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  1. k307309

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    @Mathijs Kok Thanks, posts are deleted, but the profile ist still available and it's possible so sent a PM.
  2. k307309

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    @Mathijs Kok Ok, if there is no other way (I don't need PM funtionality anymore and a downgrade to "guest" would be fine) please delete my old account and all the content: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/profile/105258-xp-flieger/
  3. k307309

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    @Mathijs Kok I can log in with my old account, but I can't do anything that makes sense. For example I got a PM today and I can't answer... The best solution for all would be that my account will be shown as a guest account like these: I think it would better for all if my posts remain, but the current situation is not satisfying for me. If this is not possible it would be ok for me if all of my posts will be deleted. My old account is this one: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/profile/105258-xp-flieger/ The support ticket was #210759. If you need the mail adress to verify that this is my account, PM me or sent me an mail to the adress assigned to the ticket (I don't want to mention it public). Thanks fo appreciation!
  4. k307309

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    @Mathijs Kok I wanted to delete my old account here and requested the german support 6 weeks ago to do this. Posts could remain, but my profile should be deleted. The result is that my account still exists (including name), I can log in but can't do anything (no PM, no Posts, nothing). That's the cause for this second account... Other Accounts have been deleted this year, are named as "guest" an you can't see any information about these accounts, because they have no link to the profile. The posts still remain of course. This is exactly that what I want for my old account. What is the sense for the owner of an an account that still exists but the owner can't do anything? Ok, if you ban someone (a spammer) it makes sense. But why should I only ban myself instead of delete the account? I asked several times why my account hasn't been deleted and got severals answers: 1. "the account will be deactivated and deletet after 2 weeks of no usage" (translated from german: "der Account wird deaktiviert und bei 2 Wochen nicht nutzen gelöscht") -> waited more than 2 weeks, didn't login, removed the account from Tapatalk 2. hint that post will not be deleted -> if ok for me 3. next time I asked I got this answer: "this is not possible because of data privacy/security given by the EU". I asked several times which EU Law prevents Aerosoft from deleting my account. No answer until now (there is the General Data Protection Regulation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation) but this doesn't prevent Aerosoft from deleting an account) 4. the next answer was that I accepted this with the registration terms. Take a look at the screen below, there isn't anything. For my question where I can take a look at it I also got no answer so far. I sent the last mail again. This was nearly 2 weeks ago, no answer so far. Please PM me for discussing the further proceeding.