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  1. wingman5


    Aye looking better., Realistically though there would never be so many aircraft on the line ( not in the era with those colour schemes ) ….. even if all flying had been suspended because some idiot had violated airspace in a microlight I have vetted a picture to show the car parking and the fire lanes to the hangars Being as the lazy runways had never been use for landing since the war I don't think you need the tire marks D
  2. wingman5


    Hi Dave I think only the main active was tarmac... the hard standings and peri track were concrete. In fact in the late seventies they detached all the aircraft so the concrete could be stained brown as camouflage ! It worked but soon faded …. anyway it made it harder for the pilots to find the runway . D
  3. wingman5


    Hi Dave Are you working on the textures as well as the set up ? I don't remember the pan being so dark and with all those pretty lines ! It was concrete laid in big square slabs . there would be a grubby white line for the nosewheel position and a very faded yellow hatched box for the houchin. And it seems a bit big ( or are the aircraft small ?) … I'd have been exhausted running all that way from the hanger to sort out a start failure ! Cheers Dave
  4. wingman5


    Isn't that the same photo you posted back on 26th August …… ? D
  5. wingman5

    air brake select switch f6 lightning

    Hi You should have no problems with the airbrake in P3dv4 or any other version ! the changes made in v4 have no effect on this area of the model You need to use a keyboard or joystick selection as the actual switch on the throttle is too hard to hit with the mouse . Dave R
  6. wingman5

    Radar sweep in P4D

    That would have been 1AAC on the old Anglia site ? I left in '76 . I only rarely ventured into your territory though. If you ever get homesick they have one of your bouncy castles over at Bruntingthorpe. D
  7. wingman5

    Radar sweep in P4D

    Looks grand I must still have been at Wattisham ….. otherwise I feel sure you would be able to see me dragging a kite down the lazy runway to the reheat pan D
  8. wingman5

    Radar sweep in P4D

    Hi Dave That would be " radsweepA " ……. resides in the common texture folder Cheers Dave
  9. wingman5

    P3Dv4 fix all Lightning marks update

    Only in that I developed the F3 before I had P3d. It is fully compatible with p3dv4 however, as are all of the Lightnings if the patch in the first post in this topic is used . ( P3d needed different effects settings and textures to FSX, and p3d v4 introduced 64bit dll's so those needed to be re-written). As for the aircraft to be repacked with new installers...……….. that's a decision above my pay grade . Cheers DR
  10. wingman5

    Possible to map additional controls?

    Hi Chris Not sure if there is a question in your post ? Do you want a list of the AP L:VARS ? DR
  11. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    ok, great , Top topic in this forum has fixes for effects and .dlls ( sound and flight refuel) if needed .for P3dv4. cheers Dave R
  12. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    Hi I'm running P3dv4 and I have just re-downloaded the T5 , and installed it ! On running the installer I selected the P3dv3 option and I initially got the message " cant find P3Dv3" but searched manually and clicked on the P3dv4 folder and then " install" . worked a charm for me ! DR
  13. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    Hi Do you have the Lightning downloaded onto any other format ? if so it is simply a case of copying it over into the relevant P3dv4.3 folders. DR
  14. wingman5

    P3Dv4 fix all Lightning marks update

    Hi John What are the problems stopping you running the lightnings ? The T5 and F53 were created using P3d v4 and as the F53 is packed with the F6 so there should be no problems there either. DR
  15. wingman5

    For the true Lightning aficionado

    Well I wasn't suggesting you ASK ! ….. but if you did it as a surprise for her birthday or anniversary surely there could be no objection to that ?...………… could there?