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  1. Install Issue Fonts and W10 1703

    The chrono uses the Quartz.tff font that comes with FSX and P3D. It's not even a custom CRJ font. It's simply there in any proper sim installation.
  2. Problem with HUD

    Yes, that's a known issue.
  3. Version

    No, you don't upset me.... there's other things that upset me. The issue with the left reverser is known and on my list.
  4. CRJ crashes at the FSX start

    I have a few questions to narrow this down a bit. 1) Which version of the CRJ do you use? 2) Is it FSX or FSX Steam? 3) Do you load another aircraft and fully enter the simulation before loading the CRJ? Please let me know.
  5. CRJ Manger and center of gravity

    As mentioned in other threads, I'm still on the road and will not have the chance to look into this before the weekend. But I will once I'm back home.
  6. 1.0.1 Yoke Hide still not working

    Can you guys please check with I refuse to believe that this one is fixed until I get some feedback
  7. Updating CRJ forum section?

    I'm not aware of any CTDs that are left. The two cases in where P3D crashes on loading the CRJ is not an issue with the gauge files, the code is not executed until the aircraft loaded completely (except textures) and the screen shows. It's more likely that something can not be loaded for some reason. Same with the performance issues. It's just a handful of people who have these and it's somewhere between extremely hard and plain impossible to find out why they have them. Regarding the LNAV issues: yes, I would have liked to see this fixed first too. Unfortunately production capacities had to be booked weeks ahead of time and once that happened, the date was set.
  8. Version

    The reason for was that we had to build an installer for the boxed versions and used the latest build. The changes are pretty minor. Changes are: - Eyepoint repositioning for a more realistic view angle for the HGS (that includes new aircraft, new VC models and new gauges) - Hopefully that <insert strong language here> yoke issue is now finally gone - Flightplan loading via CoRoute entry on FPLN page now works properly The plans for the near future: Once I'm back home (Friday evening), the focus will lie on fixing the remaining LNAV issues, the reverser message issue and the HGS symbols disappearing in flight. The result will be I won't give you a release date, because I have no clue how long it's going to take to fix the LNAV issues. It's possible that I can figure out what's wrong on the very first test flight, but it's also possible that I'm going to have to fly several dozen times. Furthermore, I would like to add a few more people to the beta testing group for future versions. I'm mostly looking for experienced flightsim pilots with FMS knowledge. Real world experience with CRJs is not required. Please PM me if you're interested. Add a description of the sim you use. It would be great if one or two people with low-end to mid-range PCs would join too.
  9. Updating CRJ forum section?

    OK, it's only a minor update required for the boxed version production but I'll make a post anyway.
  10. P3D v4/Raas Prof/Ldg Speeds

    I can't help you with the RAAS issue. I'm not sure if any of the other mods and support guys knows more about it and can help you. Setting the landing speeds in DAVE means that the V2 marker on the PFD airspeed indicator will be set to VRef and the VT marker to VFto (minimum clean speed). There are no special markers for the landing speeds. V1 and VR will be hidden (VR doesn't because of a bug I just noticed (and fixed) when I looked up the speeds).
  11. transponder mode LVAR

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. throttletek b737 v2 throttle

    Does it go exactly to the CLB detent?
  13. It doesn't contain ANY changes in this area... absolutely zero.
  14. That would be a good idea, but I'm still stuck on a business trip and I don't know if the hotel wi-fi is good enough. I will be back in business on Saturday. What I could do those is build a gauge that logs the startup phase. This might help. However, I won't be able to do that before tomorrow evening either.
  15. transponder mode LVAR

    ASCRJ_XPDR_ATC_SEL => 0 = ATC1; 1 = STBY; 2 = ATC2 ASCRJ_XPDR_MODE: 0 = OFF; 1 = STBY; 2 = ON; 3 = SQ_OFF (this is actually the backup tuning unit mode but I never renamed it because the model would have been changed too)