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  1. ... my last pluna painting.
  2. Love your work, really amazing. I would like to make a simple request for the Jetblue Bluemanity livery please i know you can pull it off :)

  3. And this ends the release date question bashing.
  4. Have played with the colors and I think for one painting the effort was too much. So I changed the tail and also the colors ... ... and tataaaa
  5. It work, look here or read what Fernao write.
  6. I think it is time for a little bit of color ... PLUNA Lineas Aereas Uruguayas S.A. was the flag carrier of Uruguay. It was headquartered in Carrasco, Montevideo.
  7. Hello Holgi,

    at first I want to thank you for your great repaints. I really enjoy them. I´d like to request a DHL Repaint for the Aerosoft A320. 

    Yours truely,      

  8. EDDF
  9. No problem Max
  10. Hallo Heinz, tolle Bilder, bin begeistert, muss mir den X-Plane unbedingt zum Geburtstag gönnen!