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  1. Er!k

    Oslo ENGM ground markings

    Hi, if you go to the texture folder (..\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0\Texture) you will find a folder called Oslo_Runway_Markings. Here you can select the white/yellow markings. Just copy the files you like into the Aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0\Texture folder and you are good to go!
  2. Aerosoft said the A320/A321 woild come a few weeks after the A318/A319. So if the A320 release is set for July, June for the A318/A319 is still feasable?! Of course depending on the release of P3Dv4.3...
  3. Feeling sorry for the pilot for having a Gunssam smartphone
  4. Crap! Good job Mathijs, and thanks EmmaL!
  5. Thanks for sharing this news! I was just looking at fselite and they state the release date is set to the 26th of June. I do not see this date anywhere here?! Just curious Source:
  6. Will do Tom, just showing my enthousiasm
  7. If you need a Dutch accent, I am also willing to assist
  8. But I think the good thing is that the new Airbuses come with the updater, so you don't have to install each hotfix manually...
  9. I have purchased RealEarth NL, and made sure the library entry of Maastricht is higher than RealEarth NL. It blends very nice actually! It is not entirely colormatched and a little tweaking is needed but for now it is fine. Look at the pictures below: I only noticed some floating buildings:
  10. Then I misunderstood the message of Mathijs, my apologies! Can still fly the A330RR with a KLM livery But first things first, the A318/319.
  11. Er!k

    Aerosoft/I.D.S Nassau VAS issue

    Their Facebook page is very quiet since the release of Newcastle, back in 2017:
  12. By that you probably mean no CFM leap or PW (Neo) engines on the A319-A320-A321 series?
  13. That is fantastic news! Can take the KLM A330 with GE engines out for a flight then And I also think the A318 is included as well?!
  14. And those 'Duplicate Section Name' errors indicate that an entry appears multiple times in the related *.cfg file. I see some in your AI folders. I.e. 'Section: fltsim.6' This means [fltsim.6] appears twice. As a result every AI aircraft after the first [fltsim.6] entry is not shown in the sim. I am using a freeware tool FSRenum to automatically re-number my aircraft.cfg files (just place it in the same folder as your aircraft.cfg is located). You can also use ACA2017 to scan for any other errors in your AI set-up.