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  1. If rumours are to be believed, Nvidia is close to releasing their next generation GPUs so you’ll probably be able to snag a 1080 or even a 1080 Ti around the $350 mark once they’ve been out for a few months.
  2. Any word on PFPX update?

    Indeed it did, but that was nearly 2 months ago.
  3. Any word on PFPX update?

    Still nothing?
  4. Any word on PFPX update?

    Any news?
  5. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    I second an updated Toulouse, we already have the Boeing fields now we need Toulouse!
  6. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Based on their new screenshots, theirs doesn’t look to be too far from release. Really interested in any news on this project as well.
  7. Apologies if this has been asked before, the seach turned up empty for thr terms “NEO”, “neo”, and “Neo”, but are there currently and plans/possibilities for doing an A320neo sometime in the future after the current Busses and the A330 are released and stable?
  8. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    There for sure is. If what Imaginesim has been saying regarding their screenshots of WSSS, that they won’t share any due to being in competition with Aerosoft’s version, then that could very well be the case here. But let’s be honest here, we all know it’ll be worth the wait and perfection takes time!
  9. CRJ panel displays not centered

    Are the gauges not centered on the display models or are the actual display models not centered in the cockpit?
  10. Problem Weather Radar P3D V4

    Are you sure there's actual precipitation in the area? The radar isn't a cloud finder, and will only display returns when there is precipitation present.
  11. Any word on PFPX update?

    Good to hear there is an update on the horizon, take all the time you need! My apologies about the airline, hope all works out for you.
  12. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard anything about the update that’s been in the works for a while now, is there any word on how it’s progressing?
  13. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    Indeed it is.
  14. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    So if I fly to Johannesburg and get you your imagery, would I get the product for free? On a more serious note, it is sad to see the project be closed but it takes a lot to admit failure. Thank you for fighting for it, Mathijs, and here’s to hoping that one day it will be restarted!