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  1. Thanks for all the info. I will keep an eye out for any news
  2. Hi, I read that Digital Aviation is closing down, but support for the CRJ will be on these forums. Since it has not yet been completed, does that mean Aerosoft is going to complete it? Thanks
  3. A new simulator (July / August issue)

    Also, if you are going to have Moving Gates like AES, then it would be good if they connected to AI traffic aswell.
  4. A New Simulator (June edition)

    Also, Ask the guy who does AES to build it into the flight sim for ALL airports.
  5. A New Simulator (May edition)

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, But support for SLI graphics. And support for multi monitor and multi pc users. Also, perhaps have a base package, and then some add-ons. I.E. Have the scenery (photoreal?), weather , landclass, mesh, airports, basic aircraft, autogen etc in the base package. Then some "add-ons" like atc (so those who fly online won't get that), and AI traffic, atc sound sets for regions, semi-complex planes etc. ALSO, please don't release a new version every 2 years. Make one version that will last 10-15 years and have an upgrade every 2 years that will cost a portion of the cost of the original product.
  6. Double jets Overland Narita & AES

    that's just a new prototype plane nah but seriously, i have narita and i don't have that issue, maybe a problem with the AI package?
  7. Samsoft's Singapore Changi... The link between Australia and Europe http://www.samsoftpub.com/ And all us aussies are waiting patiently for VOZ airports, they just released 1.8 and it is the final version