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  1. Landing and Cockpit Lighting

    Did you switch dynamic lights off in P3D? The landing lights (and all others) use dynamic lights and therefore the option must be set to ON.
  2. Yes, it works with the CRJ. That's all I can confirm.
  3. CRJ700/900 Yoke disconnect

    The reason for this is signal noise from the joystick/yoke. You can lower the AP disconnect sensitivity on the Options page in DAVE (the tablet). This should sort it. Sensitivity setting "low" is pretty much only for joysticks with hall effect sensors which have zero signal noise.
  4. Fuel problems

    As the CRJ doesn't have an autothrottle system, it's very hard to predice the actual fuel usage during flight. The fuel calculation in the CRJ Manager is based on "flying by the books". It's possible to use up significantly more fuel than calculated. I will check out the low fuel message that you got.
  5. This is caused by signal noise from the joystick/yoke you use. You can set the sensitivity for AP disconnect on the Options page in DAVE (the tablet). We're working hard to iron out the bugs. Next update is already in testing.
  6. @Ak47e6 I implemented what you said, but currently for the condition "aircraft on ground and both engines shutdown" which would mean that i.e. the HYD 1 LO PRESS message will show after engine #2 has been started (both engines shutdown condition is no longer met). Can you confirm that this is the case? Thanks a lot!
  7. Incorrect pneumatic readings when starting engines

    This is fixed for the upcoming update.
  8. Any news on next update?

    It moves, but not much. I don't see an issue there. If it jitters all the time, it's probably a noisy input signal that's fighting the autopilot.
  9. sim brief flt plans

    Can you post the flightplan file here? (Attachment)
  10. This has been fixed in the pending update. Screenshot was made using your navdata excerpt.
  11. Any news on next update?

    Hard to tell, to be honest. For me it's a gradual change from one version to the next. And not only the CRJ code has changed, also P3D is now 4.2 and several other things were added to my FS installation. On my system (mid-range), I don't see any stutters and overall nice framerates when I fly the CRJ.
  12. Unable to start APU

    This has been fixed in the pending update.
  13. Problem with CH Quad

    It could be FSUIPC. Can I assume that you both followed my explanation in the throttle quadrant thread? The settings for Saitek and CH were the same - at least on my system here. I have both TQs.
  14. Any news on next update?

    The next update is currently undergoing testing. And yes, it contains several fixes specifically for FSX. I didn't forget you.
  15. It's not saving/loading the FMS state at this point. That is correct (and known). It's on my list of things to be added.