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  1. XP11 Aspen Scenery order

    I downloaded and purchased it through the xp store. So i don't have that extra file i guess. Thanks for your answers.
  2. XP11 Aspen Scenery order

    Anyone know of a map of the area covered by this scenery. I have only flown once from ASE to DEN. It appeared to be photo real most of the way. I'm curious if this ortho covers airports KEGE ( Eagle ) as well? I just purchased this scenery today from the ORG. very nice to who ever did it! Thanks. Dave.
  3. XP11 DFW Version 1.2

    I didn't see that when i looked. "Current version: 1.02 (last updated January 9th 2018)" All is well. Thank you for answering. ; )
  4. XP11 DFW Version 1.2

    So i found out DFW had an extensive update to i think V1.2. I purchased this scenery on xp store.org a while back. Will this version be made available to the store? Or is there a way i can get the latest version here? Thanks. Dave.
  5. Hello. I thought I'd post on a public thread in case others have the same problem. I just purchased this scenery today.  Upon downloading the zip file, i unzipped it and inside ( xplane 11 file ) was only one file named as the airport. inside this file were several other file folders. I placed the entire folder inside the custom scenery folder like you would for any other scenery. I do not see any difference between stock and this scenery. I must be doing something wrong. I also landed on runway 17C and the ILS was way off to the left of the runway.  I removed the file folder and launched the sim with the stock airport again.  I landed on 17C right down the middle this time. So I think your scenery might be off a little.  because with stock i had no problem.  And is there something I'm suppose to do to activate this scenery to have the full effect.....because I really do not see any difference.  I looks nothing like it does in videos and screenshots. thanks. for your help.


    1. Dave1399


      Never mind.  I see where i went wrong. You have to place the 5 folders which are inside the main folder which reads custom scenery into the custom scenery folder.  Not the entire folder which holds them all.  That fixed everything.  So I guess maybe a readme file inside the folder explaining that all 5 files need to be transferred to make it work.  Just a suggestion. But as a side note.  Great work.  I really like it.