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  1. Okay Thank you. So I silently swear at LM Windswept
  2. I have the CRJ but I'm still on P3D v4.1 & happy to stay there for the meantime. I am curious about what precludes the CRJ 1.0.5 update from being backwards compatible into P3D V4.1? Thanks. Windswept
  3. Windswept

    AN-2 v1.03 Nothing is clickable

    May or may not be relevant, but there are 2 versions of the product. 64 bit for P3D v4.1 & 32 bit for FSX Steam & other FSX versions. Check you have the 32 bit version. Windswept
  4. Windswept

    Matt's An-2s

    Matt Hope your shoulder comes right. Where do you find all of the AN-2 aircraft for your excellent repaints? WS
  5. Windswept

    Matt's An-2s

    These 2 will be going up on OzX later? WS
  6. Windswept

    To Mr Kok (urgent)

    Ah Rupert! Perchance to dream! Unfortunately old chap, the twins are a remarkable pair, either of whom could chew you up into little pieces in a thrice. Svetlana has a Mixed Martial Arts background to go with her PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Degree in Divinity and an interest in space travel. Sylvania is a Taekwondo expert, has a PhD in Environmental Studies & is a chess champion as well as expert hacker. For a hobby she designs & operates camera equipped miniature drones. There is probably one hovering over your house at the moment. I advise you to close the curtains! You won't spot it, its smaller than a hummingbird Renaissance women, the pair. I can arrange an introduction. Good luck Windswept
  7. Windswept

    To Mr Kok (urgent)

