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  1. triflyman

    Multi Crew Experience

    With MCE's help found the issue...Needed: reference to the aircraft install location in the P3D "add-ons.cfg" file a DC-8_50_ref.cfg file in the MCE reference folder...I've attached the file MCE sent me This file would need to be placed in the "C:/Program Files (x86)/Multi Crew Experience/Reference" folder. Would suggest you reference the above in your installer instructions for 3rd party add-ons functionality for the aircraft. Hope that helps. DC-8_50_ref.txt
  2. triflyman

    Multi Crew Experience

    That was me. Since MCE worked in the beta I thought you might know of something that had changed. I have contacted MCE support to see if they can help. Would like to know if anyone else is successful (or not) using MCE with the 8. Thanks,
  3. triflyman

    Multi Crew Experience

    Sorry...forgot to say just downloaded and installed 1.0.3 version of the 8
  4. triflyman

    Multi Crew Experience

    Hello Michael, I can't get MCE to recognize the 8. See attached message from MCE. Thanks, MCE Message.pdf
  5. triflyman

    Milviz Wx Radar

    Thank you for the info on the ASC...I've corrected my file.
  6. triflyman

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Would love to see the SAS earlier livery on this DC-8 50. Thank you. SAS_DC-8-33_OY-KTB_2.pdf
  7. triflyman

    Milviz Wx Radar

    My works and I have the aircraft outside of the default P3D folder. My P3D Gauges folder is in the default position.
  8. triflyman

    Milviz Wx Radar

    Attached is my placement data for Roland's 64-bit Radar Gauge in the panel. Note I have commented out the default gauge information in VCockpit03 and VCockpit04. Than just need to add the Roland's Gauge, as shown, in VCockpit03. Rolands Radar in Aerosoft DC-8 50.pdf
  9. triflyman

    GSX Fuel truck & DC-8

    Here is what I have learned to do in order to use GSX animation to fuel the aircraft. GSX does not fuel the aircraft properly per the manual I use the Load Manager to empty all the fuel tanks first Use GSX to only load 25%...any more than that and you risk having the tanks loaded incorrectly. When GSX is done I then use the Load Manager to load the rest of the fuel I need Load the passengers and cargo after GSX is done with fueling as the fueling changes the passengers and cargo. When boarding, I first set the number of passengers in the Loading Manager and set the cargo to a total of 4,000 lbs before calling GSX for boarding. This will cause GSX to load approximately the correct number of passengers. Same with deboarding...I change the cargo to total of 4,000 lbs and then call for deboarding. GSX looks at the total payload to determine how many passengers there will be for their process. This all has been working for me so hope it works for you also.
  10. triflyman

    Great addon!

    "Thanks for the reply. I removed a weather radar that I had installed in the DC8 and now I have no more crashes." Curious what weather radar you installed. I've been flying with Roland's Weather Radar and not experienced this.
  11. triflyman

    Flashing Yellow Alert

    See my comment in the INS/Autopilot topic to see if that helps.
  12. triflyman

    Fuel management tutorial

    Attached is a Fuel Management "cheat sheet" that I use...if it helps. Fuel Management_v2.pdf
  13. If you want a 2D panel just go to the P3D menu, choose "Views/New View/Cockpit" and pick the view that you want...the click spots all work from those once they are open...and you can "undock" them to move to another monitor if you want. Or hit the "[" key to open a new view window and the "A" key to cycle through the views to get to what you want. takes me about 30-40 minutes to get in the air...and I've had several flights. I know my dad (retired United Captain with many hours in the 8) said they had to be in the cockpit 45 min before flight it was before computers and FMS's.
  14. triflyman


    Had the same problem until I re-read the manual. If it helps I created an INS "Reference Sheet"...kind of an (very) abbreviated version of the manual. It's attached if it helps. I also changed the Checklist slightly to put in some of these steps. Works perfectly now. INS Reference Sheet_v2.pdf
  15. triflyman

    A few issues and questions after first flight

    Thanks for the response. Great model.