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  1. Hello; Here is where they are located on my Computer- C:\Prepar 3D\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Documentation Mark
  2. Yes,you have to love that weather in Phoenix,Arizona,its like nothing else,DRY,and Very Hot.Its my hometown.
  3. Parking out of position in EDDM

    Hello; Are you using a Traffic Program,like My Traffic,if so rename the BGL for the airport. Mark
  4. Tahiti X2

  5. Hello; I just downloaded the latest drivers for Nvidia,no problems,works like it should.381.89 is the version I installed. Thanks;
  6. Tahiti X2

    Hello; I was just wondering about the project,haven't seen anything lately about it. Thanks;
  7. Ok,that fixed the problem,I appreciate the help.
  8. I have version 381.65,I try to find the version you have,and try it. Im downloading it now,will let you alll know how it goes,thanks for the help.
  9. This all started after I installed the latest Windows update for Windows 10,so im kind of limited on which Nvidia drivers I can install for this version of Windows. Thanks; Mark
  10. Hello; I was just wondering if there was a fix for this yet. Thanks; Mark
  11. Hopefully,everything else is working so far,just the issue with PFPX.
  12. Hello; Ive just ttied the last version of the Nvidia Driver,not compatable with the latest version of Windows,guess Ill have to wait until there is a fix for this.Thanks once again Tom. Mark