    Good g-d Rupert! Are you not aware that Lord Dicky has a dicky ticker? The passage of any part of the Ling ladies anatomy within 2 feet of his nethers would invite a massive cardiac event, the outcome of which could only benefit the Lawyers who Lady Dicky, would, no doubt, engage to sue the ass off anyone within 5 miles of the deceased Lord Dicky. I trust the New Year will find you healthy & more aware of Lord Dicky's nuances. Windswept
  8. Thank you Gentlemen. One must remember that Lambert is a bit shell shocked & he can be fickle!. Who knows what wonderful new aircraft Aerosoft may have available in 280 days? Windswept
  9. Diary Entry #130: Epilogue 3 months have passed since Babushka touched down at London City Airport. Following a routine set of blood tests, it was ascertained that Augustine had lead poisoning, occasioned by the Garden Gnome having been painted with lead paint, & Augustine absorbing some of that. A treatment was prescribed & 2 months later she was fit as a fiddle & had gone to Argentina to help an old flame on his cattle ranch. Harold had left for Borneo to hunt rare orchards, travelling on his now repaired motorcycle, through Europe, Eurasia & Asia. Robert & Lucille had admitted themselves to a Rehab Facility, Robert having fallen prey to the bane of Anesthesiologists - testing the manufacturers free samples! As he wanted a 2nd opinion on their efficacy, he had shared them with Lucille, resulting in a joint addiction. Lucy had moved in with Jane, having developed an interest in cheese making, & Jane. Emily & George had split up. Emily still milked goats, George was training to be an orchestral violinist. Manwell returned to his workshop to find a new sign over it - 'M & ST Repairs'. upon entering the workshop he found Boris, with Svetlana & her twin sister working on the sidecar. "We join you, build the business!", Svetlana explained, in halting Spanish. All Manwell could do was smile & nod, "Si, Si!" Roger had evaded the black Land Rovers & hitched a ride to Watership Down, where he went into semi-retirement. And Capt. Lambert stared out of the East Croydon bay window at the grey grey sky. He turned as Mildred, his wife of 36 years, entered clutching a cup of tea & a scone. Lambert cleared his throat. Mildred looked up expectantly. "If, in 280 days time I happen to mention I am just popping out for a wee while, do have me committed dear!" "I shall!", Mildred agreed. The End Windswept
  10. Well Rupert. The Vintage Port. Augustine needed to hide the case. What safer place than in the ammunition box of a Bofors AA gun? The Bofors has a decent recoil! Need I say more? Windswept PS- MarshMellow did dig 3 cubic feet of the port soaked earth from under the Bofors & strained it, but decided it was not to his taste.
  11. Diary Entry #129: Edinburgh, (EGPH), to London City, (EGLC) Lambert pursed his lips. "Fly over Bollinbrook Hall at 500' at 1.30 pm precisely. We have a surprise for you. Mildred. xxx" "This is extremely odd, she has never, ever, put xxx in a missive!", Lambert mused out loud. "Still, we must push on & it is not far out of our way. Let us sally forth on the final leg of this epic adventure gentlemen!" And with more enthusiasm then usual, for the end was in sight, Roger & Manwell made Babushka ready for departure. Lambert generously let Manwell take the left seat & Roger the right, but made it quite clear that he would do the Bollinbrook Hall fly over & landing at London City. They took off in indifferent conditions & made good time. Meanwhile, at Bollinbrook Hall, a viewing platform had been constructed, with tables & chairs & the kitchen was busy preparing food. The guests were arriving in drips & drabs. Augustine was wandering around serenely in a deep blue Victorian bustled dress, being painfully polite to everybody. Mildred pulled Harold aside. "What the hell is going on?", she hissed. 'I don't know!", he replied. "It may be her new medication. Long may the quietness continue!" Robert arrived. He was a bit of a mess, but Lucille shepherded him to a chair & propped him up. "Late night!", she confided to those who inquired. But only she knew the truth! Emily & George arrived, both with faces like thunder. They had had to miss a Goat milking to get here & knew that when they returned to carry it out, the goats would be sore udder inflated & try & kick the sh-t out of them. Plus Emily had caught George staring at Jane again. So 1.30 pm was approaching and Lambert was in the left seat & throttling back & dropping sedately down to 500', & Augustine was supervising the distribution of champagne & sparklers. "Light them when we see him & wave frantically!", she had told everybody. Jane thought it all most odd, as did Lucy, who came & sat with her. The log Book was not mentioned. Shortly the sound of a tractor misfiring could be heard coming over the horizon. "It's him!", Mildred called out. They all lit their sparklers & stood to toast Lambert when Mildred caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye. Augustine one hundred yards away sighting in a Bofors anti aircraft gun on the AN-2 Bofors AA gun that Augustine was about to fire "No!!", Mildred cried out. Shocked, all turned to see Augustine swinging the barrel around to track the AN-2. & opening fire. Meanwhile, serenely puttering along at 70 kias at 500' over Bollinbrok Hall, Lambert could see the gathering below & waved. Just as the 1st shell whistled past Babushka's nose & exploded 300' above them. Rocking Babushka from side to side. "I say chaps, they have fireworks for us!. How jolly!", Lambert exclaimed as he held a steady course. The 2nd shell exploded near the right wing. "Rather noisy fire works what!', Lambert chuckled. Roger was peering out the side window & caught the muzzle flash of the 3rd shell, which exploded just under them & caused Babushka to buck like a deranged bronco. "Good lord!", Lambert exclaimed. Roger screamed, 'Someone is shooting at us!" "Surely not!", Lambert replied as the 4th shell whistled past his nose & arced on up to 2,000' This was because