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  1. jonathan_fenech

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Hi Was just wondering if the DC8 template had been uploaded somewhere?
  2. jonathan_fenech


    When are we going to get some P3D v4 support love from PFPX? Months after the 4.2 release now, and still can't export into PMDG P3D v4 without exporting to v3 and copying/pasting. Very tedious.
  3. jonathan_fenech

    Printing multiple charts

    Hello Could a feature to print multiple charts in one go please be added to the charts desktop application please? Right now they can only be printed one by one. Thank you
  4. jonathan_fenech

    Wrong versions

    USA for both
  5. jonathan_fenech

    Wrong versions

    Hello, I just re-downloaded Malaga X and Samos, which according to your compatability list should be 1.04 and 1.02 respectively. But the files I obtained from the download page were both v1.01 of each file. Neither of these has a v4 installer.
  6. jonathan_fenech

    EPWA file

    Hello, I just downloaded the updated DD EPWA file ( When I try to unzip the file I see a message saying CRC failed. I tried what it says in this post but it does not work if I rename the zip to .exe. It doesn't even unzip using default windows explorer.
  7. jonathan_fenech

    EPWA zip file corrupt?

    Yes, that's what I'm saying, the file itself is corrupt. I just did what you said and it is still the same error and I can't extract the zip file.
  8. jonathan_fenech

    EPWA zip file corrupt?

    Hello, I just downloaded the zip file for the DD EPWA (Warsaw) scenery, and it is not possible to unzip the file. Each time there is an error saying the zip is corrupt. I tried to unzip using a variety of tools (7zip, Windows Explorer and WinRAR) and they all give the same error. Please investigate. Thanks Jonathan
  9. jonathan_fenech

    Platform selection - shortcut

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to setup a desktop shortcut to automatically load SSNG into the platform of choice. So, in other words, I would like two shortcuts - one that loads SS straight into FSXSE and one that loads SS straight into P3Dv3.4. I swap regularly between the 2 sims and this would make life easier, rather than having to select the sim at the platform selection screen. Thanks Jonathan