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  1. Skiathos boxed update?

    Thank you Mathijs!
  2. Hello Aerosoft team, the only DVD product left I have is Skiathos. I see that the P3D update is now released. Will it also appear to the boxed version?
  3. I just loaded my CRJ flight from EDNY to ELLX and was a bit bored so tried the skycam... I found a hidden passenger LOL:
  4. Hello, I noticed that rooftops have a bleed through.
  5. Thanks Tom, guess I was to soon with the purchase, guess the page was changed afterwards. This is hat there was first: Features: Night lightning with dynamic lights (can be turned off via the config tool) Animated windsocks Runway lighting based on weather conditions with flash on buoy during approach Optional ambient sounds: seagulls and foghorn in the harbour during limited visibility Animated lighthouse with dynamic light glow and the Southern tip of the Gibraltar rock
  6. Hello all, I just got the upgrade of Gibraltar, and I know that in the FSX version the barriers are moving and traffic will cross the runway when it is vacant. Not in the P3Dv4 professional version I only see the traffic waiting behind the barriers even when not on the runway. Is this intended behaviour? Or what are the conditions for the barriers to open and the traffic to cross? Thanks, Erik
  7. Thank you! I drive on the A13 to my work, so see this one very often
  8. LIRF ENGM lights shine UP

    Is there also a solution for Milan Malpensa?
  9. To get back on topic, will you include this change as well Sascha?
  10. I really appreciate the stream and I understand it is an early beta. For me it was a nice opportunity to see the progress! Thanks Dave!
  11. They added KLC Fokker 100 PH-OFA
  12. Will you also update the signage of the flat near the runway? It had the Mercedes logo on top, but now has been replaced with 'P Online betaalplatform'
  13. Dutch airports

    That is great news