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  1. F3 Textures

    You are getting a mismatch with the model and the vc05 texture ... the vc05 that includes the radalt has the vco5 texture in the texture folder for that model. If the sim cannot find a texture in the initial folder it reverts to the common folder. The interior mdl and the vc05 I sent should match as .common non radalt . check to see if the other rad alt models have their own vc05 if not copy the one from the aeros 83. D
  2. F3 Textures

    yes the F3 folder, D
  3. F3 Textures

    yes it's texture VC05 causing it drop thse into the texture.common folder D
  4. F3 Textures

    Don't know ...................... I have created a lot of lightning bits and textures since the F3 ... and changed computers, so I ran the sim up and checked the trim button texture was ok in the F3 and F1 ... it was..... so I sent you the files from my sim. D
  5. F3 Textures

    Hi Dave This link has the replacements for the F1 and F3 interiors, I think that is all that was required. f1and f3 D
  6. Only if you are really friendly with the passenger Dave
  7. A few questions

    Hi Peter If you want the Saudi lightning with the ferry tank just put the Saudi textures on the Kuwait model .... and vice versa. No intention of including overwings , I was at a loss where the gauges were mounted , also the object of the 53 was to introduce the underwing weapons .... but you can't fly pylons and overwings so it defeats the object ! .... ... you can always put a Saudi texture on the F6 ? You could take the F53 exterior rename it F6 ....... there will be some anomalies with some textured parts... so you would have to check round the model and transfer over any sheets that have a mismatch. The wing hard points and cabin conditioning pipes would be wrong, but hardly noticeable . not sure where you would stand with the loading sheet though ...... Try it and see ! The F6 paint kit should work OK. As ever Dave
  8. Mk. F.53 question

    Unless anything else is found to be errant there are no more planned updates . The fixes to reverse the aileron trim and put a bulb in the pillar lamp should now be included in the download. D
  9. P3D V4

    Hi John All the models should have been updated , or the pinned topic at the top of this forum gives the fixes if you want to DIY. Cheers DR
  10. Anyone made use of the F6 painkit?

    Hi Peter Set the alpha channel to pure white for the painted areas , maybe add a tiny amount of grey for greasy areas , you might want to try making the spec alpha very dark or light ... can't remember which way that works :0) Dave
  11. Real life Lightnings..

    My oracle tells me it is now the property of Orbital Energy ltd, Red Deer Alberta Canada here's its brief history............ D
  12. Real life Lightnings..

    T55 ZF597 aka 55-711..... to Saudi 27 Aug 1969 returned to UK 14 jan 86 sold to..... Olympia museum WA D
  13. Real life Lightnings..

    Aye, the scheme was just one of the standard variations ( if you can have such a thing?) . It was designated as that seasons aero's aircraft so the AEROS 83 was added . Mike and the aircraft were sadly lost when he crashed into the sea whilst doing an impromptu display off Scarborough bay...... and yes I did a repaint of it . D
  14. Sound problem with the Lightning T5 and P3Dv4.1

    Hi John The breathing is another looped sound . Comment out sound= 70,71, and 72 in the ASC.cfg by putting a // in front of them and saving. DR
  15. Weapons T5 T55.

    Hi Leggo If you take a look outside the Saudi Lightning you will notice it has the ferry ventral fitted hence no guns . The T5 has the slipper tank so again no guns. On the Kuwait T55K the ventral has the gunpack fitted in the front ventral. As for the rocket pack both the T55 and T55K can have them fitted in place of the A/A missiles. Although the T5 has the same rotary switch it was never adapted for the rocket pack. To fire the rockets , Select RB (rocket battery) on the rotary master arm switch ... select left right or both .... select arm/safe switch to arm ... pinpoint your target and fire away. cheers DR