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  1. Hide Yoke

    Sorry Eduard, It just means that I deleted the text of this entry. Unfortunately I can't delete the whole entry. So it need at least one word to replace the previous text. Nothing to do with the context of the whole thread.
  2. I'm afraid there is a general problem concerning the FMS. Try flying RWY 28, SID DEGE2W at LSZH Zurich. Several things happened there. First thing is that the interpretation of the CF leg to KLO is wrong. It should do a left turn ISO what it shows on the ND: a right turn (the shortest way round). You would end up with pretty serious discussions on Zurich ATC when doing this.... The second thing I saw when flying this departure was that when engaging the A/P during climbout it did not follow the FD command. It started a left trun long before even ZH552 was reached an never rejoined the SID but continued turning left and right inorder to re-catch (at least trying to) the SID. Had I not returned to manual flying and updating the FMS with a DCT-TO towards a reasonable point, I'm sure it would still turn when writing this after half an hour... The A/P not following the FD bars is actually something that should not be possible as the FD bars are representing the steering command for the A/P !
  3. RMI course pointers

    Hi Hans, I agree for the quick update, but unfortunately it was a "quick and dirty" update.... The point is tat with the newest update that I just installed (funny enough the filename says V1.00...) the indiaction on the PFD is just fixed the wrong way around: Same NAVsetting as in my example above. Now NAV1 magenta single pointer points towards the ILS, but NAV2 cyan double pointer does NOT point to NAV 2 (VOR KLO) anymore..... ND indication is still OK. See picture:
  4. Nosewheel Animation

    That's exactly how I also feel about this issue. Not that it would create an impossible task to disengage the steering, however - as mentioned - there are a few things that make me resist to that because I use this setup for ALL A/C on P3D V4 and it works flawlessly on ALL other A/C. So maybe this is one answer to your above question: "Why would you use FSUIPC for the steering axis if you don't have to?" The second answer would be: I'm used to have a nosewheel tiller for ground operations - at least on all A/C that also have one IRL. Using rudder pedals for rudder interaction and braking leaves me a rotating axis on my Logitech Extreme3D Pro which is extremely convenient for this task. So my question in return would then be: "Why shouldn't I use it?"
  5. RMI course pointers

    Yup, I know... Thanks for looking into. It's a really great add-on that you and your fellows created here. I like the immersive feeling when operating it. Reminds me to my old days...
  6. RMI course pointers

    Here is a screenie of the situation: Flying towards LSZH area NAV 1 tunend to ILS 28 : 109.75 NAV 2 tuned to KLO VOR : 114.85 Bearing pointer NAV1 -> magenta, single pointer Bearing Pointer NAV 2 -> cyan, double pointer While on the ND the single pointer os correctly "parked" as there is no bearing to indictate, on the PFD the single pointer points towards ILS 28 (which is more or less inline to KLO VOR of course). This is the wrong part.... It's the standard (wrong) default behaviour since FS9...
  7. RMI course pointers

    Yep, you name it
  8. RMI course pointers

    Not sure where to put this small inaccuracy: When setting any of the course pointers to a NAV ILS frequency, its display is correctly inhibited (and put in parking position) on the ND, on the PFD ROSE however it is still pointing towards the ILS which is incorrect.
  9. Nosewheel Animation

    I made the following observations on the nosewheel steering issue: - animation is correct when using rudder input (Saitek Rudder Pedals) - animation is missing whe using direct input through FSUIPC (Steering axis). I don't believe that this is an issue within P3D as it works perfectly on other A/C.
  10. Cycle 1702 X-Plane 11 install

    Done :-) Thanks a lot, Günter!
  11. Cycle 1702 X-Plane 11 install

    There is no cycle_info.txt file supplied in the X-Plane 11 data install. Therefore the new cycle install is not recognized by the NDP-Interface, although the dataset is complete.
  12. NavDataPro and X-Plane 11

    I'm sorry Tom, but this is just an irrelevant excuse and not serious answer. We are customers of NavDataPro and we expect a clear statement from the person in charge of NavDataPro. Aerosoft has enough direct connections into Laminar to provide immediate support for X-Plane 11. So please: WHEN?
  13. NavDataPro and X-Plane 11

    I expected the X-Plane 11 dataset to be ready at least now with the newest 1701 cycle, but was again disappointed to see it being still missing. Is there any specific reason why you can't provide us with that data? X-Plane 11 is in Public Beta and as such available to everyone and the respective datasets are available - as mentioned before - on the competitor's download. Please give us at least a timeframe.
  14. NavDataPro and X-Plane 11

    +1 It can't be THAT difficult, can it?