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  1. Paintkits do not make sense if you have'nt a model!
  2. Nice work, love it!
  3. Hey Holgi! i was wondering if you can do this Frontier a319 n949fr livery of Erma the ermine 


  4. Aha food simulation?
  5. @Mathijs Kok ... oh no, please do not destroy the performance ...
  6. this one will come, my favorit one ...
  7. Hallo, ich denke ich werde auch da sein, bin noch nicht ganz sicher, aber terminlich sieht es im Mai ganz gut aus. (bin aus Göppingen) Gruß Holgi
  8. Make this pleaseee :D


  9. Hi Holgi! I´ve never seen this livery from Tibet Airlines A319 in the forum to download, can you make this? Thanks in advance :D



  10. yes, last friday ...
  11. Otto is the king of puzzles, you're turn! ... and for everyone else, Bali is a must-have-add-on!