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  1. Livery Installer is not working.

  2. Livery Installer is not working.

    Little Update here I started expirimenting with some liveries and this one does not work: Maybe there is some explanation that some work and others not. This one is not even listed in the Liveries list at the Manager.
  3. Livery Installer is not working.

    No, I have It here: SIMULATOR ROOT FOLDER\DLC\500201\Aerosoft\Airbus A320_A321\Livery Manager\livman.ini
  4. Livery Installer is not working.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX This is the path, wich I gave to the tool. (I have the Steam edition).
  5. Livery Installer is not working.

    He asks for nothing. This is what iam seeing. "Succsesfull" installed Aircrafts. But they do not appear in FSX
  6. Livery Installer is not working.

    He did ask it at the beginning, but he is not asking anymore. My Question is, Is the path right? Because if its not, than that would be an explanation.
  7. Livery Installer is not working.

    yap and fsx was closed
  8. Hey there, I have got al little problem with the Livery Installer, it is not Installing liveries :/. With every Livery I install the Program gives no Error, everything fine and the aircraft appaers in the list. Ingame are no liveries aviable (I checked the Show all variations checkbox). My FSX is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX is that the correct path, because Livery Manager asks for it.
  9. Navigation problems.

    solved. I accidently used navigraph. Thx for your help. Sry for this stupid question, Iam pretty new to this :/
  10. Navigation problems.

    navdatapro, thx for the quick reply
  11. Navigation problems.

    Hey, I have got a huge issue with all my airbus A320/321, they have no navigationdata in there system at all, everytime I want to make a route it says NOT IN DATABASE. I have made a reinstall of the dlc, (buyed it via steam), but no difference. Any help? aNieo Ps: Iam running windows 10, FSX:SE as Administrator.
  12. Steam Edition...

  13. Steam Edition...

    Hey, I've got a little Problem with the Steam Edition I think. Yesterday I bought the A320/21 Addon on Steam. Installation worked fine but ingame it lags like hell. So after a bit of research I found out, that there is something that called the Airbus Configurator. Found it, started it, Error. sharedConfig.cfg not found. So I read about an Hotfix, but I don't think I can download it in the Steam Version. So where can I get this hotfix from? :/ Kind regards.