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  1. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Hi Heinz, Great flying. I'm enjoying your trip and thinking of getting a vFliteAir SR20, is the MFD map the standard G1000? Best wishes, Steve
  2. itsfine

    16 November. Tokyo RJTT to Hakodate - Hokkaido RJCH 376nm. Catastrophe! Just taking off from Tokyo when my engine caught fire. Managed to do a 180 and land with no power. Initially it looks like a complete replacement from Williams International, but the engineers and authorities will have to conduct a full investigation Sadly this will not be quick fix so I have to abandon the rest of the challenge. Thanks to Aerosoft for organising this event and to Laminar Research for providing such wonderful experience in X-Plane 11. Good luck to all remaining participants, and happy landings. Steve Good takeoff Alarms going mad Runway in reach End of my trip
  3. itsfine

    15 November. Spent the day in Yokohama and Tokyo visiting some of the attractions. Sankeien Garden Yokohama Shibuya Crossing. The largest pedestrian crossing in the world Imperial Palace Tokyo
  4. jimbo_uk

    Hi James, you are obviously a seasoned had at all this. I hadn't heard of Noble Air before, it look quite sophisticated at first glance. I will look out for your big bird in San Fran if I manage to make all the long hops on this next stage. Best wishes, Steve
  5. itsfine

    14 November. Kansai RJBB to Tokyo International RJTT 234nm. Left Kansai early afternoon and climbed to 15,000ft for the trip. Lovely day again and great view passing by Mount Fuji. Descent to Tokyo at 17.30 local just before the light failed - don't like landing in the dark at a new airport. Took the train for the 30 min ride to Yokohama for a well eared rest. End of Leg 5. Tokyo - Wind variable 1kt. Visibility 9000m. Clouds few 600ft, scattered 700ft, broken 12000ft. Temperature 13°C, dew point 12°C. QNH 1016hPa. Temporarily: Clouds few 600ft, broken 800ft. Leaving Kansai Cruising Mount Fuji Tokyo 22L
  6. itsfine

    13 November. Fukuoka RJFF to Kansai RJBB 244nm. Set off mid morning on the penultimate section of this leg. Some cloud early but it soon burnt off. Uneventful flight. Kansai is a large airport on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. Kansai - Wind 080° 5kt. Visibility 10km or more. No significant clouds. Temperature 15°C, dew point 11°C. QNH 1015hPa. Leaving Fukuoka Itsuki Gulf Kansai island airport ahead Kansai
  7. itsfine

    12 November. Part 2 - Jeju RKPC to Fukuoka RJFF199nm. I need to get a move on to be sure of arriving in Tokyo by Tuesday so crossing the Korea Strait this afternoon to Japan. Quite a surprise to see USS Nimitz (CVN 68) on manoeuvres in the Strait. Fukuoka - Wind 080° 6kt, varying from 030° to 120°. Visibility 10km or more. Clouds few 4500ft, scattered 5000ft. Temperature 16°C, dew point 6°C. QNH 1020hPa. Leaving Jehu USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Fukuoka downwind leg
  8. itsfine

    12 November. Shanghai ZSPD to Jeju (S Korea) RKPC 278nm. Wind 90° 6kt. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 13°C, dew point 6°C. QNH 1019hPa Early morning flight. Another leg later if all goes well. Shanghai ready for departure Long final to Jeju A bit tricky with crosswind
  9. jimbo_uk

    Hi James, we are coinciding in a few places. I will be following you to Fukuoka shortly. Good flying by the Flybe pilot, hope yours is OK!. I'm on X-Plane 11 with the 'out of the box' scenery with SkyMax Pro and Real Weather. I must admit I am amazed at the quality of the default scenery. I'm a newbe to flight sim but really enjoying this challenge. All the best. Steve
  10. itsfine

    11 November. Fuzhou ZSFZ to Shanghai ZSPD. Reverted to the Cirrus SF20 this morning and set off for Shanghai. 40 days already! Shanghai - Wind 020° 5mps. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 14°C, dew point 5°C. QNH 1022hPa. Back to the SF20 Fairly remote areas Shanghai in sight Looks like a big airport. Arrived 15.10 local.
  11. jimbo_uk

    Hi James, nice to meet you here in Shanhgai. Nice pics, have good flight. Steve
  12. itsfine

    10 November. Kaohsiung RCKH to Taipei RCTP and on to Fuzhou ZSFZ Two hops today. North to Taipei to see the famous Taipei 101, the world'd tallest building until 2010. Landing the Epic Victory is still giving me some problems and I ran out of runway in Taipei - should really have gone around but underestimated the braking distance. In view of some short runways later on, I have called back to Hong Kong and arranged for my Cirrus SF20 to be flown to Fuzhou to meet me tomorrow morning - it stops quicker! Taipei - Wind 030° 3kt. Visibility 2600m. Mist. Clouds few 1400ft, scattered 2600ft. Temperature 24°C, dew point 22°C. QNH 1014hPa. Leaving Kaohsiung Taipei approach Oops!! Taipei Great clouds Back to the mainland before dark
  13. itsfine

    9 November. Xiamen ZSAM to Kaohsiung RCKH 170nm. Kaohsiung - Wind 030° 3kt. Visibility 2600m. Mist. Clouds few 1400ft, scattered 2600ft. Temperature 24°C, dew point 22°C. QNH 1014hPa. Nice conditions at 20,000ft Not much to look at over the South China Sea. Overflying the airport Safe landing
  14. itsfine

    8 November. Hong Kong VHHH to Xiamen ZSAM 286nm. Xiamen - Wind 050° 4mps. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 22°C, dew point 15°C. QNH 1017hPa. Some rain when leaving Hong Kong and more cloud cover than indicated on METAR. Interesting flying the Epic Victory. It is a quite a fast aircraft, has a max speed of 319kn; cruising speed of 250kn and has a range of 1200nm. Unfortunately there is no reverse thrust so I found landing a little challenging. Visiting Taiwan tomorrow, making a couple of stops there before returning to the mainland.
  15. itsfine

    7 November. Second day sightseeing in Hong Kong. Took up an option on a new aircraft to try out, the Aerobask Epic Victory. If I can come to terms with the Sky View avionics, it should be interesting. Victoria Peak Tower Natan Road Kowloon Getting ready for the trial aircraft