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  1. Fludo

    Zurich SODE - Update

    Oh, ok sorry. Could you leave the topic open so I can ask again next week?
  2. Hello Oliver, Could you finally meet the creator of Zurich Professional last weekend and ask him about SODE being implemented? Thanks
  3. Fludo

    Zurich SODE

    Great, thank you!
  4. Fludo

    Zurich SODE

    Hello, I just wanted to know if there are any plans for the future regarding SODE jetways for Zurich Professional. Thank you
  5. Fludo

    Menorca Airport Professional

    Oh, sorry I missed that. Thank you Walter.
  6. Hello, I have an issue with the professional version of this airport, at the end of the taxiway before entering rwy 01 the aircraft, no matter which, seems to lose breaking power. That results in overshooting the taxiway and ending up in the bushes, I've tried restarting the sim and changing aircrafts or weather with the exact same result. Could this be an issue with the airport? Thank you in advance. Version of sim is P3D v4.1
  7. Fludo

    Mega Airport Barcelona

    Hello, I purchased the airport and tried it with the city scenery enabled and I'm certainly not going back, the Eixample buildings alone are not a compelling reason to disable the fantastic surroundings. Congratulations for a very good scenery with very low FPS impact. You may close this thread if you wish. Thank you
  8. Fludo

    Mega Airport Barcelona

    Ok, thank you Mathijs.
  9. Fludo

    Mega Airport Barcelona

    Thank you very much. Sorry about that.
  10. Hello, I'd like to buy Mega Airport Barcelona professional for p3d v4 but being from Barcelona the way Eixample (main neighbourhood with square blocks) is shown really bothers me. I think the airport is outstanding but I would prefer to keep the city area just as I have it now. Having all FTX products, is it possible to disable the city scenery and just see the airport? Thank you