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  1. For JoinFS, install and follow here: After install, just follow the quick start and you're set. To link up, I suggest using the FSFlyBoys hub. If problematic just shout out via TS (tut following) for my personal IP to lock on to. The end result is that everyone can see everyone else in his flight, regardless of used sim. For those who'd like to test with me, drop me a PM. edit: For TeamSpeak, just get it at if not done already. You can set it up for any kind of microphone, and I suggest you use a "push to talk" or voice activated setup. The server I normally use is detailed in the pic below (yes, it's German). Upon logging in you'll come into a welcome lounge, after which we can take one of the Treffpunkt lobby's to do our talking to eachother in. We can use it for chitchat, our flight progression, of even appoint a tower/ground for Paderborn. Again: for those who'd like to test first, drop me a PM.
  2. Ok guys, for those of you unfamiliar to online flying, I'll set up a quick tut below for both JoinFS and TeamSpeak. Both are really easy to set up and use, but I guess that can also be subjective ;-).
  3. Dear all, due to real life catching up, I'd like to move the last flight up 1 day: sunday the 27th of August, 1900 utc. I hope all can make this. I'll post details on flight server and teamspeak server soon.
  4. After 2.5 years our trip around the world comes to an end. For the last flight back to Paderborn, from our 2nd-to-last fields Andras Field or Innsbruck, I suggest: saturday 26th of august, 1800utc, using JoinFS for flight sharing online and Teamspeak for speech. Details we can share later.
  5. Nice stories all!
  6. Almost my last flights. First from Zurich to Altenrhein. At only 40nm thats just under 15 minutes of flight time in the Mustang. Now in familiar territory, as I tore up the skies in this neighborhood for so long hauling rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong Andras Field as a wee charter pilot. The uneventful roaring start from Zurich Buzzing the field, Maverick style Coming up on left hand pattern at Altenrhein. Turning base After a short stop and some paperwork, on to Andras Field, climbing out over lake Constanz under a dieing sun. What colors can do my mount. After all this time, I'm actually going to miss this wild wild machine. Mountains, skies and clouds. Final at EAFS Andras Field, over the elongated hill, giving clear view of the main runway, the glider strip and the water field EAFW on the Forggensee and seaplane port and ramp to the big field in the Illasbergsee. Beyond the castle on the hill overlooking the air park where, among others, my home is located. As Meigs was in years long gone, so is Andras my gateway into the sim. With it's different runways and situated along the Alps, it never grows old. Full flaps on passing the bridge Safely down and taxi to the end, then home, with the castle on the hill ever watchful. Andras Meridian VA Terminal and HQ building. My street My house. Now to push the old lady in the hangar and empty a beer on the porch.
  7. Nice flight from Nice ;-). An airport I visit frequently for business trips to Valbonne. Climbed quickly out to cross the mountains, going on oxygen from 12000ft upwards to 18000ft. After passing the Alps I went down and turned east towards Zurich. Only short hops remaining towards Andras Field, via Altenrhein of Friedrichshaven.
  8. Currently at lfmn with only short hops to zurich, altenrhein and andras. With summer temps here in holland my upstairs mancave is too hot for flying.
  9. From Faro to Valencia. Nice flight but just one shot as Accusim bit me in the butt after 180 hr trouble free flying the Mustang. On approach, on downwind, doing me checks and setup. I bump into my flaps switch a bit too much and jam my flaps. Bummer... But little did I know I also blew a hydraulics line so hydraulics went to zero, fast!, as I was still pushing pressure on the flaps and my gear had to come down. I thought the gear didn't lock by the sound and indeed: 2 greens instead of 3. I wobbled to get the right main locked into position, heard the telltale thump but light remained out, so assumed I was good. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups... I should have dumped the hydraulics power handle then and there, as that would have let gravity do the rest on the wheels. But I didn't, and my nice though bit fast landing ended in sparks and smoke as my right main gave in on touchdown. Maintenance at Valencia: prop replacement, main bearings replacement, hydraulics lines check and replacement, oil line and filter replacement, cylinder compression test, lots of whisky and a big dent in my pride and confidence as a Mustang pilot.
  10. Great story. Love the new livery.
  11. A short hop from Gibraltar to Faro.
  12. From Menorca to Gibraltar, overflying Mallorca and Ibiza, then on to Spain. Kept it around 5000ft and visually following the coast towards The Rock. P.S. For some reason I dont have the interactive road traffic crossing the runway at Gibraltar X. I've posted a support request at Aerosoft, but if anyone has ever encounterd this and solved it I'd be happy to hear how.
  13. Did three flights yesterday. From Lugano to Calvi to Olvia to Monastir. Nice weather and beautiful sceneries. I planned my routes so I could stay around 5000ft and enjoy it the most.
  14. Did my legs from Corfu to Bari to Lugano. Wonderful stuff, especially around Lugano. I must admit, this close in Switzerland to Paderborn I can almost smell it. No matter how wonderful this trip has been and is, I feel I'm growing weary. So gonna enjoy the mountains here before I move on to Calvi.
  15. Id hope im not the only one