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  1. Or use two monitors one above the other with the pop up that add 0 fps hit and you get the most realistic view imo you can get. Well within reason. The 2d pop up are the real size the VC is on a 30" screen. The bottom screen is an old 24" A 24" is really not expensive these days compared to to a ipad. (that's the white area to the left side ) For use with Navigraph, PFPX etc. I also use a chashplane view for the MCDU's so no need for it to be on the iPad.
  2. May I suggest you make the 2D pop up's match the size of the real screens. As most will drag these to another screen and they will know they're the right size. Perhaps the MCDU might be a different matter. Just a thought/suggestion. As for "states" Cold and Dark is not a very realistic state to find a A320 in. Nice to use every now and again but really not realistic. Nice to awaken the beast! What is, if you wish to add them. ON Ground power unit. Personally I think this is the best option most times am at EGLL/EGNX there always on GPU. ON APU for when no GPU is available. Not realistic at all to have ready to start up or ready to taxi, but I can see if people want simplicity they would like that. Currently all 3 of your states are very unrealistic under you simulations of a captain. I am not having a dig just suggesting you consider ON Ground power and On APU as that is what a Captain would find most times entering a cockpit and your remit is to simulate the job of a captain. I applaud the work you're doing to this, it's a huge step up from your last 2 airbuses. Competition is a wonderful thing. Credit where credit is due. Please beta test it to death with people who know the aircraft well.
  3. Mathijs you said this about it. “Seeing the ND in 2D is seeing the ND with eyes in your crotch. I see the attraction, I am just saying that is NOT how a pilot sees them. And as you know we rather not simulate the aircraft but the job of the pilot.” Would you please consider this as constructive criticism of the statement above and why i think you should consider adding them. I will do this under your philosophy of simulating the job of the pilot not simulating the aircraft. I would guest most people have around a 28" monitor and this screenshot above could have been taken on one. The view above is a well used perspective as it takes in a lot. But when you sitting in one of them seat you're sitting considerably closer to the displays and I am sure you know the size of them IRL. Below, is a terrible photo taken of my setup. The top screen is 28" the bottom one is a 24" but the pop up screen are increased to match the size they are in the real cockpit also the screen is at an angle to mimic the angle of the panel IRL . Like they do, you have to look/glance down but the detail is there and clear to see. With that in mind now look and see how small the screens are in the VC in the screenshot above I don't think that represents a captain real pov at all. I know it a compromise with peripheral vision but hopefully you see the point how valuable pop up 2D screens are. IMO people would be better to set a far more realistic view out the window like below and another looking down at the screens with chase plane. But hey each to there own. The picture below shows how big the screens are and how small the cockpit is on a 28" screen.
  4. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9i

    Thank you for your Su Thank you Richard it's appreciated. I just wish just like here and AVSIM they did away with up and down. I had a very nice PM from a MOD on AVSIM about this system. It was interesting. Frank I will take this to a PM and It will be you I write to. So "no grandstanding" that did make me
  5. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9i

    The childish moron that likes hitting a downvote button for there kicks.
  6. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9i

    Down vote .....you childish kid. Its pathetic. It's bean out for a year I was hoped it would have been added by now. Its that so bad to ask?
  7. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9i

    So it takes a year for them to add it....:(
  8. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9i

    I need to update my PFPX. Does PFPX now support saving flight plans for TDFi 717?
  9. Hi, Just a quick check. Will we need any patches for v4.1 with your "Professional" versions of airports or are we good to go?
  10. I agree that was my point. I really don't think a "professional" pilot could brush up on their skills before a 6 month Level D test on aerosoft version. Hence why I think the "professional" title is a little grand. But in the current working version you cannot even set up WX Captain side and TERR on the FO side. You only get one working side. That's basic SOP. Every Ryanair cockpit I've seen, popped into has that basic setup. Even asked a pilot I know about that. But am not here to judge the A320 just Questioning/asking the use of the Title. I will repeat it's not a dig or anything, I have just seen it change to the new Title that's all. You must of mist the bit when I said "Having read the link above"
  11. Interesting to call your new A320 "The Professional version" Having read the link above it states " For aircraft they basically ARE the same". I suggest calling your version of the Airbus a "Professional version" congers up a full blown top of the range version of this aircraft. I just find it's odd to label a product that you have stated my time is not targeted at hard core simmer to then label it "Professional version" As this is a forum to be clear, it is not meant as a dig or in anyway shape or form in a bad why just simply an observation.
  12. They said you have have a lot of time in the next 20 days?....so looks like another month Jeroen.
  13. About the log in page you locked so fast " but simply move down your mouse (to "my benefits") until the pop out menu goes away " No not even close that way you need to go to "overview of orders" All you need is login in title bar. Not fighting with pop up for bus trucks and emergency services Thanks Mathijs for forwarding it.
  14. This page is really badly designed. After you click on account you "normally" would point you mouse on the login button, but is not possible to simply drag your mouse in a straight line, you have to follow the green line to get there, if not you get all the pop ups covering your screen. I hope you can understand you have made a simple thing annoying to use.