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  1. I noticed that after the latest update the crew oxygen stays disabled with both checklist and copilot ON. Is this intended?
  2. Hi Aerosoft, Just did a flight with the A319 (v. and the checklist and copilot both enabled. After landing I got the 'set baro reference captain' command. Baro was set to the value in the MCDU. Also changing it with 'B' did not solve this issue. Any clue? Erik
  3. For those who are interested: if you change the catagory 'Custom' to 'Aircraft' in the aircraft.cfg camera wing view definitions you can see the wing views with the S key.
  4. Hello Aerosoft, Did the update to the latest version, and having a strange issue with the wingview. Normally when cycling the views with 'S' or SHIFT + S to go back I was able to see the wing views. Now this does not work. However, when I select the wing view bar from the 3rd MCDU and click one, the cycling is OK. Any clue? Thanks, Erik
  5. Longer... Jo Erlend is going to work on the airport, but work has not begun (as far as I can see here at the forums, I am not an Aerosoft employee) and Jo Erlend is now busy finishing Köln-Bonn (EDDK)...
  6. Er!k

    Airbus goes nuts

    Thanks for considering!
  7. Er!k

    Airbus goes nuts

    Hi Mathijs, I am also struggling with this issue, and I have lot of custom AI which is probably causing this. Now I disable the AI in flight, but it kills immersion. Would it be possible to add an option in the 3rd MCDU that the sim pauses when the FPS reach below a certain number? Just like pause on TOD? In this case you can wait a few seconds until the sim has stabilized and then continue. Would be really nice!
  8. Mathijs, how are the FPS with AI enabled on your system and the Aerosoft bus? And what are the features in comparison to the 'old' version?
  9. Mea culpa... Jo Erlend will do magic on this one
  10. Hi Aerosoft, I see you deleted my message about 'another developer'. My only intention was that it is really's Murphy's law with this project. Trying hard to succeed, and when everythings seems to be back on track another developer jumps in...Of course I do know it not influences your roadmap and development. Saw the same thing happening with Gianni's Salzburg in the past. Too bad, but that's the market nowadays… FSDG had the same with Rhodos. Announced it for this year, now a bit delayed and all of a sudden another version. FSDG will still develop because they will offer a different kind of add-on. So, in short... still following this project but still not a good feeling about the removal.
  11. Er!k

    Very short warning sound

    I am still having the issue with v1.2.0.1... Cold & dark state is loaded and the beep occurs until the engines are started.
  12. Er!k

    Repaint requests

    I would like to request: Small Planet Airlines Poland A321CFM with Chevrons (Aerosoft Delta Air Lines model). Reg is SP-HAX
  13. Bologna Airport, early morning departure to Pula.
  14. Bologna Airport, early morning departure to Pula.