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  1. Wish you guys all the best for the June 26th release, thanks for all the hard work to everyone.
  2. << POST EDITED BY STAFF >> I wasn't referring to starting the engines with the windows open, it's about opening the windows having a consequence, look/read at all the replies above. It's about having the immersion of the sounds from opening the windows. From my perspective, if you choose to not to have any consequence to opening the windows then there is no point in them opening you could argue pilots don't open them very often! I remember you arguing with me about pilots not being able to see the wing tips and now...we have wing tips because you can see them and the noise level when opening the windows is a huge difference from them being closed. Please read the replies above and please don't just dismiss this because its far more than just the engines am talking about. I won't say anymore if you choose to dismiss this and all the other comments from above. It's your call but it will be a huge mistake to brush this aside. Sound immersion is huge. x1000 more than a cup of coffee.
  3. Totally agree and even if its just to open when in pre-flight and pulling up at the gate on " a warm day" it adds so much. This imo applies to all aircraft we can buy. If you Don't shut the windows before engine start then boy your going to know about it Bill the sound could simple be the external sound files from TTS. Another case for it, you pull up at the gate, let's say Corfu, your brakes are hot, you switch on your brake fans. As you pull up and just pulled the plug on the engines you open the windows to let in some nice corfu air, BANG all that noise from your brake fans and the noise of your engines spoiling down. CFM clicking away, Its pure magic. All that immersion from our ears. I think immersion comes from sounds more than anything else. Turn sound off and how immersive is any aircraft now? I hope so then they can just build on it. -------------------- BTW I think i'm right in saying from the cockpit and Frank and Bill can correct me if am wrong. You cannot hear the PTU (the dog barking) in the cockpit, but open that window and BINGO! I always remember A2A accusim Spitfire was amazing and one of the amazing things was the noise and effect from opening the window.
  4. Hi Frank, Yer am sure you would close them before engine start. Within the sim I open them if the temp is over 15 and love hearing the ambient noise, then closing the windows before engine start adds to the fact that there is a need to close them and you do feel you have just sealed yourself in. A gimmick is a bit harsh, A2A does it, probably the first to do it. Personally I feel having windows opening with no consequence make the fact they open a gimmick as it has no consequence at all. " throw some documents to the rampagent" Frank try it, open both windows and close one and listen and then when you close both the feeling you have just sealed the cockpit. And no not IRL just within the sim
  5. Question about immersion One of the many things I would love you to include is when you open the cockpit window your hit by all the ambient noise from opening the window. Also with the window/windows open starting the engines is deferning (not a good idea really lol) but brilliant at the same time. I really hope you include this. This even makes shutting the windows an event in itself. I even notice that the level of the window opening makes a difference it really is a massive immersion thing its amazing how our ears pick up these things. The MadDog sadly at the moment does not and it feels really disappointing to open the VC window and........nothing. It makes opening the windows a waste of time as an option as there is nothing to be gained from it. That raise in ambient noise is very immersive and makes opening the window a real option. I do hope you don't overlook this. Dave.
  6. @Frank Docter @bill3810 Thanks guys, great to hear your feedback and very reassuring I have to say. My "problem" was I don't do many inputs from AP Off at 1000 ft agl and after watching the videos I thought I must be doing it wrong or have my control set up wrong. I'am really happy to find my few and small inputs are all good. Only in a cross wind do i spend more time on the stick and even then i've found "less is more" but I thought I had it all wrong. Am really happy thanks guys Hey Frank great screenshots the bus it's looking great. Am going to buy it to show support for all you guys. Looking forward to it. I don't care how long just get it the best you can before "we" see it.
  7. A little off topic but can I ask! This might be hard to find. After watching a few videos of landing and the videos showing the pilot inputs on the stick I would like to try and set up my WARTHOG HOTAS to how a real pilot feels it should be. I have tried a lot of google search with no luck. If your a Airbus pilot and own a WARTHOG could you please share your setting to get the stick to like or as close as possible to the real one. Or has anyone got a link to this question? Thank you. PS finally you have got rid of the RED button. Thank you. Mathijs finally saw the light
  8. I asked about that in a stream and was told its because it's based on a 2017 aircraft and the Fonts are that size.! Since I have no idea what it looks like in a 2017 aircraft I cannot comment.
  9. Hi Dave, I want to apologize, it was wrong of me to ask you do moderate another moderators words. I hope you can accept my apology. -------------------- Not only do i find it "disappointing" that a moderator would have a snipe at another developer with no reason as the guy was asking about your product not anyone else's product or even asking about them, but then aerosoft moves replies to a locked forum, then the mod then unlocks the topic to place a reply then Mathijs also adds to it again with no right to reply. Why don't you just set a locked forum up to bash and call FSL all the names you like, and at the same time gladly lets mods snipe at them on your A320 info page. Also in all the time I have read there forums I have not once see Left's Andrew or any other have snipes and digs at you. Food for thought really. I remember there first little video showing there FBW working and within hours one of the mods here was mocking it. Personally I have enjoyed watching your work on your version of the A320, it's not for me but still I have expressed how amazing your progress has been since the last version. Your product will no doubt me a huge success and that's good, now can we please stop the snipes and derogatory remarks at a developer that has pushed the boundaries of what a desktop sim can bring. Two different products that can sit side by side and can be used to suit different needs. You last one came no were close to your new one and people really can decide what suits them. Can we not just enjoy that? or do we have to take sides and slag of each other? No I hope not!
  10. Dave you also need to then edit or delete Franks comment that started it. Thanks.
  11. Expect it is true. You really need to know the facts. I installed it 8x due to other things, nothing was installed on my pc apart from my legal copy. Also it was the very pirates themselves that bought it to light and the main guy they was after did a huge runner closing his web site down and wiping himself of the web. The only thing I will agree with you on is they should not have done it. The reason behind it I don’t blame them for. As long as you did not enter a pirate code into the installer you had nothing else installed, it really was as simple as that. Wrong yes but unless your stealing it, if your not then watching grass growing is more interesting.
  12. To use your analogy, No your “burglar” alarm never went off and no “burglar” never came to your home. Because you nor your home was of zero interest to anyone.
  13. Was there any need for that Frank? Let's just get the facts right. As long as you did not enter a known pirate code the "malware" self deleted and was never on your system. Read that again as its very simple. But I think you already know that anyway. There have been enough ill informed drama queens shouting out for attention on the topic. Here we are weeks later and you come out with a loaded comment like that. Lets just say from you that's very disappointing and totally uncalled for under a topic that should be for info on your A320 not having snipes at another for no reason at all. He was asking about your product. FSL A320 is and will be nothing like yours as you acknowledge many times yourself. Two different ways to do the same aircraft for a different type of simmer, there is room for both and each to their own. Your team have made huge strides to make your A320 a great product for the market your targeting. Is it to much to ask for that both you and each others fan base to just respect each other for what you have both done. I make no bones that am I huge FSL A320 user and fan. But at the same time I personally really respect what Aerosoft are doing with your new A320 and it looks like a great product if you have no wish to have a version like FSL. Why not just leave it at that?