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  1. YouTube videos on the Lightning

    Hi Cameron This is a pretty comprehensive list of online vids...... D
  2. Interesting tale XS894

    ""I suspect that the man being interviewed has taken some creative license ""...... I suspect he has taken something much stronger.... and hallucinogenic ! D
  3. Prepar 3D v4 Release?

    Hi Paul The F3 and F6 versions are pre P3Dv4 so there is no dedicated installer for them, but the T5 has the v4 option, that will shortly be amended though to include the 64 bit .dll changes. All three can simply be copied and pasted straight from FSX to your P3dv4 folders though, and that way any additional textures go with them. You do need to copy and move the lit_.fx and the lit.wav sounds from FSX to their respective P3D folders as well. Why don't you give it a go ..... If you get stuck we will always give you a hand. regards Dave R
  4. This file contains the 64bit .dll fixes required for flight refuelling and fuel transfer on all the Lightning marks . To keep everything together the 64bit ASC sound .dll is also included as well as the resized .fx effects ( should be good for P3Dv2+ ) P3Dv4 fuel.dll sound.dll and effects
  5. Possible to map additional controls?

    Hi Peter The Keys .XML in the TP folder holds a whole slew of keyboard shortcuts At the moment they are utilised mainly by the radar and weapons but they can be mapped to any operative you want . The problem with mapping to a stick is .. there are many different sticks with varying amounts of buttons and switches so its up to the individual to sort it out. Keyboards are pretty universal so I have used what I hope are unused key combos. A pilot has to learn the cockpit of every aircraft he flies , but mapping all the systems to your stick means you learn your stick and not the cockpit layout of the aircraft you are in ! .......... but that's only my opinion. D
  6. A couple more Screens

    .... I'm sure he claims it was just an evasive manoeuvre ........ The AIB liked to refer to it as " departure from controlled flight" Really is a great vid though. .... looking forward to the diamond 9.
  7. A couple more Screens

    Wow, nice flying guys !................. but I'm a hard taskmaster ............ nice separation on taxi out, but then no3 passes behind no2 to form up ! think FOD ! And using the mouse on the overhead latch to lock the canopy is for amateurs.... aces use the lever at the side of the seat D
  8. T,5 Repaints?

    Now you have gone too far with the white ! It should finish at the front of the bay doors.. ie the rear of the canopy D
  9. T,5 Repaints?

    White paint on spine covers the elephant's ears as well. As for the name tag look on the Lightning pilots directory , or see who was the sqn ldr in 1976.... or put your own name on it ... like an artist signing a painting D
  10. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    Ah ! Looks like that's it ....... MP is something I have never tried, and I have no idea why it would have that effect..... but I have PM'd you a workround that might help. D
  11. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    Just as long as it's working I'm happy. As for your buddy could it be he regards 10 minutes as a long time ? If he's used to models with an instant fill, floating around behind a tanker could seem like an age ! D
  12. Lightning "Fan" video

    Sim looks great with Orbx and Rex.... Got quite alarmed when the trees rushed past the cockpit on finals though !! D
  13. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    That's OK don't sweat , we'll get it sorted. First check the .dll is ok .... delete the LightningT5.dll ( or F6 or F3) gauge from the panel folders of each and every lighting. Take the one attached to the first post and drop it in its place. Next open the panel.cfg of each aircraft and ensure that [Vcockpit01] has the entry... gauge 0? =LightningF6!FuelXFR, 0, 0, 0, 0 make sure it matches the .dll name. If the .dll is LightningF6 the gauge must say LightningF6!FuelXFR Now try a flight in the F6 and then T5 and F3.(make sure they have probes!) You don't need to fly around for an age burning off fuel. set mains to 50% and the rest 0% using the payload manager. then select Shift+2 + all on, and Y+F4 and slew up to 20,000ft .Hit Y.... ( the engines will start automatically),.... retract gear and stabilise your speed.. level off and stick it in AP. Select FR and let me know how each behaves . D
  14. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    Sure that is taking way to long , I almost hate to ask but is your simulation rate set at "normal" ? I have just flown the LTF T5 with the wings at 50% ... it took less than 4 mins to lights out. You should be able to see the needles ticking round visibly once you are down to just the wing tanks. I'm at a loss how the T5 F3 and F6 can differ in rate , it is the same code affecting the same switch and gauges and capacities on all the marks (as far as the wings and flaps are concerned) . Do you also have the same problem with V3 or FSX ? D PS. We used PRC not chewing gum
  15. P3dv4 fuel transfer gauge

    It was designed with shear rivets so it would break away rather than the whole probe ! Very embarrassing if it remained lodged in the hose and there were a gaggle of customers waiting who had to turn for home....... but even worse for the jockey who came back with the basket and six feet of hose still attached ! @ Jon just had a test ... F6 ferry tank no overwings. 25,000ft set wings 50% with payload manager, rest at 0% P3dv4 selected FR and started stopwatch . All full in 7 + mins ( ventral light stays on because you are feeding the engines) .... seems right to me ! ....... maybe you've got a leak ?