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  1. I am sorry sir but I am not really following what the comments posted above have to do with FSLabs!? It's your decision to stick with whatever you want but I'm completely losing track where you're going with with this one.... There are always bugs and there will be always fixes and updates regardless of the software company behind. It's personal choice what product you'd like to buy, but I am not going to specifically announce my choices publicly because I don't think it's fair to the readers and Aerosoft as well. I am in this forum because I am interested in the Airbus series that Aerosoft is going to release. Best of luck.
  2. One thing for sure. It will be reasonably priced. Don't want to compare to other products but generally Aerosoft products are always affordable for most people. It's at least my vision.
  3. I remember Dovetail had this product for a while called Flight School, which was not bad at all for starters but that one also went to hell.
  4. What a great news indeed. June 26th is the day Looking forward to it!
  5. I must have missed that one Thanks for the info.
  6. As far as I am aware, the update is specifically for the 717 and currently part of their beta program as they are progressing release for P3Dv4. I don't think any performance updates have been made to Trueglass for example, therefore I don't see how the Airbus series can benefit from this. I might be wrong but at least this what I've read from the TFDi update.
  7. Hi, I am also new to the forums but if you look right on top of the page you will find useful information about the whole project etc. I don't think it matters where you purchased the software from so here's what I pulled out to answer your question: