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  1. P3Dv4?

    Hi James, indeed, there is a special DLL coming along with the ASK21 and Discus Glider which is related to the sound of the C4-varios coming with these types. Naturally the DLL is 32bit-code. The good news is, that CumulusX! detects it being active, and, if not, controls itself the vario sound. However, in CumulusX! there is no volume control, nor evaluation of panel bus power states and the like. The C4-vario operation itself should not be affected, as it is entirely coded in XML, and thus platform independent. bests, Peter
  2. P3Dv4?

    Hi, indeed, the DLL is not absolutely mandatory for CumulusX! operation. It's main purpose is to improve the accurary of the glider movement. It goes back to problem with Windows task scheduler appearing with Windows 7, when original CumulusX! operation became very glitchy. A second function is a smoother compensated vario sound of stock aircraft. However, both ASK21 and DiscusX have their own vario implementation, wich do not relate to CumulusX!. Alas I think they are relying to own 32bit-DLLs and as may are not work in 64bit-software, unless updated. If you don't observe jerky movement (best visible in ground proximity or from pursuer perspective) than there is not much that you loose. bests, Peter
  3. Can't get smart tow to work [P3Dv3]

    Hi Harry, sorry for that late answer. I looked into the code meanwhile, but the only condition that would affect the submenu is the registration state. But, even in unregistered mode, a reduced submenu should appear, with an information on the licensing condition. I would actually suggest reinstalling the legacy simconnect library of FSX ACC (pointing the "SDK"-issue above), which should be available with P3D. bests, Peter
  4. Can't get smart tow to work [P3Dv3]

    Hi Harry, as said P3D is not supported. Anyway, all the behaviors that you describe are expected, e.g. that CumulusX! does not give the warning when changing the tow plane. This because it checks for a running FSX rather than P3D. Which sub menu is actually missing, the entry under Addons/CumulusX!/SmartTow, or does the pattern selection not appear? What is interesting that you report it working at some time. Has it been the same P3D version or sub version then? Possibly there has been an update in between, maybe minor. Another user (German) had a weird problem with P3D, too, and he found an update of the "SDK" helped. Actually I think he meant the Simconnect-library. Currently I do not have access to the developing machine so I can't check the conditions in the code, under which conditions the menu items do possibly not show.
  5. Registration?

    All sorted out ...
  6. Keine Thermik im P3D

    Danke für die Info. VG, Peter
  7. Keine Thermik im P3D

    Hallo Felix, leider kann ich dazu nicht allzuviel sagen, da ich P3D selber nicht habe. Allerdings scheint es viele Nutzer zu geben, bei denen es mit P3D funktioniert, wobei es aber auch von der jeweiligen P3D Version abhängen könnte. Das beschriebene Verhalten ist mir auch nicht recht erklärlich. Es könnte sein, dass die Kommunikation von CumulusX! über SimConnect mit dem Simulator gestört ist. Ich hätte am ehesten ein anderes Addon in Vermutung, dass die Schnittstelle hoch auslastet oder manipuliert. Am besten wäre es, P3D einmal nur mit CumulusX! als aktivem Addon (inkl. DLL) zu starten und zu sehen ob der Effekt dann nicht mehr auftritt. VG, Peter PS: Übrigens, die FSX-eigenen Wolken sagen erst einmal nichts über die tatsächlich wirkenden Thermik aus.
  8. ASK21 in P3Dv3

    Hi Mike, have look at this post: It's also still open, so may raise a question also there and you might get an answer from the designer. best regards, Peter
  9. Big blocks of white obscure everything

    Good to know, have lots of fun! regards, Peter
  10. Big blocks of white obscure everything

    That's too bad. Hopefully you don't have too many addons already.
  11. Big blocks of white obscure everything

    Do have some other weather tool, e.g. active sky?
  12. Big blocks of white obscure everything

    Hi John, weird, could you post a screenshot? Does it disappear if you deactivte CumulusX! by clicking "Disconnect" on its main panel? Please compare the content of "CumulusXCloud" with that in the .ZIP. best regards, Peter
  13. What is the best technique to use ?

    Hi Scott, you are right. The shadows are irrelevant in any case. If the foot of the lift column is above the shadow it is a pure coincidence. In addition, if you are using FSX standard shadows as cloud shadows (as in non-licensed version of CumulusX!) they will disappear, once the cloud is not anymore in view (off-screen). This is the normal behaviour of any native FSX object casting a shadow. The smooth cloud shadows (available in the registered version) will stay visible, even if the originating cloud is straight behind you. A relative good way to approach a thermal is flying parallel to the wind towards the center of the cloud. If you have tailwind, then expect the lift before you reach the cloud, the more the stronger the wind and the higher the cloud above you. With headwind you have to pass the cloud first, before you will enter the lift. best regards, Peter
  14. What is the best technique to use ?

    Hi Marc, ASN does a lot of tricks to manipulate FSX's weather engine. Try out how it works if you leave ASN away, just to double-check, best regards, Peter
  15. Online in P3Dv3?

    Hi Japo32, thanks for digging into it. As suspected before (as "guest"), it really seems that LM screwed it up at some point. How did you detect that CumulusX! repeatedly disconnects? Normally it would only once. best regards, Peter
  16. Hi Scott,

    pls send me your name, address and your regular e-mail. I will send you a license for free.

    BR, Peter

    1. sf4JC


      Hey Peter, if you are wondering why I deleted my follow-up reply, I couldn't edit my address out of it so the only course of action was to delete the whole reply.  What I should have done was just email you instead of posting it here where everybody could see it.  Hope I'm not being too paranoid.