Mildred, who had borrowed the neighbors horse, Penny, when Lady Glanmire, out for her midday ride & assignation with Augustine's game keeper in the pottery shed by the babbling brook, had seen the gathered throng & decided to check out what was going on. She had no sooner reigned Penny in by the stage when Mildred knocked her out of the saddle, thew herself onto Penny & urged her post haste towards the blasting Bofors. She rode like the wind across the 100 yards of manicured turf that separated Augustine from the stage & upon reaching the Bofors, leaned out of the saddle & plucked Augustine out of the gun seat, like plucking a ripe plum off a tree. Except it was not a ripe plum. Mildred was surprised how light & frail Augustine felt, & she rode on, dangling her from the side of Penny like a rag doll. Meanwhile, after the 4th shell, Babushka muttered in Russian an epithet that translated said, 'F-k this for a bunch of soldiers!', for she had seen service in Afghanistan & been under fire before. She opened the throttles full out & weaved & bobbed all over the sky to dodge the shells. Which did not come, for Mildred had saved the day. Lambert grabbed the throttles & controls & restored order, while Manwell threw up in the back. "Steady on old girl!", he had admonished Babushka. "It looks like the fireworks display is over now!" Roger cringed. "I think we should carry on to London!", Lambert advised the other two. "Obviously someone down there does not appreciate our efforts & I intend to find out when we reach London!", he added & Mildred rode Penny on to the Pottery Shed by the babbling brook, for a heart to heart with the dangling, mutely protesting, Augustine. Upon entering the pottery Shed they were stunned to find Augustine's game keeper, MarshMellows, tastefully arranged on some straw, without clothing. 'Ah, thou be not Lady Glanmire!", he exclaimed, slow like, making no effort to cover his personage. "Get thee hence!", Mildred demanded, & muttering about the cold, MarshMellows shuffled out clutching his overcoat. Mildred sat Augustine down & after sighing deeply said, "Mother, what is going on?" Augustine snuffled. She felt weak. "I don't know. Last night at 2 am I got a call from Rump" 'What did he want?", Mildred asked. "I don't know, spent most of the time talking about himself, how underappreciated he was & how no one gave him credit for all the good he was doing. Then in the middle of all that he said there was a Russian spy on Lambert's AN-2, & it was our duty to shoot the aircraft down!" "I wonder who the spy is?", Mildred muttered. Augustine paused. "He said something about small hands & big ears" "Must be the bl-dy rabbit!", Mildred exclaimed 'Well, I said I would see what I could do & I remembered I had the Bofors in with the vintage cars. So I got it out this morning & cleaned it & it seem to be okay!" "And Rump was happy with this!" "I suppose so, he did say something odd at the end of our conversation though. He wanted to know if I watched him on television & whether I could tell that he had a hairpiece!" "Most strange!", Mildred agreed. Augustine sighed. "Dear, I am tired, I need to sleep!", Augustine confided. & so it came to pass that Augustine was whisked away to a Safe House , the door to her room was locked & Harold took the key. Lambert was shaken but pressing on. They reached outer London, then London City Airport came into sight. "Bit of a tricky one this!", Lambert muttered. Turning to Roger & Manwell he said - "Lose power on take off & one is likely to end up inside a solicitor's office in one of the high rises that surround the place!!" But he managed a good landing, breathed a sigh of relief & said, "Thank g-d that is over!" Manwell & Roger applauded politely & agreed with the sentiment. "No welcoming committee!", Roger exclaimed. "Hmm, they must have gone to the wrong airport!", Lambert mused. They parked Babushka, she had been sold to a Bulgarian grain merchant, & disembarked. Lambert shook hands with Manwell & Roger. "Jolly good show chaps. Thanks for all you have done. See you!" & he was gone. Off to get a pint & a steak & kidney pie. Manwell fired up Loretta & rode off to his workshop & Roger wondered why 3 black Range Rovers were following him as he went to find a taxi. Suddenly Lambert came racing back in a taxi. "Green button, we have to hit the green Button to announce we have reached the Finish Line!" "But where is it monsieur?', Roger asked him "I have no idea!", Lambert replied, "but I do know 'Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me; Other times I can barely seeLately it occurs to me What a long, strange trip it's been'" Leaving Edinburgh in typical AN-2 style - use 1/2 the runway & take a hard right out of the place Lilac & snow South of Edinburgh. Lambert wondered if the tint had changed in his aviator glasses Down the middle of Britain, more snow, headed for Cambridgeshire Outer london Swinging around to come into EGLC Just made it! Crew perplexed by lack of welcoming party. Lambert decided the party had gone to Heathrow by mistake Epilogue to follow Windswept
  12. Diary Entry #128: Homecoming Weedwacker got the call at 3 am. "Where is he?", Augustine demanded, calmly, but with steely purpose & resolve. "Who?", Weedwacker replied wearily. "Why, Lambert of course!" "Hang on!", Weedwacker responded, again wearily, as he reached over for his laptop from a bedside table. He opened it, tapped a few buttons & waited 10 seconds. "Okay, looks like he is at Edinburgh Airport, sleeping in the AN-2. I can hear him snoring" 'Good!", Augustine replied. "I want you to email the following people, Harold, Mildred, Robert, Jane, Emily, George, Lucy & Lucille, with the following message! Ready?", Augustine prompted Weedwacker. "Yes!", he replied. "Lady Augustine, The 14th Duchess of Rochester is desirous of, & demands, your Company at her Family Country Estate, 'Bollinbrook Hall', Cambridgeshire, at 1 pm this day. BYOB" "Is that it Madam?", Weedwacker inquired. "Yes Weedwacker. You of course are invited!", Augustine added. "May I inquire as to the nature of the gathering Madam?", Weedwacker asked, not quite sure how she would respond. 