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  1. Issue resolved via a clean reinstall along with a rebuild of the P3D cfg
  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ll do an uninstall/reinstall first and get a debug pack if the problem is still there
  3. This is similar to a previous post: "SimStarter NG causes P3D v4.3 to change Sound Slider to 5%" In this case, the P3D cfg entry "Mute on Lost Focus" is deleted when P3d is started via Simstarter.. Hence P3D always loads with its default of "Mute on Lost Focus" on. To confirm this, save the cfg with "Mute ,,," unticked - the entry will show "=0" Start P3D via Simstarter and once it loads examine the cfg - you will fin that the Mute entry user [USERINTERFACE] has disappeared When P3D is shut down, the correctseting is saved in the CFG until Simstarter is used again This occurred with earlier 1.8.0 and is still present in 1.8.3
  4. FOD

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    Sorry - edited my last to say I had found the archived thread which explained everything in detail. Guess the edit didn’t “take” Cheers
  5. FOD

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    Thanks again for putting me straight. Must say I've been using FSX and FSX SE since both were released and this is the first time I have found an FSX add-on that was not compatible with FSX SE. Perhaps I made a wrong decision in going for FSX SE only for this build! A nd I have just found an old archived thread which explains it all ............................ afraid I di a search but not in the archives Cheers John
  6. FOD

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    Ah - my pigs, I was using FSX SE. I’ll see what happens when I rebuild my my P3D install. But then I see that LFMN is not available for P3D and, according to the Aerosoft store, AES light with animated ground traffic is available in the FSX version? John R
  7. Just reinstalled on new system and noticed there seemed to be no moving ground vehicles on the airfield. Tried a repair install and checked config settings etc all with no luck. Also no mention of any AES files in the LFMN folder so v gratefull for any help Thanks John R
  8. Sorted - it seems that installing FSX and FSX SE in parallel confuses the life out of the configuration but all ok now.
  9. Moving to FSX SE - presently running in parallel with FSX. Found that whilst the config shows a change in voice packs (to e.g. the US pair) when I load the 320 in FSX SE I still get the default voices. Note, when I recheck in FSX, the voices have changed correctly Also, the fuel planner integrates correctly wth SE and loads the correct load. Grateful for any ideas? John R
  10. FOD

    MCDU via webserver combination topic

    Recently noticed this issue with V1.3 + HF installed for both aircraft. So here's some more info which might help isolate the problem Flew several sorties with 318/319 with Connect - no problems. Flew a couple of routes with 320/321 without connect - no problems. Then flew 320 with Connect - as reported connects ok with details on first page correct and can pause unpause sim. But when MCDU selected see blank MCDU screen and all buttons are inactive. Tried several reinstalls and this combination enables Connect to work for all aircraft: 318/319 V1.3 + HF 320/321 V1.0 ....................................... Note if I then uninstall 320/321 and reinstall with V1.3 - connect fails to work as noted above. So seems to be some conflict introduced with 320/321 V1.3?? John R
  11. Got it! Did a find for all LPMA files in my FSX folder - only one I could not identify: LPMA_ADEX_FSG_ALT.BGL Renamed it .bak and my AI and static aircraft were back to normal. Suspect that its a file I picked up years ago before I got MadeiraX when I was trying to sort out the problems with the default FSX LPMA. Many thanks for coming in on this
  12. Hi Mark 1. The usual ac add- ons from Pmdg, LDS, iFly etc etc 2, Scenery - most UK 2000 extreme, some other pay (fsdt lszh,Aerosoft etc) and the odd free airfield 3. UTX Europe Of interest looking on line on Vatsim, some aircraft park at the right level, some are sitting high? Its certainly something in my particular installation but what ...........? John R
  13. I have been flying into Madeira X LPMA for the first time in several months and saw that both AI and the Madeira X static traffic is sitting some 20 ft above the ground. When I start FSX with my ac positioned, my ac positions correctly but the AI / Static is still above ground. LPPS traffic/static is positioned correctly. So far I have been unable to trace any rogue or duplicate ADCAD; I have uninstalled Madeira X and reinstalled after a reboot; I have rebuilt my FSX.cfg; I have de-activated all other FSX scenery - all with no change. I am pretty sure that LPMA was fine when I first installed it so it must be a change that I have made to FSX - but I am stumped so very grateful for any ideas and help. John