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  1. Saitek Problems

    Only the axis in P3D, in X-Plane its ok
  2. Saitek Problems

    Ok so I updated to 1.0.6 and joystick sterted working, but now P3D cant find my rudder. FSUIPC too.
  3. Saitek Problems

    Ok so what i tried: Reinstall of all addons Reinstall of P3D Recalibrate of my Saitek X-56 in game and in my system as well Update of Windows 10 I still have this problem. IDK what else should i do.... And everything else is just fine. Even A320 by Aerosoft in FSX
  4. Saitek Problems

    So anyone else has idea what to do? :/ I cant fly with this aircraft...
  5. Saitek Problems

    Yeah I already did that, then Tom asked me if can do it with default settings. Its still the same :/
  6. Saitek Problems

    I already had set: Use steering axis and FSUIPC without reverse range. But i will try that again.
  7. Saitek Problems

    Is there any possible way, that i can sent you video with prove or something? I can show you other aircrafts that works, also X-Plane is ok as well.
  8. Saitek Problems

    I have these versions: - Driver version: - ST Software version:
  9. Saitek Problems

    I deleted FSUIPC5, but still have the problem.
  10. Saitek Problems

    Im using FSUIPC5.124, and Prepar3D Version
  11. Saitek Problems

    Hello, I have problem with my Saitek x-56 and CRJ. My controls just stops working after 1 minute of using, and they just lock at 1 position all the time. This happens only with CRJ. Thanks for help.
  12. Frankfurt EDDF for X-Plane 11

    Hello, this scenery is absolutely amazing! thanks for that. Just one question? Is 3D grass coming to EDDF? ty