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  1. wingman5

    P3Dv4 fix all Lightning marks update

    Only in that I developed the F3 before I had P3d. It is fully compatible with p3dv4 however, as are all of the Lightnings if the patch in the first post in this topic is used . ( P3d needed different effects settings and textures to FSX, and p3d v4 introduced 64bit dll's so those needed to be re-written). As for the aircraft to be repacked with new installers...……….. that's a decision above my pay grade . Cheers DR
  2. wingman5

    Possible to map additional controls?

    Hi Chris Not sure if there is a question in your post ? Do you want a list of the AP L:VARS ? DR
  3. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    ok, great , Top topic in this forum has fixes for effects and .dlls ( sound and flight refuel) if needed .for P3dv4. cheers Dave R
  4. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    Hi I'm running P3dv4 and I have just re-downloaded the T5 , and installed it ! On running the installer I selected the P3dv3 option and I initially got the message " cant find P3Dv3" but searched manually and clicked on the P3dv4 folder and then " install" . worked a charm for me ! DR
  5. wingman5

    P3D V4.3 T5 Installation

    Hi Do you have the Lightning downloaded onto any other format ? if so it is simply a case of copying it over into the relevant P3dv4.3 folders. DR
  6. wingman5

    P3Dv4 fix all Lightning marks update

    Hi John What are the problems stopping you running the lightnings ? The T5 and F53 were created using P3d v4 and as the F53 is packed with the F6 so there should be no problems there either. DR
  7. wingman5

    For the true Lightning aficionado

    Well I wasn't suggesting you ASK ! ….. but if you did it as a surprise for her birthday or anniversary surely there could be no objection to that ?...………… could there?
  8. The wife will love it I promise..... DR
  9. Hi Ghostdog Glad to have been of help , If you get stuck with anything .. you know where I am . Dave
  10. Hi Ghostdog I have FSX acceleration and P3dv4, I do not know if FXS steam differs visually from my FSX disc version but I find P3d has much improved handling of shadows both inside and out , as well as dynamic lighting and reflections.... otherwise they are basically the same sim , so the Lightning is equally happy in either. If you set yourself in the QRA shed at Leuchers (or Wattisham or Binbrook or Gutersloh ……... the world's your lobster :0) you can do a full start and scramble as per the real FRC's. Both sims have built in AI flights ( or you can create your own) and these show on the radar scope so you can give chase. This is where Tacpack is an advantage though... it is easy to include a Bear say into the Tanker selection and key in its speed , height and direction and distance , however TP isn't free and I don't know how fat your wallet is ! These in sim notes show the differences in the basic and tacpack radars. Vol 1 - In FS.pdf The basic radar provides the lookdown aspect that shows the runways and also the coastline.... that's all the real radar could manage TACAN, ADF and ILS are also provided for your navigation needs . I would have to say the F6 is the best value as it now includes the F35 export version, although buying any one of the models entitles you to a reduction on the others. I have never tried online flying so I can't honestly say if the T5 can be flown multicrew , but all the relevant switches work as they should … so I don't see why not ?...…….. the passenger/instructor would have to sit on the seat apron though as it is not removable in the VC ! Cheers Dave R
  11. Hi Ghostdog Yes you are in the right place , so we'll see what we can do to assist . Last things first , sorry no intention of producing an X plane version , the model formats are totally different . A good RAF Leuchars scenery can be downloaded here … the finding escorting and landing is purely down to your piloting skills Getting airborne. If you are in a hurry to get airborne there is a quick start guide but to get the best out of the models I would highly recommend thorough reading of the pilots notes and the in-sim notes which are all included . In the basic FSX/P3d the radar will show AI aircraft ,coastlines and runways etc so intercepts can be done, however if you also have Tacpack the radar system is more advanced giving a fair rendition of the actual AI23b scope, enabling the user to complete full intercepts or vis-idents, even at night. Hope that's what you are looking for Cheers Dave R
  12. wingman5

    Anyone made use of the F6 painkit?

    We are all learning ….there is no right way to do these things …. just the way that gives you your best results I have found a photo with the cat on the right of the fin as well so that must have been its final placement. Its a true side on view so good for positioning. The nameplate is just a strip of yellow paint with the pilots name stencilled in black , other squadrons had white stencilled on black ( or blue for LTF). When I was twenty I was also painting a TFF lightning ……… ...........on the front of the line tea bar counter …………. tough work but someone had to do it D PS. Just checked and I think Russ was a Flt Lt .
  13. wingman5

    Anyone made use of the F6 painkit?

    Hi Peter If you want to get it just right , I think your tail tricolour is a bit large the roundel with the TFF cat a tad small , and the union jack has a broader white border. I would use a photo of the tail and stretch it to fit the lines on the texture, the perspective might be all wrong... but you get the correct proportions and positioning. On the nose the yellow nameplate would probably be for Sqn Ldr Russ Pengelly. The photos I have of the right hand side show the station badge in place of the TFF cat and the TFF cat is a big dayglo sticker on the nose . Dates are different though so it might have been an earlier scheme... long time ago … can't remember D
  14. wingman5

    Anyone made use of the F6 painkit?

    Looks grand to me , I use distressed metal photos myself and blend them in . Its worth noting the removable panels were Painted silver and so were never as shiny as the airframe ,and could of cause get scratched by slipping screwdrivers ( and being thrown onto the panel racks ) Try putting a very scratchy texture on the spec channel .
  15. wingman5

    Anyone made use of the F6 painkit?

    In truth the TFF kites were subject to the same grubby ..washed...polished cycle as the rest of the fleet ,especially during the airshow season. and as they lasted from 1960 to 74 ish and 2000 ish hours ...less flying hours than the F3's and 6's. Logically the fin being well out of harms way wasn't subject to being walked on or having things dragged across it , and with no fluids present didn't get particularly dirty , just ablation on the leading edge and a bit of grease smearing on the rudder. D