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  1. On your marks..... Get set..... Here's one to try and emulate !
  2. maybe my eyes deceive me but I think it looks like the aircraft behind is the same, it looks like they painted the red to the same place as on the t4 ie the front of the aerial but decided there was too much white and filled the extra bit in. but don't change the alpha , that only controls the gloss.... so all paint would be the same shade of grey irrespective of the actual colour. Try making the change on the spec channel then it will appear as a different hue as the light changes ,which is probably what's happening in the photo. D
  3. In fact looking at the fin it looks as if they changed the angle of the red on the fin ... with a slightly different colour ! .... ( could be that would only be noticeable in black and white prints... the paint erosion would be a nice touch of realism though.
  4. Yes , too small and too thick. . Get a photo of the aircraft and size it as a layer so the roundel fits ( in height) if its not true side view. also note where the red comes to on the fin tip. D
  5. Hard to make out , but is your tail stripe right ? on the T5 it should extend up over the fin, and you are going to have to adjust the font , "418" is smaller and angular than on the T4 ( so much for standardisation ) (and it has the seat and canopy warning stencils) D
  6. My advice would be the F6, the range is longer with the bigger fuel tanks , and the choice of overwing tanks to extend the flight time even further. It has a few extra animations added that are not present in the F3 .. Tthe power and performance is the same for all marks , but you do not get the jazzy colour schemes of the F3 and F1. Cheers Dave R
  7. Hi Cameron The wrap around portion of the leading edge is on lit_wing01. match the colour and alpha of the circled areas to those on wing_02 Its pretty difficult getting the correct colours off a photo , at the time it depended on the make and how the film was developed as to the colour tone you got., but we know the roundel is Post Office red (BS 381C/538M ) , and in photos the fin paint appears if anything slightly deeper red than the fin stripe. Incidentally the colour you had is pretty close to the dayglo that the T5's stripes were painted .... D
  8. Hi Howard Your question prompted me to look for mine in P3Dv4, as I hadn't found mine either. Turns out they are in the P3d root folder called " Ecosystem". Don't now it that will apply to v3, but might be a good idea to look in all the folders! DR
  9. @ Cameron Before you get too far ...your red is looking distinctly orange ! I do not have the specific colour code , but I have a description that says" vivid red ", It was probably the same as used for the roundels. D
  10. Please Sir... I know ! D
  11. Damned auto correct ?.. I was wondering what Yankee support was .... ... ferrying the punters from the states ? Last month at the Cold War Jets meet I was talking to the broker acting for a " European Consortium" that had supposedly acquired the Thunder city jets , but everyone seems to be keeping their cards pretty close to their chest . D
  12. Hi All new fx for P3D These are new fx effects scaled and optimised for P3D v4 , they should however still be suitable for P3D v2 + Reheat effects are reconfigured to stop the trailing or spitting fire previously seen. and light scatter added as demonstrated below ( SS courtesy Eivin S) Lights and starter exhaust are also adjusted.. DR .
  13. ..... Much better.... now if you just used the Falcon UL or Mitchellwing instead of the trike
  14. Hi guys Sorry to be a bugbear, , but could you at least have a Lightning somewhere in the screenshot !!...... This is after all the " Lightning " section of the help forum . Dave
  15. A previous post highlighted a problem with the Falcon being stuck on the runway in P3D . I have found that replacing the [brakes} section in the aircraft .cfg with this .... [brakes] parking_brake =1 toe_brakes_scale =1.0000 auto_brakes=0 hydraulic_system_scalar=0.00000 differential_braking_scale=0.50000 cures the problem... at least in P3Dv4 Dave R