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  1. Aye... its getting there
  2. You need to snuggle in nice and friendly like !
  3. Targets'R'us

    I have got an answer on flare time from "Red Dog" Mike Streten .................. " I recall that on the missile firing profile once you were at the point where the missile would acquire the pilot made the call Flares now and his wingman would call Flares lit once he saw that had happened. Once Clearance to fire was given or had been given and the missile showed that it had acquired the target the firing trigger was pulled and the missile started its flight. As I recall the flare would burn for about 30 seconds and this was more than a large enough bracket since missile flight was normally around 5 seconds. These figures are all from my memory of numerous visits to the firing range ........ but it was a long time ago. I trust this helps. Mike Streten " D
  4. And F3's and F6's ...... but in the real thing ALL your senses are telling you what's going on because you are part of the aircraft , but for us we are only watching a screen and dare I say it ........... they were better than us ! D
  5. Interesting tale XS894

    I was not aware of the nonsense written about XS894 until I read that article ! I was fascinated to the extent that the ufologists went to to invent the scenario. This is the report of the AIB findings and a transcript of the radio chat . XS894 - 8 Sep 70.pdf D
  6. Interesting tale XS894

    Thought this might be of interest. I was there at the time but never actually saw any these reports , just rumours . I'll leave you to decide where the truth lies .
  7. You should still be able to refuel though if you are between 10.000 and 35,000 ft and 250 and 300 kts,.... if you have a probe fitted ! just do your best with positioning. D
  8. Oh my word , I nearly strained my neck scanning the screenshots let alone following 3 monitors . But you know I have got to ask .......... Why are you nuzzling up to a tanker with no probe fitted ? D
  9. Installing to P3D V4

    Sorry Peter , I missed this post. Yes the "if you have sound issues" sticky is an old one and not relevant to P3Dv4. I thought I had posted a link here ( the sound issue is a general one and applies to all aircraft that use Aerosoft's ASC . ) but I cant find it either , so it's as well you posted the new link. Cheers Dave
  10. This zip has the 64 bit version of the LightningF6.dll fuel gauge. that is necessary for fuel transfer in P3D v4. Simply replace the file in the panel folder of any of the Lightning models with the big tank (F6 ,F2, T55 ) ensure the reference in the panel .cfg reads the same as the .dll title (i.e. change either to suit, the title does not matter ....only that they match) [Vcockpit01] gauge02=LightningF6!FuelXFR, 0, 0, 0, 0 This will restore the wing to wing transfer function, in flight refuelling and over-wing fuel dump in P3d v4 . The gauge can also be substituted on the aircraft with the slipper tank (F1,F3, and T5 ) for the time being , but during flight refuel the ventral will not fill. hopefully that should be available soon , but in the mean time you can look on it as added realism..... the ventral's were notorious for not playing ball P3dv4 fuel Cheers Dave R
  11. Installing to P3D V4

    I'm glad you are getting it sorted .... it's also made me look into my settings to try and get things optimised . I would expect the F3 to be easiest on FR followed by the F6 and then the T5 as the complexity grew and I threw in more details and hence polygons and animations although it's not noticeable on my machine. Stuff like the throttles and switch codes , animations and textures never changed though so its a puzzle why they should vary. I have compared the 3, 5 and 6 to see if I have done anything different in fallback addresses or texturing etc. but nothing stands out. D
  12. Installing to P3D V4

    Hi Peter By lag do you mean the time it takes to retexture after a viewpoint change ? A FR of 20 is better than the eye can see so flight should appear smooth. 904 is the fallback for the F6 set, do you still get problems if you use that airframe ? @ Jon I have got the updated gauge for the F3 (and T5) , but still waiting for the F6 . D
  13. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    Sounds like you need to be flying one of my hang gliders
  14. Installing to P3D V4

    Strewth ! 50-60 FR.... I wish These aircraft were built and flown in FSX on a single core 1MB machine and my FR stood at around 15 -19 but still stayed smooth. It's weird, the T5 FR being higher than the others as it is more complex so should reduce the FR slightly I have just tried now in P3dv4 first in the F6 and then switched to the T5 With FR set to unlimited I'm getting 17- 25 FR on both, smooth flight no stutters (Yes, I have replaced the old machine :0) DR
  15. Installing to P3D V4

    Hi Peter When I downloaded the T5 I installed it straight into V4 no problems , the F3 and F6 are pre V4 so won't have that option. I just copied the F3 + F6 from the FSX folders and dropped them into the P3d folders , again with no issues . As for framerates it's the same model, textures and animations so the only difference is how the sim handles it , and in P3d it should be better. than FSX ! and generally it's reported the Lightning's are really easy on frame rates. Is your P3dv4 set up new ? it might need some of the display settings tweaking. DR