'Oh, just a small family gathering so that we may cheer Lambert on as he makes his way to London City. Please arrange for him to fly past Bollinbrook Hall at precisely 1.30 pm at 500'. He should be able to see us wave & toast him from that height!" "Indeed madam. It will be arranged!", Weedwacker assured her. & so it came to pass that emails were sent & as he finished his Haggis breakfast, Lambert had an envelope thrust into his hand. "I wonder what this is?", he mused. He had previously told Manwell & Roger to not be surprised if they had a low key welcoming party when they reached London City Airport, (EGLC). "It may be the Royal Horse Guards band or an Air Force band, not quite sure which. The Palace may be in attendance if she can get back from taking the Corgis to the Vet for their flea shots. Who knows who might be there! Act surprised!!", he said with a grin of anticipation. Roger frowned & Manwell kept eating his eggs & black pudding. To be continued. Windswept
  13. Diary Entry #127: Faroe Islands to Edinburgh, (EGPH) "Heading South now lads!", Lambert announced cheerily at breakfast on the Faroe Islands. Moroseness settled like a black cloud over his crew. They were exhausted. Roger's eyesight was stuffed from hours of peering into the dark or snow, or the snow in the dark, whichever came first, & he would need to get glasses when they reached London. Manwell found that Loretta's carburetor had been damaged & he would have to repair it before he could escape this 'infernal trek', as he described it to Roger, when Lambert was out of earshot. "He unhinged!", was also thrown in for good measure. A sentiment Roger struggled to rebut. So Lambert left Vagar with a crew in a foul mood. He chose to ignore them & set a direct course for Edinburgh. Again lilac was in the sky at first, but as the day wore on the palette colors settled down & Lambert relaxed. Roger flew the middle section while Lambert shaved & plucked his eyebrows. An occurrence applauded by Manwell who commented to Roger that "Mr Lambert's eyebrows, they so big, they so bushy! - I feel he has caterpillars renting space there!" Roger smiled & nodded. They flew on over the Scottish Highlands, then down to the Lowlands in reasonable weather, noticing the further South they got less snow was on the ground. As they approached Edinburgh Roger noticed 2 parallel bridges, one old, one new. "Monsieur Lambert, the bridges, what are they called?" "I think they are 'The Forth Bridges', Lambert replied, peering down at them. Lambert landed Babushka without any issues, parked her in a hangar & headed out to get bagpipe & curling lessons. "Always wanted to play the bagpipes!", he told his crew as he abandoned them , again. Meanwhile, at the Safe House, Augustine was up & about & taking things quietly. She was meditating a lot & eating healthy organic fare, something that bothered Mildred. Augustine had previously lived on fast food. "Harold, I smell a rat!", she had announced, when she found Harold in the kitchen injecting himself with vitamins. Harold smiled briefly. "We shall see", was his brief reply. Leaving Vargar in the Faroe Islands involves a jink to the left after lift off Lilac tinged early morning flight directly into the sun Over the Scottish Highlands Later in the day & starting to leave the snow behind The Forth bridges View from the right seat on the way into (EGPH) On the ground at Edinburgh, (EGPH) To be continued Windswept
  14. Diary Entry #126: Keflavik, (BIKF) to Vagar, (EKVG), Faroe Islands Lambert wanted to leave early & had Babushka's engine on a rumbling idle while Roger & Manwell were still sleeping. The shaking & shuddering woke them & under protest they left Keflavik in pre-dawn darkness. They were stunned by the colors in the sky while the sun rose. A cloud bank off to their right obscured the sun for quite awhile. Otherwise conditions were clear and the 440 miles were covered without any problems. They had replaced Manwell's double nipple with a new fuel filter & he was happy to put the former back in Loretta. "Edinburgh is the next leg!", Lambert announced. "Haggis for breakfast!", he added with relish. Roger wrinkled his nose & Manwell felt ill. Meanwhile, Augustine was recovering quietly, had taken some herbal tea & could remember who Harold & Mildred were. She spoke briefly by phone to the Palace, then Weedwacker. Later that day she began meditating, having borrowed from Robert's stock of Joss sticks. She seemed at peace. Leaving Iceland in a purple dawn Sun working its way above a cloud bank after dawn View from the left seat as they traverse the North Atlantic ocean More sun & cloud bank On approach after flying down through the cloud Gingerly slowing down on the icy runway at Vagar, (EKVG) To be continued Windswept
  15. Diary Entry #125: Augustine again The 2nd operation on Augustine was conducted at Chester Hospital by Harold. This time it was low key, no joss sticks, music, video camera & other trappings of Robert's travelling circus. He was there assisting, as was Lucille. Mildred waited outside. After 4 hours Harold emerged to confide to Mildred that he had found another small piece of Garden Gnome & hopefully Augustine would be 'steady' now, as he put it. Mildred was dubious. Augustine was moved to a convalescent room in a Safe House not far away, by ambulance, under the cover of darkness. Weedwacker had assumed control of The Firm & was praying for her recovery. Being desk bound was not his forte'. Meanwhile, at Keflavik Airport in Iceland in the very early morning, Manwell, Roger & Lambert were sipping Latte's & avoiding the rotted herrings on the breakfast menu. They were staring at the colors in the sky. Purple, lilac, magenta. "Something's wrong somewhere!", Lambert mused as they set about preparations to fly to Vagar, on the Faroe Islands. "A very small island in the middle of nowhere, we will need sharp eyes!", Lambert had informed the others. To be continued Windswept