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  1. Airbus A320/21 Question?

    Ok Thanks for your help. This might sound stupid but is there anyway i can leave it blank as i like it blank or nah.
  2. Airbus A320/21 Question?

    Why in pictures of the aerosoft a320/21 Website there is no CPDLC display but when u buy and install there is a CPDLC display? Check Here
  3. CFD ip problem

    Oh wait I've got it now. Sorry anyway thanks for your help.
  4. CFD ip problem

    As i said i have already Done what it said to find my external IP in CFD Troubleshooting Guide but when i seach it, it says the IP Is 2001:8003:a057:4300:6947:ce0c:87ad:d6c1
  5. CFD ip problem

    Hey, As following from the troubleshooting guide in the OVPA guide it says to find your external Ip. you got to go to google and type find my external ip when i do that it says the ip is all these numbers and letters jumbled together. E.g 2001:8003:a057:4300:6947:ce0c:87ad:d6c1 how do i find the actual one as i dont thing thats it.
  6. CFD Connection Error

    I apologize for all the questions but i dont really understand the guide but dont worry about it i can figure something out with my friend, Thank you for your help.
  7. CFD Connection Error

    In which part of the guide is it in?
  8. CFD Connection Error

    How do we both find our public addresses? Iam not to sure how to?
  9. CFD Connection Error

    I cant now but will soon if you want. but i can ensure you that we are both entering each others IP v4 Adress into the airbus x configurator.
  10. CFD Connection Error

    Both third party and windows firewalls are off All redistributables Are Updated all on both ends. I have followed all the steps of the link above but still no work still saying not connected on master end and saying connection error on slave end Back when we did use hamachi we could connect but the problem was when master move plane slave dont see plane move. Any more suggestions
  11. CFD Connection Error

    Yeah we have indeed done that
  12. CFD Connection Error

    We are both in australia and live in same city and i can 100% Confirm that all our ports needed are forwarded and both have our windows firewall off. Any other Suggestions
  13. CFD Connection Error

    1. We both have the same version of the airbus 1.31 2. We use diffrent Serial Numbers for airbus 3. We both purchased the a320 from aerosoft website
  14. Hey I have a problem Me and my friend have both forwarded Port 6881 and 6882 and followed the OVPA setup deeply but when my friend puts his connection to slave ON He gets Connection Error and for me it just says not connected we have followed the OVPA setup deeply but still have this issue Please Help Us. And me and my friend have both put eachothers IPv4 ip adress into the airbus X configurator, oh and btw we both have the port in airbus x configurator to 6881 please help us thanks in advance.