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  1. Er!k

    Roma Ciampino X, Napoli X - P3D V4?

    I have them both and both are working. Installer detects 4.3, and everything is OK.
  2. Er!k

    Dutch airports for P3D v4

    Lelystad is indeed very nice. Will be more interesting when some holiday charters are moved there hopefully in 2019.
  3. Er!k

    Windshield wiper sound

    Sounds like a workable solution, thanks Mathijs!
  4. Er!k

    Unstabilization on cruise

    I have the same with my AI... My solution is to disable the AI short after take-off and enabling when the airport is in sight (or after landing when arriving a huge hub like LHR or LAX).
  5. Correct, already reported this since it occured since v1.0.1.2.. @Mathijs Kok Can you please make sure this one is added to the bug tracker?
  6. Hi Aerosoft, Just experienced a minor issue with the checklist: - Start flight cold and dark - Chocks are there by default - During the checklist copilot sets parking brakes - Chocks are removed... Can this please be fixed?
  7. The screenshots above are some user screenshots from the A318/A319, and the Samsung is a mod… So not sure if it will make it to the official version
  8. Sim-Wings posted 3 new renders today of Gran Canaria, for convenience I have attached them. Full post can be found on the Sim-Wings page on Facebook
  9. Hi Aerosoft, Have done some flights at night and Always flying with the main glareshield view from the 2D Panel bar. I notice I get some small white squares flickering over my screen. Sometimes at the beginning of the flight on the ground, and sometimes in flight. I have tried to capture it on screenshot, but my screenshots look normal. I have tried other views like the virtual cockpit and there everything seems to be normal. Is this anything one of the testers/devs have seen before? My system: i7 4790k @ 4.4Ghz 16 GB RAM Geforce 1080TI 11 GB RAM (no SLI!) Windows 10 x64 Prepar3D v4.3
  10. Today I did a flight from Aerosoft EDDS gate 10 to Aerosoft EDLW with the Eurowings A319 IAE. I noticed some strange things I did not see before: * Started the A/C in cold/dark mode * Middle ADIRS align button was already set to NAV, and could not be set in OFF position (would move back to NAV). As a result; ADIRS wouldn't align. Solved by loading the taxi state. * When entering the FP, I made use of the keyboard entry. During the flight I noticed this got stuck as well. On MCDU II keyboard input setting to off resulted in a switch to on again. As a result, could not control my views with the 'S' key * I did a landing in very bad weather, lots of rain. The wiper sound is way too noisy, and can also be heard in wing view. I also noticed no raindrops or effects on the windshield at 6.000ft, although it was raining * On approach (A/P 1 and 2 armed, autothrottle, LOC and APPR); I disconnected the A/P by moving the sidestick. Suddenly the engines where spooling up thinking I would do a go around... Don't know if I can reproduce it on another flight (except the sound issue and raindrops), but maybe something for the devs?
  11. Er!k

    Wipers way too loud

    First flight with rain, and noticed the same. Also when switching to wing view the sound is still heard (!)
  12. Hello Aerosoft, The old bus had a sound called 'ASC_CC_CAB_Drinks' This was to simulate the CA bringing coffee. Now with the Professional Bus this mechanism is changed (chime, door cam, coffee) and with another sound... Despite that; during flight the old file is still played sometimes. Can this please be fixed?
  13. I have found my aircraft.cfg is overwritten every time, so I need to install all liveries (and adjusted camera views) again...
  14. Er!k

    Airbus goes nuts

    This is how I deal with it:
  15. Just run the file ASUpdater.exe The first time it updates itself, and afterwards you can launch the program... Don't forget to place the checkmark near experimental updates (you find that on the 'configuration' option in the updates (low hand right)).