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  1. Question

    When will the A320 Family have compatibility for P3D v4? Will it be this month?
  2. And I never got a reply back from Aerosoft after emailing them.Its been over 48 hours and still haven't replied.
  3. Resetted my Windows and the installer has the same error.Now I have to waste my valuable time reinstalling everything.Never buying ANYTHING from Aerosoft after my terrible experience.Thanks Aerosoft. >:(
  4. So is it fine that I choose to keep my files and just reinstall Windows?
  5. Also I got my PC 2 months ago (if that helps)
  6. I heard that one guy had the same problem that I had and he said he fixed it by tweaking some of his PC settings.But I don't know what settings he tweaked.Do you guys might know some settings I can change to fix this problem?
  7. I just ran the command prompt to check if i had any corrupted or missing file,it said i had none. I don't know what to do now,i'm guessing I just have to admit that 50 bucks went down the drain
  8. I am currently scanning right now if I have any damaged or lost files.Thanks again for the information and the kind words
  9. I will try thanks Yes I understand,this has nothing to do with Aerosoft but rather my PC.Thanks for the information.
  10. I deleted the file and cleared my browser cache,all of my drivers are all up to date,turned off my anti virus program,and checked google for any solutions but all of them did NOT help with the error what so ever.I'm really mad and thinking about asking Aerosoft for a refund.My only solution now is too email Aerosoft and cross my fingers.If you have any more solutions that you may have please share.