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  1. Hans Hartmann

    Aerosoft install error

    I don't have an answer to this question, so I forwarded it to the installer developer at Aerosoft. However, it's weekend now and it will most likely take until Monday before I receive an answer.
  2. Hans Hartmann

    Company route from Airbus

    For example, simbrief.com has a CRJ exporter. And the CRJ can save it's own routes too, once entered.
  3. Hans Hartmann

    Company route from Airbus

    The CRJ's format is based on the Airbus format but has been extended (functionality > compatibility), so they're no longer compatible.
  4. Hans Hartmann

    A few observations

    No worries. I already made the changes. They're currently in testing.
  5. Hans Hartmann

    Aerosoft CRJ 900 and FS2crew

    FS2Crew is the name of the developer group as well as the name of a series of their products. But the CRJ's product description clearly says "RAAS von FS2Crew" which means "RAAS by FS2Crew" in English.
  6. Hans Hartmann

    CRZ N1 Blue Number

    I guess I should have said "there's no CRZ detent" ;-)
  7. Hans Hartmann

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    That's the problem if scenery doesn't match navdata. The only choice you have is to either get a scenery that implements the 109.50 or change the navdata to the frequency of the FS scenery (110.30). The CRJ itself doesn't have much to do with all this. The next update will allow to change the frequency after NAV-to-NAV transfer has happened though. That will help to work around the actual problem.
  8. To be quite honest: I don't mind which language is used. If somebody asks a question in a language I can read and write, I will do my best to answer it. If the answer is interesting for others as well, I will post it in English as well.
  9. Seems like I finally got it. That did cost me a long time to get right. The fix will be available with the next update
  10. Hans Hartmann

    No updater tool in aerosoft folder

    A bug in the Windows start menu code can cause it to not show (even thought the shortcut is there if you check the file structure in Window Explorer). If this is the case on your system, please open Windows Explorer and go to Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater. Run ASUpdater.exe from there (you can also create shortcut on your desktop from there)
  11. Hans Hartmann

    A few observations

    Thanks for that list. That's highly appreciated! I added it to my to do list. After verifying that all is correct, I will make the necessary changes.
  12. Yes, they're filtered. The minimum runway length is 4500 ft
  13. There's no limitation for the use of the documents folders. We like to have everything in one place for support reasons.
  14. Hans Hartmann


    I have a GTX1070 too, so it's not a common denominator. But please keep posting. I'm still watching this thread in order to find out what's wrong.
  15. Hans Hartmann

    Question for Hans

    What was your inital AI setting?