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  1. Hello Howard, I had to give this a few quick searches and really didn't find the products related to soaring in a glider. We deal mostly with soaring, and the few questions that come as yours did. I'm really not familiar with all of Aerosofts many forums, but am sure your question has another place within Aerosofts forums somewhere. Sorry I couldn't give you much help, and sorry for not getting to this right away. You should be able to get an answer somewhere else. Scott
  2. ASK21 in P3Dv3

    I cannot really help totally since I do not have that simulator, but I can tell you that I did an internet search with bing yesterday and found a topic that said yes it works, but there were problems installing it is all with some sort of installer. Scott
  3. After a little search, I found the following statement by myself in 2008, so I'm sure with todays computers one can get even better looking terrain without too much FPS lose. Anyway, here is the statement ... " I've got to say, if anyone is using the default mesh for the Mt Cook area, you're missing the top 2,000ft." The attached sreenshot gives you an idea of what a person is missing if using default mesh. Moderators, please do not enter this into this months contest. Thanks! Scott
  4. Whoops, sorry Aharon, I didn't quite finish what the 1000' was about. When flying at Mt Cook, default terrain mesh shows the elevation of it at least 1000' less than actual elevation. Scott
  5. Hey Aharon, I'm not sure if Aerosoft sells any terrain elevation data/mesh for FSX, so if they don't, you can always get some detailed elevation data at such places like Simviation. Hope that helps! I know having such mesh is a must for any virtual glider pilots like myself. For comparison it adds at least 1000' than what default FSX terrain mesh shows. Scott
  6. What is the best technique to use ?

    Thanks, Peter! Yes, I forgot to explain how to get to an actual thermal, which is fundamental . And I almost asked you if you had your directions wrong, well, until I drew it on paper and realized I was getting headwind and tailwind mixed up. So, thanks again! Scott
  7. What is the best technique to use ?

    Hello Peter, and mark767. Peter, doesn't the cloud lean with wind present? Maybe mark767 is missing the thermal by relying on the cloud/shadow of cloud. I'm not the best one to ask about thermaling, but as a rule of thumb for me, I try not to turn too early, one needs to stay straight until you hear the variometer slow down and then you can start to make your turn sometime after that. After that you can then start to get "comfortable" in the thermal. I have yet to have the experience of CumulusX! with thermaling since getting the paid version, I've just been slope soaring and enjoying the challenges of that when I have a chance. Not to say thermaling doesn't have it's challenges, I should just break down and give thermaling another chance with the added wing simulation that I didn't have with the free version. Scott
  8. Discus X Canopy reflections

    Forgot to mention a couple of things. I didn't use the Preview DirectX 10 mode yet, so I am unaware as to what the reflections can do there. Also, I believe I can make the reflections that I did a little darker for you, and maybe I should do it anyway for my download so there is at least a few options a person could have, depending on their taste. Scott
  9. Discus X Canopy reflections

    HEY!!! I made some headway today! I am going to attach for download of some clearer reflections, but I still think there could be some kind of tint to it. I may try at it again tomorrow, to see if I can get rid of the tint. Anyways, here it is below. And as far as P3D, I owned one of the first versions, but never went back to it because of ,if I remember right, we couldn't get real-world weather at the time but I cannot remember. Scott Clearer_Reflection.zip
  10. Discus X Canopy reflections

    No, I do not run FSX in Preview DirectX 10 mode. I haven't really flown in a while, but used to, there was a problem viewing other aircraft in that Mode, so I stayed away from it. But now if I remember right, Wolfgang Piper may have updated all of his many aircraft for it, and since they are the ones I mostly fly, I should give it a go. Is there much that I am missing by not flying in DX10 Mode? I should just try it anyway, since I'm pretty sure my current computer specs can handle that and more. I am going to run some more tests tonight or tomorrow, and if I'm lucky, I can post a download of my reflection files. Scott
  11. Discus X Canopy reflections

