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  1. Greetings, Apologise up front if in the wrong Forum, but I can't find another where it might fit. The problem is that in my Mac OS (High Sierra v. 10.13.1), the NavDataPro (V. - purchased yesterday) will not activate. The install runs correctly (no error messages) but, it does not ask for my email and activation/serial number. In the account mask, I can enter the email and serial number but all other fields are greyed out. Since there is no "Send" button, I can't update the account information manually. I have XP10 & 11 and once I put the paths in, it found all that it should - but nothing else happens. I'm a firm believer that "Simplistic" is better, but I find this program to be too simplistic, particularly for someone new to the field. I was a programmer for 35 years and the first thing I learned was to give feedback to the user when input was given. Either an error message or something changing colors or turning or something to say: I'm Working! Again sorry if this is not proper placement. Hope someone can help me out! Howard