tried the "run/install SimConnect" idea. None of it worked. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Ah ok. Thank you. I just hope it has the accurate and modeled single engine taxi!
  7. Alrighty... I'm antsy to know about this. I saw something mentioned earlier about single engine taxis. For the A330, has the single engine taxi been modeled to keep you on or near the yellow line without your plane turning sharply while applying power like most other addons do? Also, is it only the A330-300 variant? Or is the -200 variant being released right away too? Thanks all.
  8. ocaviation

    The Future

    Hi all. I'll probably get banned for this... but there's many answers to this topic and lots of confusion. Is there any way that we can get a status update on the Aerosoft A330 for P3D v4? Any updates as to when it will be released? Sorry for the annoying and repetitive question. Thanks.