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  1. Anyone happen to have a profile for the Flysimware Learjet 35A? There used to be one, but none of the links (on the avsim forum) seem to work anymore.
  2. Hello! I would like to chime in that I am having this issue as well, though it seems to be a tiny bit different. I can sometimes get the aircraft to load if I load another aircraft first, and then switch to the Twin Otter. However, if I select it in the P3D launcher I will hear the engine sound, see a blank horizon like this, and then P3D crashes. Removing the asc.dll file (well, renaming it to asc.dll_bak) did not help fix this for me, unfortunately. Edit: @ClydeCessna: Are you running ChasePlane by chance? For me the crash happens if I have ChasePlane loaded when I start the simulator, but not if I have it disabled. It works fine for me if I run the 0.3.70 version of ChasePlane, but the experimental branch 0.4.101 induces a crash to desktop or hang.
  3. Appreciate it, but I don't think I could translate perf sheets into something usable in PFPX...
  4. I'm looking for profiles for the following two aircraft: Carenado F406 Caravan Alabeo C404 Titan Anyone happen to have one?