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  1. I like the retro paintworks and will definitely make the TAP.
  2. Thank you sir, your repaints are so beautiful !

    Please, continue your work because it's just beautiful

  3. Ok, I know it's a 600, but I like it also as a 700!
  4. can you do the latam a320 cfm please :)

  5. The CRJ can also be found in Africa ...
  6. You do not have to apologize, I was not sure, sorry ...
  7. I think tihs is not the same engine - type?
  8. ... I did some vacation, but I'm back again
  9. i installed your GoAir livery for A320, it was installed perfectly but the cockpit is completely Black. 

  10. ... my last pluna painting.
  11. ... this one?
  12. Love your work, really amazing. I would like to make a simple request for the Jetblue Bluemanity livery please i know you can pull it off :)

  13. And this ends the release date question bashing.