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  1. Just a suggestion, would it be possible to create an option that allows you to add or remove the HUD from the virtual cockpit? Since some airlines do not have this option, it might be of benefit to allow users to choose whether it is installed in the aircraft or not. Also, it may be a means of improving performance?
  2. Cockpit Lighting

    On another note, with FSX SE, the wing inspection lights do not work. The switch works just fine, but there is no lighting effects on the exterior model.
  3. Cockpit Lighting

    While I can't be insistant, the lighting in the screenshot is indeed appropriate while at the gate since the dome light is typically on at that time. When flying however, the dome light is usually off and as a result the cockpit environment should be a bit darker. Looking at other add-ons, they also show the cockpit environment as having different light intensities when the dome light is on or off. The last time I sat in the jumpseat of a Dash 8 at night, the cockpit back lighting and instrument lights were sufficient to not spill your coffee . Even when at the gate, the dome light may not be used if the lights from the open cockpit door and exterior airport lights give the cockpit sufficient illumination. At the gate Taxi/Takeoff/Landing
  4. Cockpit Lighting

    I attached a screenshot. The cockpit lights look like the dome light is on constantly, but it should be a bit darker under normal night time ops when flying. If the dome light were on in the VC, this exterior view of the cockpit lights would be perfect. But when it is off and the flood lights are on in the VC, the cockpit should appear darker at night when viewing the exterior model.
  5. Cockpit Lighting

    This is with FSX SE. But only when viewing the airport exterior model. The cockpit lights are a bit too bright and it seems more appropriate when the dome light is on rather than the typical cockpit panel lights.
  6. Is there a way that the cockpit lighting in the exterior model can be adjusted or modified in a future update? It seems like the dome light is constantly on which is surely not a realistic look when flying at night.
  7. Douglas DC-8 preview

    I've always thought that older aircraft offered much more character and in most cases be much more fun to fly than newer aircraft. I've been following the development of this project and I can't wait to see the end results. Knowing how to manage aircraft systems, operating the INS and hand flying an aircraft such as the DC-8 spells years of fun flying ahead for simmers. By the way, does anyone know what routes were typically flown by the DC-8-50?
  8. Cabin Lights

    True, but then again the doors are not controlled by the pilots either is just a suggestion though so no worries.
  9. Cabin Lights

    As an example, the cabin lights on a very popular 737 can be controlled manually with various light intensity settings by percentage or it can be automatic based on phase of flight. In the real world cabin lights are off or dim under 10,000ft. From a visual perspective, it would be a bit more realistic to show cabin lighting when it is actually used rather than constantly being on or very bright.
  10. Cabin Lights

    In addition to my previous suggestion. Perhaps another adjustment that can be made is to tone down the cockpit lighting as it seems to be a bit too bright on the exterior model at night. I can see it being bright when parked at the gate, but it flight and on takeoff or landing it seems to be a bit too much. Virtual cockpit lighting is OK, but it would have been nice to offer more customization in controlling the VC lights.
  11. Wind Speeds

    Hi, When entering wind speeds in the PERF page, I am unable to enter wind speeds of more than 99kts. Any 3 digit windspeed entry results in an INVALID ENTRY (this is for the Cruise). On the other hand, when using simbrief flightplans, the wind data is loaded correctly with no problems. The issue seems to be manual entry of wind data. Marlon.
  12. After 2 good flights with the newest updates, I just had my first encounter with the aircraft going off course. It seemed to occur when the aircraft tried to directly capture a waypoint at the very last minute but just continued turning off course.
  13. Cabin Lights

    As a follow-up, will a automatic cabin light simulation make it to the CRJ?
  14. A300-600 FSX/P3D

    Hi, I was wondering there is any interest in an A300-600/600 Freighter for FSX/P3D? There seems to be a good representation for the A319/320 family, but hardly any for the A300 (with the exception of Simcheck). Has this model come across the table for consideration by Aerosoft?
  15. Panels font issue - sequel

    Would a temporary custom font file work in the meanwhile? I'm not a developer so I'm not sure how difficult this may be, but it seems like a reasonable alternative until Windows fixes the issue...if ever.