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  1. ap1190

    A new simulator (July / August issue)

    Also, if you are going to have Moving Gates like AES, then it would be good if they connected to AI traffic aswell.
  2. ap1190

    A New Simulator (June edition)

    Also, Ask the guy who does AES to build it into the flight sim for ALL airports.
  3. ap1190

    A New Simulator (May edition)

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, But support for SLI graphics. And support for multi monitor and multi pc users. Also, perhaps have a base package, and then some add-ons. I.E. Have the scenery (photoreal?), weather , landclass, mesh, airports, basic aircraft, autogen etc in the base package. Then some "add-ons" like atc (so those who fly online won't get that), and AI traffic, atc sound sets for regions, semi-complex planes etc. ALSO, please don't release a new version every 2 years. Make one version that will last 10-15 years and have an upgrade every 2 years that will cost a portion of the cost of the original product.
  4. ap1190

    Double jets Overland Narita & AES

    that's just a new prototype plane nah but seriously, i have narita and i don't have that issue, maybe a problem with the AI package?
  5. Samsoft's Singapore Changi... The link between Australia and Europe http://www.samsoftpub.com/ And all us aussies are waiting patiently for VOZ airports, they just released 1.8 and it is the final version