  17. ASK21 and CumulusX! 1.9.1 in FSX SE problems

    Reason is that you may not have an FSX.CFG, but FSX-SE.cfg instead. This might help (see above): leave FSX and CumulusX!, go to the FSX/FSX-SE appdata folder and do this: mklink /h FSX.CFG FSX-SE.CFG Then restart FSX and CumulusX!. best regards, Peter
  18. ASK21 and CumulusX! 1.9.1 in FSX SE problems

    No-no reinstall. Check if this folder exist: <FSX_SE_ROOT>\SimObjects\Misc\CumulusXCloud If this does not exist, you did not install into the installation directory of FSX-SE. Instead you will find the indicated structure and files somewhere else (where you set the installation path). There FSX-SE cannot find the cloud models which causes the reloading phenomenon. Your installation path needs to be the installation directory of FSX-SE!
  19. ASK21 and CumulusX! 1.9.1 in FSX SE problems

    Hi, First: Read everything from here down to the bottom. Yes, CumulusX! will not find fsx-se.cfg, but this is not required in a first place (it will when changing tow plane configurations). Unfortunately I don't have an FSX.SE installation so that I cannot verify what exactly goes wrong. I assume, hat FSX.SE uses directories and file names different from FSX.MS (mostly if it is installed in parallel to FSX). You may check this: Type in the search field of windows this: %appdata%\Microsoft Look out if your have a directory there named "FSX" or "FSX-SE". CumulusX will only look into "FSX". You can create an extra entry in the directory named "FSX" that points to the "FSX-SE" and let CumulusX! automatically reach the files there. This goes like this: Enter the field "Run" in the Windows Start Menu and type in Cmd.exe A text-based command window will appear showing something like C:\User\<your name> as prompt. Type cd %appdata%\Microsoft The prompt will show now: C:\user\<yourname>\AppData\Microsoft Type dir fsx* There should be now a list of directories starting with the letters FSX, there should be only FSX-SE (and not FSX) Now type: mklink /j FSX FSX-SE Type dir fsx* again. Now you should have in the list a new virtual directory named FSX that has exactly the same content than FSX-SE, and, even better, anything that is changed in one directory is reflected in the corresponding directory, too. Beware, that holds true for deletions, either! If you ever want to remove the virtual directory FSX again, then start as above, but instead of mklink ... type rmdir FSX Another problem may occur if FSX.CFG is not present but instead FSX-SE.CFG. In this case tow plane selection and adjustment will go wrong. For this you have to enter: mklink /h FSX.CFG FSX-SE.CFG Again changes in one file are reflected in the other one. Different from deleting files in the linked directories, you can delete one of the two files and the other will remain. Well pretty long story and down to command line basics, but I assume with these tweaks CumulusX! will work as usual. Though, be careful and note that I could not test it myself for verification. Make a backup of your FSX-directories first. bests, Peter
  20. ASK21 and CumulusX! 1.9.1 in FSX SE problems

    Hi Stefano, the symptom that the aircraft respawns all over around means that the during installation the CumulusX! object models didn't make it where they belong. Usually this happens, if installation was not done according the manual, i.e. by executing the install command with admin privileges (right click install.cmd, then "Run as Admin"). This you should try at first, and there is no need for uninstalling CumulusX! prior to that. However, you have FSX.SE installed, which I do not support, as I'm lacking an own installation. I know from others that CumulusX! can be made working, but a problem for the installer might be differences in directories and naming of certain files. I also know that FSX.SE behaves differently if it was installed in parellel to an existing or possibly also previous installation of FSX.MS. If the first above you should check what your FSX.SE installation directory is, and if CumulusX! finds it automatically during installation. bests Peter
  21. Cumulus X crashing!

    Hi Josh, install FSX SP1 and SP2, and it will work, bests, Peter
  22. In the related thread it is stated that the software has to be run under admin rights. Unfortunately, under W7 this is not even sufficient, if files are to be created or altered in "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)", unless you execute FSX with "Right-click, Run as Admin". However, you can more easily make it work, and thereby running FSX and its related add-ons from a Standard User Account (yes and leaving UAC active) by logging in as admin and giving the group "Users" (or even lower, e.g. "Everyone", not recommended, though) full access to to the directories in question, i.e. FSX root directory and all its subdirectories. By doing so you can run FSX from any user account without sacrificing OS security by turning off UAC or working as admin all the time. This solution works for most older programs and can also be extended to registry entries in the HKLM branch likewise. best regards, Peter
  23. Books

    A PC capable of running FSX smoothly is required, there should be many recommendations on the web regarding this. There are no special requirements for soaring. For the controls a joystick is required (I'm very happy with the Saitek-PC-Aviator), and I recommend strongly rudder pedals, in particular for gliders. A large monitor (24" or more, or several monitors) improves wide angle field of view and adds to "immersive" feeling. The lack of wide-angle field of view is one of the most apparent differences in the visual perception for those who know real-world flying. As you have already real-world gliding experience, there is not much theory to add for simulation. I would do everything as exercised in the past, that will do pretty well, I expect. bests, Peter
  24. Installing CumulusX! in Prepar3D

    I heard that the guys from UK-Virtual Soaring are pretty good at it. I currently do not have chance yet to try it out myself, neither supporting it. best regards, Peter
  25. I can't find any thermals

    Hi Teepa, thermals will be found only under the "special" clouds produced by CumulusX! (or somewhere in the blue if no clouds are present at all), and not necessarily under the "normal" FSX clouds. To make the difference clear, set weather theme to "Fair Weather" first and tick the "UnBlue" option in the Add-on Menu of FSX under the branch CumulusX!. This should show you the CumulusX! clouds only and make it easier to fly to the spots where you'll find definetely thermal lift. best regards, Peter