    Well, I forgot to answer your questions. Yes I have edited the .dds files. Not sure about the tint if it is changeable, did you mean from the outside of the aircraft? From the aircraft selection menu, it appears to have a slight blue tint to it, but it seems to have disappeared after changing the reflection files. Also, I'm getting a bad shadow "bubble" with my current modifications as shown in the following video. I may have time tomorrow to look into it further. Scott
  12. Discus X Canopy reflections

    Hello again Peter. I found the download last night as I was not making any headway trying to change it myself, but I couldn't see much difference between it and the original. But I will go ahead and attach it to this reply to see if you may have better results. I am going to fiddle with this more today to see what maybe I'm doing wrong, maybe I'll get it right or just somewhat better by the end of today. Scott less-reflections (DiscusX).zip
  13. Discus X Canopy reflections

    Sorry priel, I'm finally getting around to this and found out that I never got around to "correcting" this install of FSX on my new computer as the canopy reflection is appearing to be the original, so I am going to make some time before the end of my day to see if I can remember what I did to change it. I'm not sure what would be faster for me, to search the old hard drives for the reflection, or to just fix it myself. So, at this time, I'm going to try to fix it myself. THANKS for your patience in this matter. Scott
  14. Discus X Canopy reflections

    Maybe I can help since no one seems to be offering. I remember when I first received the aircraft, and the canopy being hard to look through to see what was going on outside. I'm not at my main computer at the moment to see if I fixed it myself, or downloaded the texture fix from somewhere. I'll let you know what I came up with later this evening, or tomorrow sometime. Scott
  15. SOAR Needs A Director

    Hello Karen. How close are you to making a decision to possibly close SOAR down? Have you gotten many people expressing interest in the site? How does one archive the message board to save all the wealth of information contained here for soaring enthusiasts? Scott
  16. SOAR Needs A Director

    Thanks for the kind words, Karen! Hopefully someone will step in for at least 2-5 more years. I haven't been paying that much attention to how many new products Aerosoft is producing for FS2004, but I think FSX is still doing strong. Wolfgang Piper is for sure adding and updating for FSX, and I think FS2004 as well. I cannot say how much we appreciate his long term devotion to most if not all of the Microsoft Flight Simulators. And I'm very pleased with Peter Lurkens for his continuing progress of CumulusX!, I'm not sure where soaring in FSX would be without it. I should probably mention that he also did work in FS2004 with Cumulus! as well. So a BIG THANKS goes out to them both for keeping things alive for us soaring enthusiasts. I'm wondering what SOAR would have done without these two people. Anyway, when someone else does step up, I can possibly help out just a little here and there, but you are listening to a person that had no clue how to manage a website fully, and I still have some problems. So if you need to have help, I can either have the answer or point to someone that may. I forgot to mention the most important two people that has almost been with SOAR since it's beginnings. Don & Karen, THANK You so much for not giving up on the site. You two will definitely be missed when you go, but I will keep in touch. Scott (sf4JC) Frerking
  17. Just want some feedback on any freeware programs like these, that would be worth registering FSUIPC for? Or does FSUIPC need to be registered to be able to use these? Is having a PDA or like instrument useful while soaring? I've got an old PDA (Palm T/X) which I can possibly only use with SoarPilot, but I don't know if I can pay $40 to $70 for registering FSUIPC for one or both FS9/FSX. So any input would be great. Pros and Cons for the software you use also would be great. sf4JC
  18. XCSoar, or SoarPilot, or...

