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  1. checked the validity... crashed occurs precisely during actions with the 3d window application of the world map ...
  2. The name of the failed application: PFPX.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59bd7f26 The name of the failed module: atioglxx.dll, version: 23.20.15033.5003, time stamp: 0x5ab4271c Exception code: 0xc000041d Error offset: 0x002917b4 Id of the failed process: 0x2b94 The time to run the failed application: 0x01d3d1b091b2fdbf The path of the failed application: C: \ aerosoft \ Professional Flight Planner X \ PFPX.exe The path of the failed module: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository \ c0326037.inf_amd64_6cad8aeb5717c52d \ B326079 \ atioglxx.dll Report ID: a58eee1b-9c42-46e9-9252-699d8b84dcea this is done: and I have installed latest version driver for GPU RX580, cpu RYZEN 1600, win 10.

    I'm interested in DHC-6 300 configuration wheels I compared a lot of official data on this model and found these weights: The only thing I'm not sure is this MZFW, I can not find this data... Tell me what kind of data do you have on the MZFW?

    and now you can prompt the correct data? correct me please: DOW 7414lbs -weight empty? MZFW 11967lbs? MTOW 12500lbs MLW 12055lbs Capacity: PAX 20 Cargo 358kg(849lbs)? Fuel 1379kg(3025lbs)?

    I noticed a difference in weight(model 300 wheels): 1)the manual data: 2)the AS TwinOtterX FuelPlanner data MZFW : -fuel -MTOW-taxi weights?? -MZFW Which in the end will the weights be correct? DOW 7414lbs -weight empty? MZFW 62500 MTOW 12500 MLW 12055 Capacity: PAX 20 Cargo 358kg? Fuel 1379kg?
  6. Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    this is suitable for FS labs a320x cfm,this version of the standard small sharklets,this is not considered sharklets? use only version non-sharklets? and who can share the Twin Otter x profile?