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  1. To add on that the lights on default airports look fine to me? Why are they so big? Same issue with Malaga and the other Balearic Islands.
  2. Hi Oliver, thanks for the reply... I knoe there are some limitations but I feel they look different then when I installed the scenery. Do you some comparison shots?
  3. Hi all, I was just at Menorca Airport and now have these awful runway lights which were not there before. Do you know which file is taken for these lights? I don't think that is halo.bmp, but some effects maybe? Thanks! Erik
  4. Good news I really like the Airbus series. It is so easy to do a short haul in the evening without a long preparation!
  5. Mathijs, the current Airbus A31X/A32X series are overhauled. Does this mean that the features that are in the current series will also be in the new version. Things I very much like: - Virtual copilot - Views and view settings - RAAS
  6. Really nice to see how these worlds come together! Would be nice if you can switch to avatar mode and take the plane
  7. I think the point here is that although it is installed outside of your P3D environment that you should be able to choose the install location. For example: if you have a slower C-Drive and a fast D-drive you would prefer installing it on D. This is not possible. Another common practice is to only install the XML references in my documents and the actual scenery in another folder of your choice (like FSDT does).
  8. No sorry, What I meant is that they started working on updating their sceneries like EDDF.
  9. Hi, the airports you are talking about come from different developers... - Arlanda (DreamFactoryStudio); I don't think an update will come. Cornel hasn't been active since Rome and also his site is not working anymore. You may consider ORBX as an alternative (P3Dv4 version is pending) - Berlin Tegel (PAD-Labs or GAP team); the newer version is developed by PAD-Labs, and according to Matthijs they need a bit more time.. - Hamburg/Düsseldorp (GAP team); the GAP team already delivered updates and some are also planned (Frankfurt/Stuttgart/Bremen), so I guess these will follow as well Next to that, holidays are currently going on, so I guess work is progressing at a slower rate than normal.
  10. Hi all, When I bought the Aerosoft airbus years ago a controller was needed and I decided to use my Xbox controller. Worked like a charm in FSX! Now in P3D when using the Xbox controller on the 'default' aircraft (like the F22) I notice that the planes do not interact well with the controller. I use the analog stick for rotating, but when I release the analog stick the nose goed down again. This effect is less noticable when the aircraft is properly trimmed. Same behaviour when landing, making it almost impossible to land with the controller. The controller is calibrated, and I am using Windows 10. I also tried the iFly 737; but same behaviour as well. Any help is welcome!
  11. I guess Aerosoft has a big queue of products to be done, so it may take a while. They will have to create and test new installers for every FSDG product sold via Aerosoft..
  12. I find Steam convenient for keeping my games up-to-date. But with add-ons you have to take so much in account (FSUIPC, SODE, XML entries etc.). Just like post above I would like to have control.
  13. I use it outside the FS world... But for P3D not going to use it if ever applicable.
  14. Always good to have some extra FPS available
  15. I used to have FSX and I exchanged my 780ti for a 1080ti. Did not notice any FPS gain. I just want to ran the test before moving to P3Dv4. It might be a good idea to delete shader cache folders and maybe also the FSX.cfg