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  1. There's a route I'd like to try, but when setting up the route there is no starting point for this route, I'm lauching using the new Bus Line Simulator DLC and the route exist's just not sure how to resolve the start point, I've uploaded two screenshots that will show what I mean. Thank you.
  2. So I bought this addon on Monday, attempted to play but couldn't work it out and also doesn't load correctly, I have researched the whole internet on how to load this addon and how to set up the tram, I have read the Manual but it doesn't explain it well for someone like me who has never played using the Tram Line. I load it up, I only have 2 stops to choose from when choosing the tram, and when it does place me it put's me on the wrong side of the track, plus sometime's when I load the tram and choose the destination to place it put's me in a random field, I'm just looking for some help, like a step by step on how to load this add on, and what depot do you use when you've loaded the map, Gladbeck or Tram Depot? Thanks.