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  1. Ok that is one good thing Mr Kok, thank you
  2. That means that the A320/A321 Pack be released 5 weeks after A318/A319? (sry for that Mr. Kok)
  3. Will the A320/A321 Pack be released after the A318/A319 release in 2 weeks?
  4. I hope they can release v4.3 until June 26th
  5. Ok thanks , Does anyone know when P3D v4.3 come out?
  6. So that means the A318/A319 pack will be released later or on the June 26th Mr Kok?
  7. I hope you can make until June 26th guys. You did hard and nice work!
  8. Does that mean the A318/19 packs could come out in June?
  9. And what will be the release date then now ?
  10. I have read all posts ,and I have understood that , that they will be releasd for 4.3 is that right?
  11. Will the Airbus Packs be released for P3D v4.3 now ? or for P3D v4.2 ?
  12. I read all this posts , but i didn't understand anything. I have understood that the price will be under 50 Euros for the packs. Is that right?
  13. Hey, I have a question What will the price for the A320/A321 Pack be