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  1. Here is an example on what ENHF looks like in p3d v4.2, so i had to roll back to v4.0 / 4.1 to get ENHF and ESSA and ENNK to work again. Any other that has this problem like i did, and yes i have asked ORBX boys to update but all i got was nope, they dont give support, so, i am stuck on v4.0 for now to enjoy my orbx scenery's.. B4 you start to be newgative on my post here, try to be possitive for once. Thank you.
  2. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Aircraft used: Beech Baron 58 ( Default ) Addons: FTX Global FTX EU Norway REX SoftClouds
  3. This is from P3D v3.4 . On my way to ENHK ( Hasvik ) FTX EU Norway FTX Global REX Soft Clouds
  4. After P3d V4.2 update, read inside

    YES to all above, i do only update the client, and trust me, iKNOW what i am doing, this is NOT the first time i do a update on my sim, so trust me when i say, i dont do anything wrong, i have been around with desktop computers since 1986, and trust me, i KNOW what i am doing, i am NOT a "NOOB" as you would call me, not in open words, but i can read between the lines here. All software are in order, incl. sode latest, and all working fine before the update of the client. @masterhawk i am using objectflow 2 from orbx, and all are up to date, and was working fine before the update of the client. ESSA is orbx and was fine before the update of the client, engm has sode active and not inactice as you think, wnhf was also working fine before the update of the client. Like i said, all was fine before the update of the client. So i am sticking with my 4.1 that works fine, just fine.
  5. After P3d V4.2 update, read inside

    ENHF payware lost all buildings, aprons, all layers of graphichs were lost. ENGM Oslo ( latest ) lost all aprons, buildings and more, same as ENHF ESSA Arlanda lost all aprons, runways, most of the buildings, ground looked terrible. Sollution, uninstalled p3d v4.2 update client, reinstalled p3d v4.1 client, all back to normal. Can anyone please explain why this happend? All are back to normal now, reinstalled previous version all are fine, but why did that happen with those three airports from AS, have not checked others tho, but i suspect the same thing there...
  6. Well, i thought i would share some pictures of a flight i did last year with you. FTX EU Norway FTX EU Global and some other stuff. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks for watching.!
  7. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Took the twotter on a small flight, enjoy this one single picture.. Click the picture for a larger version.
  8. P-51D Mustang for p3d v4 ???

    50 dollar, wow, is there a freeware version too, or only payware? gotta save som cash first tho.. thnx again for your time..
  9. P-51D Mustang for p3d v4 ???

    T6 what? never heard of it, picture where? Is it the same as the mustang? i mean performance etc. easy to fly as well as the mustang was. that was a nice plane back in the old day's tho, so lets hope it will be developed or ported to v4. Thnx for the answer.
  10. P-51D Mustang for p3d v4 ???

    Okay, are there any versions of this great plane for p3d v4 out? Kinda miss this one, i had one in v3 and fsx long time ago, but any chance for a p3d v4 version?? Thank you.
  11. Drive Full

    Yep, i have done this: 1. On the new drive, make folder called scenery. 2. Start the installer and point it to that new folder, only a few bits will go to the p3dv4 folder, like aerosoft folder with a few bits, the rest will be on the new drive. Ask if you dont understand..
  12. Oslo V2 taxiway lights out of sync

    Are you using AON by any chance, seems like it, those files need to be removed. there are several files in Airport_Of_Norway/scenery and texture folders that need to be removed, just a thought, i dont see this here at my end, all is okay... EDIT: In Airports_Of_Norway/scenery -> there is 6 files, to be removed In Airports_Of_Norway/texture -> there is 24 files, to be removed Again, its look like it from here, but i can be wrong... EDIT_2: Also if you have AON Ground/scenery folder, there is a file there that need to be removed called: engm_ground.bgl <- this is the photoreal ground for ENGM, just a thought if you have this installed...
  13. Get your free Mitchell Wing V1.01 here.....

    Any freeware migration tool that works, i only need it for this aircraft, thank you. sir!
  14. Dont know if heli's are allowed, but here we go, in for landing at ENRY from the north.
  15. Get your free Mitchell Wing V1.01 here.....

    I give up trying to get this to work. Sorry, i know i am to old for this thing, so i give up. Waiting for an update to work right. Thnx for the answer, have a nice day, sir!