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  1. Dust off your TacPack.....

    A destrier then ?.... champing at the bit !!
  2. Dust off your TacPack.....

    You should manage with the F6 kit . So close now...... patience you must have , my young Padawan D
  3. A couple of lightning related questions

    You must have the scramjet-drone variant ! I can't say exactly what you did wrong...... but you must have tried very hard ! I presume you did a control + E start or slewed to height ? even then, had you turned on the battery it wouldn't happen.... I think you may even have taxied out with the brakes on ? I realise that not everyone will want to go through the full cockpit drill.... so it's always best to select-all on before going for an autostart. Cheers Dave R
  4. A couple of lightning related questions

    Hi Dave It looks like you have the info on scenery , so I'll address the avionics. I'm sure the VSI for the F3 was sorted at the time ( with the Tackpac upgrade? ) it's been a while so I don't fully recall,. but there is no upgrade to include the ADF. ( I made a number of changes to coding for the F6, so to alter and recompile the F3 could screw other things up ) Cheers Dave R
  5. The ultimate AVGAS guzzler! Thank you!

    Nice shots , glad you are having fun . DR
  6. Sound problem with the Lightning T5 and P3Dv4.1

    Hi Richard It's odd that X Audio2_7 is freezing up on some but not all the looped sounds , I guess its just getting overloaded.? The T-birds are the only ones with the added reheat sounds, but the 3's and 6's have the same gpu and gear wind sounds. The ASC.dll is an Aerosoft gauge but not specific to the Lightning , I think it just says play the sounds in the specific folder as required. No other reports of this , and using P3dv4.1 / win10 or FSX I have no trouble. DR
  7. EE Lightning Mk. F53 preview

    Hi Dave Made it myself. You fly it as Ai ( I use either Mudponds formation set up or as one of TP.s tankers , that way its easy(er) to find and you can set the speed and pattern. I'll write up some notes and put it up for you guys to have a bash at ain't easy ! DR
  8. Sound problem with the Lightning T5 and P3Dv4.1

    That's ok, if you no longer get the problem with the ASC deactivated we have a better idea where the trouble lies . The GPU is not needed for starting it is really only eye-candy... just use the battery if you have the problem during the take off run it might be the either the wind or the extra reheat sounds In the panel folder open the ASC cfg file with notepad and cancel sounds = 60 >> 64 and 80 >> 86 by putting a // in front of them , and save. ie. //Sound60=ASC_wind01,0 //Sound61=ASC_wind02,0 if that fixes it uncheck them selectively until the problem returns. Don't forget to reinstate the ASC.dll Cheers D
  9. Sound problem with the Lightning T5 and P3Dv4.1

    Hi Richard So you have the problem even if you do not run the GPU ? The ASC.dll that comes with the Lightnings controls the in cockpit sounds, it has control over the houchin sound, but during the take off presumably you have turned off the gpu anyway , and engine sounds are from the standard sound set. If you remove the ASC file it will stop the internal wind noises as well as the GPU etc. if the problem persists we can discount the onboard looped sounds. I have just googled XAudio2_7.dll it is the direct x sound control and seems to be the cause of many problems , run through the checks on that cheers DR
  10. Sound problem with the Lightning T5 and P3Dv4.1

    Hi Richard Sorry you have a problem , Is it only when the Houchin (GPU ) is running ?... ie. if you turn it off does the problem clear ? I have just tried these in P3Dv4.1 all is fine and with no visible effect on FPS . They are kept in the aircraft Sound / Sound _System_LitT5 folder. ASC_houchinloop.wav ASC_houchinstart.wav ASC_houchinstop.wav DR
  11. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Aye... I think they have all got it in fer me ! ! D
  12. Dust off your TacPack.....

    No.... it was one of those bloody gremlins ..... wrote the reply and id vanished as I posted it ?.... couldn't even access to edit it ! D
  13. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Aerosoft have their reputation to think of.... they can't release a model on my say so..... every thing needs testing to their satisfaction. As Dave says the TP is the least of the changes and extras., and any time I change or add something the whole model needs to be rechecked to ensure no gremlins have crept in..... and I can assure you they do ! Have patience... I'm sure it will be with you soon DR
  14. Dust off your TacPack.....

    My mistake... it must have been finals , or maybe the pilot got a call from a tanker and has gone off to play a bit more . Anyway I'm sure he's not crashed on the approach ! D