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  1. I remember an issue like that but that was several versions ago. Which version do you actually use?
  2. Restrictions... yes. As usual in this aircraft, those are way more complex than you would expect Here's how it works: 100 - 499 = indicated airspeed for speed restrictions .10 - .99 = Mach value for speed restrictions 1.0 - 6.0 = vertical path angle Fxxx or FLxxx = flight levels for altitude restrictions -1300 - 0 = altitude for altitude restrictions 500 - 65000 = altitude for altitude restrictions Two values separated by a slash ("/") = speed and altitude restriction: 290/FL240 For altitudes between 0 and 499 ft, add a slash ("/") before the value. Altitude followed by "A" = "Above" restriction: 5000A Altitude followed by "B" = "Below" restriction: 7000B Two altitudes separated by "A" and followed by "B" = "Between" restriction: 5000A7000B Altitude followed by "C" = Change Descent to Climb Altitude followed by "D" = Change Climb to Descent I hope that helps. Don't expect "C" and "D" to work properly. I have yet to find out how those are supposed to work but so far even real CRJ pilots couldn't help me here ("I never used that....")
  3. Hans Hartmann

    Fuel and Payload Issue

    Normally, the fuel value shouldn't be changed back for 2 minutes once you changed it. Can you tell me what you tried to enter (pax, cargo, fuel) and which aircraft (-700 or -900)? Also, which simulator do you use?
  4. Hans Hartmann

    CTD when opening 2D pop-up of PFD

    That sounds like you used the "Undock" feature. Is that correct? That's something I didn't try in a long time. EDIT: I just tried that. Undocked PFD, MFD and EICAS #1 and moved them to the second monitor, then redocked all three windows. But it didn't give me a CTD either. If you can 100% reproduce the issue, please activate the Minidump function in CRJ Manager so it creates a ASCRJ_Minidump_*.dmp file in your P3D main folder. Then upload that file to some online service (google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc.... just nothing with a dodgy domain extension like .ru or .me - I won't click such a link) and send me the link via forum PM. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hans Hartmann

    CTD when opening 2D pop-up of PFD

    Those dumps are about 500 MB. So better use google drive, onedrive or dropbox for it. Send me a PM when you have the file.
  6. I flew the tutorial flight yesterday to reproduce the issue, but didn't see any unwanted waypoint sequencing. Which version of the CRJ do you use?
  7. Hans Hartmann

    CTD near KEA vor while descending

    OK. Thanks for trying. I'll check a if I can reproduce the issue with not setting an ORIG RWY and hopefully fix it.
  8. Hans Hartmann

    Possible minor Issue with CRJ

    Quite nicely. I'm currently looking into issues that have been reported on the forums recently.
  9. Hans Hartmann

    How Can I Download CRJ 1.03??

    I'm sorry, but the 1.0.3 installer is no longer available. What error with keyboards views do you mean btw?
  10. Hans Hartmann

    CTD near KEA vor while descending

    I think the "No ORIG RWY entered" is the issue here. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the very good report by the way. That really helps to track things down.
  11. Hans Hartmann

    No VOR Course setting display

    Yes and no. You can of course pre-set a course with the two CRS knobs on the FCP (= autopilot), but the MFD's course pointer will always use the navigation source set on the side panel. After loading the aircraft, it's set to FMS1. You would have to switch the navigation source to VOR/LOC1 to make the course pointer point to the selected course.
  12. Hans Hartmann

    Descent CTD

    I have a few questions on this: - which simulator do you use? - which version of the CRJ do you use? - did you use the FMC on those flights? - if yes, which navigation data (NavDataPro or Navigraph) do you use? - please post your flightplan and an approximate location of the issue. Thanks a lot.
  13. Hans Hartmann

    CTD when opening 2D pop-up of PFD

    I'm sorry, but I use the 2D windows all the time on every test flight, but never got a CTD because of them. If you can reproduce this, please enable the "Create minidumps on crashes" option in the CRJ manager and try again. When P3D4 process crashes, this produces a file called "ASCRJ*.dmp" in your P3D4 main folder. Please upload that file to Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, Mega or something similar and send me the link. One more question: What type of graphics card do you use? nvidia or AMD? (I'm not saying that's the reason but I want to know about differences between what I use and what you use)
  14. If you can repeat this all the time, can you please enable the minidump function in CRJ Manager, do another flight and then send me the resulting ASCRJ*.dmp file from your P3D main directory?
  15. I'm sorry, but that is just a waste of time. If any file that could actually cause a crash (and that's just ASCRJ.dll) would be damaged or otherwise corrupt, it would not even load. The same would happen, if the C++ redistributables were corrupt or missing btw. If either problem occurs, the cockpit will stay dark and the yokes point to the far left. If you see displays and the yokes are centered, your files are fine. The only thing that can cause issues are saved aircraft states (.crj files in Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files) that were created with an old version. In this case, just delete the .crj file or create a new flight file to overwrite the old one.