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  1. mayday1938

    Heathrow Download

    Inslalled Heathrow into FS 9 with no improvement, although I did see a bit of traffic movement and 2 static aircraft !. Have now deleted Heathrow from FSX Steam and FS9 as it was a complete waste of time and money.
  2. mayday1938

    Heathrow Download

    Thank you but I still have NO aircraft and just the odd vehicle here and there. I am afraid this installation appears flawed somehow. I have many other FSX and FS 2004 airfields with static and AI planes so my settings must be OK. The manual indicates that all air and road traffic is auto installed so where is it? Sorry to be a pain.
  3. mayday1938

    Heathrow Download

    Many thanks indeed - Heathrow now installed OK but there are no static or AI Aircraft. Have scenery sliders to full and same with traffic. Surely the airport should be buzzing with activity? Manchester X has much more!!
  4. mayday1938

    Heathrow Download

    Please advise how you do this. I am somewhat uncertain in these areas.
  5. mayday1938

    Heathrow Download

    Error message 5001:Ox80070002 when trying to install fsx steam version