    I have good news about XCSoar and Prepar3D......It Works!!! Though I only tested it for a little while. Just use the same settings as in FSX. Scott
  19. Soaring in LM Prepar3D

    I have tried a few of Wolfgang's gliders in Prepar3d, and have found some to have less visibility from inside the Virtual Cockpit, meaning, the cockpit reflection image is a bit too heavy or dark (this can be corrected to one's taste by changing the darkness of the alpha channel of the image). Does anyone know if this is the case for other FSX aircraft? Aerosoft's DiscusX Virtual Cockpit doesn't seem to be affected that I have noticed, but I lightned it up a long time ago. Scott
  20. Soaring in LM Prepar3D

    Well, I made the jump into Prepar3D seeing as though more of the SOAR community may do the same. At this point in time, I feel a little anxiety towards my decision. It is definitely suited for academic purposes I feel. There is no RealWorld Weather as was in FSX, so a person cannot "learn on the fly", which I'm really not sure why that would not be academic. Though since it's a learning tool, I see how it is used in a sence that a test (or even the material used for a test) has to be the same for everybody, and therefore a person has the ability to retest/restudy the material in an unchanged way. As far as success stories, I have been able to get FaceTrackNoIR (a free TrackIR type substitute), and have also got XCSoar working in it as well, so that was 2 of my main concerns, but still a little iffy on whether or not the TrackIR workaround is done legally. And on that subject, I have gotten Aerosoft's DiscusX into it, but may later uninstall because if memory serves me correctly, it can ONLY be installed into FSX but will have to check the licensing agreement thing on that. I haven't flown a whole lot yet, but there may be a problem with the new CAIset guages working right or maybe it is the old ones not working right (will have to check which ones I'm using and where and recheck my installation of them). I haven't made any changes to the cfg file for more FPS (if it's possible), but at the moment I do not feel I need to, so that's definitely a PLUS+ for Prepar3D. Scott
  21. Soaring in LM Prepar3D

    jcomm, did you ever get any positive/negative feedback on installing FSX stuff to Prepar3D? I'm just wondering, because I am about in a position to make the jump into it, and would hate to not get my money's worth out of it since it took me this long to get the money. I will search the forum again for success stories and workarounds, but if there is anyone out there listening in that have enjoyed soaring in Prepar3D, please let us know. I have one other forum I can check that may give me some quick answers to, but haven't been there for a while. Scott
  22. XCSoar, or SoarPilot, or...

    It's great, but a little overwhelming at first. I was finally able to get the maps working in XCSoar before noon today. Had kindof a busy morning with other things, so not much time was given to using and understanding the software, but I haven't really put any effort into reading the manual for it yet either. You can bet I'll be a little more acquainted with it before the weeks over though. Scott
  23. XCSoar, or SoarPilot, or...

    Yep, IT WORKS! That's one of the things I was missing Ivan. I got it working just as I was about to leave the house this morning. I had sort of made a mess of things last night, so I started from the beginning and worked myself through it. One of my tries last night was to change the CNCA0 to COM2, and I think it would have worked but I didn't have the hub2com set up correctly again I think. I tried so much stuff last night, I lost track of where I was at times. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It was so frustrating! When I woke up this morning, I thought I'd have another go at it, and sure enough, I got everything set up correctly just minutes before I needed to get ready to get out of the house. Now, is this public knowledge, because I found little to no help searching the net for a solution in FS2004. I'm kinda wondering if this is well known, how come I never heard of it. Also, can I make it known by "Pinning" a post in the forums, or is that somehow a no-no. I just cannot believe through all my searching through the years, I never stumbled across this solution. I must have been so close, yet so far from the solution. But, WOW!!!! I am excited!! So the next question is going to be, will this work in Prepar3D? Scott
  24. XCSoar, or SoarPilot, or...

    Okay, so here is where I stand at the moment. I'm actually kindof speechless, to say the least. I've actually got it working with the free version of FSUIPC, so I'm thinking, does Xconn even use the FSUIPC module? Just for kicks, I tried it on FS2004 despite knowing it works only for FSX, and yes, it doesn't work in FS2004. So now all I have to do is save up some money for the FS2004 version of FSUIPC to get XCSoar to work with it. Wow, I sure wish I would have been studying XCSoar to understand all the features/functions and know what all I need to download and such. This is going to be great, it's one more thing to immerse myself into the sim environment. THANKS guys for pointing this out to me! Scott
  25. XCSoar, or SoarPilot, or...

    Thanks Peter, will look into it later tonight. Scott