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  1. Unfortunately, i think the developers made a wrong decision. The thought a320 is more popular than a330 without any investigation.... and then, you know the story. ... we may have to wait for more than two years
  2. Sure. The reason why i typed these words is because i love the Airbus A330 too muchhhhhhhhhhh! And so far, none of the A330 in fsx made me satisfied. Aerosoft's A330 is the only hope, but the release date is always unpredictable. The feeling is indescribable...
  3. Release is expected in 2016 (but hey, stuff happens) Release is expected in 2017 (but hey, stuff happens) Release is expected in 2018 (but hey, stuff happens) 。。。。。。。 Release is expected in 9016 (but hey, human extinction) This is what I can see and expect from this preview and the preview before. I just want to know the development stage of the A330 and a time (such as quarterly) about the release. Please dont tell us 'in the early of 2018!!!!!!' Please forgive my words, but this must be the issue that everyone is complaining and asking