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  1. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    Hi Oliver, can you also please check the ILS approaches? Today I flew into RWY 34, with no possibility to select an ILS approach, only visual.
  2. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    I hope this issues can be addressed!
  3. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Hi Oliver, are you planning to fix the approaches as well? ATC only guides you to 'visual' and not to ILS when approaching.
  4. Here is a screenshot to clarify the missing spots:
  5. I also noted that when approaching, only visual approaches are used by ATC. ILS is not recognised (you can fly ILS, but ATC is not using it)... Can you fix this as well?
  6. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    I have the same issue, only using FTX Global. There is a large exclusion zone near the airport.
  7. Hello Aerosoft, Just purchased the professional version of EDDT. I found out that there are no parking spots at the north apron. Can these please be added? I have a lot of AI traffic, and also GA and military which normally parks there. These spots where available in the old GAP 2012 version. Thanks! Erik
  8. I had not entered a STAR. Only the destination aiport.
  9. @Mathijs Kok Do you have more insight? And maybe you can change the pas release date?
  10. Hello Aerosoft, In the P3D compatibility list La Palma X is still mentioned for 'mid August'. Do you have an idea when the update will be ready? Thanks! Erik
  11. Another newbie question, I have entered a route (KCLT to KIAH) and at the end (last waypoint is KIAH) I see a strange line: Any clues?
  12. [P3Dv4] TCAS not working?

    That was the issue, forgot to select an ATC mode. Thanks!
  13. [P3Dv4] TCAS not working?

    Thanks for the quick reply. Already tried it: But still no TCAS