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    Future of PFPX...?

    Tom A320, That is good news to hear PFPX is being updated. Also, is the companion product, TOPCAT being updated as well? I use both of these valuable tools to determine not only the route, fuel required and loading capacity, but also use TOPCAT to determine if runway lengths are adequate and de-rate temps to name a few attributes. Bill Clark
  2. Hi, Any plans for Aerosoft to develop a PFPX template/profile for the upcoming PMDG 747-8 aircraft? Bill Clark
  3. srcooke, Yes, I looked up all the UPS flights out of KSDF to KMIA on FlightAware and found this one as well, which seems to be the most popular route for the particular day when I looked: FEDRA4 OHAGI VXV ODF CRG OMN ANNEY4 So what the UPS dispatchers did is choose the Hi Altitude VOR's to connect the SID and the STAR of the flight plan. Rather than plug in a V-route, I would have hoped that PFPX would have given a response that would have informed the user to take another course of action, or did what UPS did? Don't know if a forum moderator will respond to this, but I think I will use FlightAware more often as PFPX and TopCat are great at calculating loads, and all the critical things that needed for dispatch. Bill Clark
  4. Hi, When planning a flight from KSDF (Louisville) to KMIA (Miami), and I let PFPX "Find a Route" after selecting "Hi-Altitude," I end up getting V-Routes and one J-Routes? I should not be getting V-Routes as my Cruise Altitude is 35,000 ft? See the attached image of the generated flight plan. Bill Clark
  5. Quote - On the OFP where the takeoff and landing performance data is placed you see that FIELD is the limiting factor. This means that runway length or obstacle height for the given conditions is limiting the max allowable weight. So for takeoff, before the update and release the MTOW limit is the structural limit of the plane (ie 874,999 lb) whereas after the update and release the MTOW is reduced to 768,699 lb due to runway length available for the conditions, obstacle height, engine out requirements, etc. I can't explain the landing limit however as it is higher after update and release which shouldn't be the case, so maybe something has gone haywire in transposing the figures from TOPCAT to PFPX or there is an issue with the aircraft profile perhaps. Hi Michael, Thanks for your response. Yes, the departure/arrival “Fields” could or would impose limits on weights as you stated for those good reasons. We do know PFPX is aware of the runway lengths at the departure and arrival airports in making its initial calculations, and since Active Sky is providing weather information to PFPX, then a lot of data is available. That raises a good question about the higher landing weight as to why? The runway lengths are pretty long, and according to Foreflight (iPad real world flight planner) they are: KSDF RWY 17R = 11,887 x 150 ft. KBOS RWY 22L = 10,001 x 150 ft. Attached are 3 new images of my 747-400F weight data: TopCat weight data PFPX weight data PMDG weight data There are some minor differences with Empty weight versus Dry Weight, but everything is in alignment. I hope the Aerosoft moderator can also provide some insight to this as well as your thoughts? Bill Clark
  6. Hi, I’ve been using the PFPX and TopCat for many years now. It is the best dispatch software on the market today. It is particularly very useful in planning flights for heavy freighters like the PMDG 747-400. For every flight, I always load it up with maximum cargo to fit the route distance required, plus insuring that I have at least 30,000 lbs. of fuel remaining at the destination airport. This extra fuel is required to keep the main fuel pumps submerged to prevent overheating. For me, the “Summary” page is a very important tool to make sure I do not exceed, zero fuel weight, take-off & landing weights , or anything else of importance. After several iterations of calculating and re-planning, I come up with the correct weight configuration. I like the way PFPX denotes items in “red” that exceed limits. Note - A while back this page was removed because it was thought to be unnecessary. However, enough users complained and it was reinstated…….I was very thankful. I have discovered an issue, or possibly something I don’t understand. Attached are two image files of the Summary page, one is a “Prior to Topcat, Update & Release,” and the other is After Topcat, Update and Release. The Topcat part is where you get the takeoff and landing data prior to Updating and Releasing the flight plan. What doesn’t make sense to me is when the following occurs before and after Topcat Take-off/Landing, Update and Release (note the red lines denoting the weights on the two image files): Take-Off Weight Limit at KSDF changes from 874,999 to 768,669 Landing Weight Limit at KBOS changes from 662,197 to 805,121 Also attached is the PDF of this flight plan. Appreciate your thoughts, Bill Clark UPS581 KSDF-KBOS (04-Jul-2018) #1.pdf
  7. Shaun, I did a search, and I didn't find an upgrade path, but rather a full price download or boxed version. When I look at the update/download section, MyTraffic 2010 doesn't show up. Could you suggest how I could find this by providing a link? Thanks, Bill Clark
  8. I have MyTrafficX 5.1a which is currently installed. I installed the one of the two updates successfully - 5.1b. When I attempt to install 5.2a update I get an error message like this: "This update requires an installed version of Aerosoft-MyTraffic V5.20 The installer will stop" Where can I get version 5.20......seems like it is missing from you update/download section? I also notice there is a 5.3 version and possibly do I get that version? Bill Clark
  9. Shaun, Thanks for your help.....yes I have SP2 and Acceleration. Bill Clark
  10. Hi, I own the Digital Piper Cheyenne, and I can't get the latest patches for this product. My FSX version is V1.01 (SP1). When I pull up my account, I realize there are no updates for this A/C, and I believe there are at least two? I have the sales order number if you need it, and I purchased it on March 11, 2008.....still shows up on my account. William Clark
  11. I am currently running FlightSim Commander version 8.2.2 and originally installed this S/W with a 1200 x 1600 dpi monitor. I have not yet upgraded to version 8.5. Since install, I have replaced my monitor with a 30 inch 2650 x 1600 dpi monitor by Samsung When in full screen there is no map, however, if I reduce the window size down to approximately 3/4 size, then the map appears. Otherwise it is just a window with all the pull-down menu's intact. Does version 8.5 address the monitor size issue, or is there a setting I can tweak to fix. I will upgrade to 8.5 shortly. Bingo