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  1. Pmdg 737

    That's correct, the NGX has quite qlot of problems concerning the different platforms it is working on varying from performance issues to some minor aircraft system issues. But all for all a definitely worthwile aircraft.
  2. Pmdg 737

    It's already out!!! Just last friday!!! It's really THE BEST
  3. Member report and join-up thread!

    Dear Gentlemen, Seeing all of these wondefull ideas I was wondering if I could join up and strongen the team by applying for a possition as groundcrew. Haven't seen many reply's on this yet, so i guess there is still enough of place left. Only one small problem.... Don't have any FsX yet,..... but do not worry,.. have it ordered together with a complete new "STRONG" computer that can handle as many fire at Andras as you wish. I have already been on FS2004 for quite a long time so adjusting to fsx should not me any problem Ojyeah, this willl be my equipment: the Rosenbauer Panther available at FlightSim Maybe an idea for someone at aerosoft to change the texture a bit so it becomes a real Andras Airfield - Fire and Rescue - Would be starting duty around beginning of february as at the very moment I still have exams ^^ Kind regards Swayze
  4. Egll Gate Issues

    Thanks Oliver !!! Just take your time, I understand you guys are really busy with all these new holiday-destinations, and probably also busy with your own holiday!! Kind regards Swayze
  5. Egll Gate Issues

    Hi Oliver, I know what you mean, yes the aircraft should be parked somewhere else, but why is that second jetway on the pic (right one) then positioned IN the building, or is this normal? And concerning the A380, do you mean to say that there isn't any upperdeck jetway, or is this available in a (payable) update like at EDDF? Kind Regards, Swayze
  6. Egll Gate Issues

    Hi Guys !! Just checked for previous reposts but could not find any on my problem, or actually two problems that are probaly related... 1. I can't find any A380 - gate with 3 jetways... is this possible??? I checked out every terminal! 2. Just check out the picture... You'll see that the gates are slightly dislocated, and with some, parts are even missing. Looks like AES came on top of the original gates or something. Thanks in advance and wish you all a nice weekend!
  7. MIssing buildings France 2

    Hi Shaun, Problem solved !!! Just deleted fs9.cfg file and now all buildings reappear aswel as PMDG MD-11 cockpit textures... Thanks allot Shaun!!!!
  8. MIssing buildings France 2

    Hello Shaun,99 I just flew from LEPA to EHAM, both sceneries from aerosoft on FS9, and was surprised when I landed in EHAM. While in LEPA still having all buildings etc, everything was gone in EHAM. (see attachment pic) I already checked the library, but no, nothing double... And a few days ago it all worked at EHAM, and now is doesn't, while not having edited anything in the library. Hope you can find an answer for this one, as I can't recall changing anything... Kind regards, Swayze (btw: just flew the PMDG MD-11, and lost quite alot of textures there too, and gauges..., is this related??? All worked fine 2 months ago before switching to FSX and back to FS9........)
  9. MIssing buildings France 2

    Hi Shaun, Sorry for my late reply but haven't been on the pc for a while. I just checked and negative Shaun, everything is available only once,..., and the SC file is listed above the LC file(if it would be of any importantance...) I have no idea why only this add-on is being difficult as all the others just function normal after reinstalling them on my pc.
  10. MIssing buildings France 2

    Good evening everybody, or perhaps a goodmorning to you all, 6 months ago I decided to switch over to FSX but because of performance-issues Ii decided to come back to the old familiar FS9. When using FS9 in the past I had no problems, but now when suddenly reinstalling France 2 on FS9 I loose all my buildings at the France 2 airports. At Biarritz I loose buildings except jetways and groundtexture like roundabouts, runways etc... At Toulouse I loose some buildings (the ones that are visible are just completely gray or not really with a kind of texture), and my groundtexture of runways etc is just gray without any markings... And I suppose Paris would be the same... Now I wonder if you guys can help me with this problem. I am already aware of the fact that a few days ago someone posted something similar, but with him atleast some buildings are visible, with me none, so I thought it would be another case. Searching the forum for this problem did not result in finding a similar other topic. If there is more information needed, I'll be glad to help you out. With Kind Regards, Swazye de Heij
  11. Iceland Ash

    I was surprised today when I quickly looked at 'the casper live tracking' site. What I saw was a Ryanair 737-800 flying north-east in de Dublin area. But suddenly it disappeared from the radar, probably because it left the map-coverage I think. Strange that there still was a bit of activity although the airpace being closed... Have no idea what 'HE' was doing there
  12. Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    It would be nice but I think aerosoft more looks at the market and their 'big' clients... I guess this Airbus was a perfect choice, as there isn't much 'good and serious' stuff around, but of Boeing aircraft their's plenty ranging from the leveld 767 to the PMDG 737/747/ possibly 777 etc... So it's likely aerosoft will come out with a boeing product, unless one of their 'big' clients asks for it ofcourse;) Correct me if i'm wrong Mathijs, but this is my point of view of how you guys 'handle'.
  13. Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    Thanks Mathijs, guess these sleepless-nights were not needed keep up the good work!
  14. Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    Dear Mathijs, I really love the way you guys work, and the products you bring onto the market but there is one big thing that's bothering me about this airbus. As I have just switched over to fsx, because I was charmed by this airbus(altough not being an airbus-fan at all) my FPS are a bit fussy. I wondered if the frames would be better or worse than the aerosoft f-16. I know that the f-16 works fine on my pc and my frames, around the 15, are good enough for me as I have never known better. I know you always said the fps will be good on this bus, but our pc's aren't the same:P Kind regards to you and your team and keep up the good work!! Swayze
  15. New Aerosoft website

    I can confirm it also happened to me. yesterday I bought FSX and PMDG 747X and a few times I ended up in the german part. I just navigated back, and started again, and finally it worked out.