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  1. Im confused about this project. At over 7 years now, assuming its still actually being worked on, it raises a question. How much of it has to be redone from scratch to bring it up to 2017 standards? Its almost like the devs are just going back on their own work doing it over multiple times the longer this is delayed... Food for thought.
  2. VAS crashes every time when I get there...... After tweaking orbx ncal (removed some features) I managed to land but then boom.. out of memory once I stopped at the end of the runway. That's the farthest ive made it on that airport. 2048 tex load (no, not going to 1024, ever. don't even bring it up if yours runs "fine" on 1024. this isn't 2002 anymore) 5.5 lod no airport clutter no static vehicles yes on 3d grass no ai traffic installed in my sim. I get 800mb left 20 miles out down to 200 5 miles and once on the airport.. boom. 0. bye bye if I load same plane at the airport as the start flight, I get 500mb left to play with. what a shame. so basically all the posts that have no problems with this airport are full of it or have never flown INTO said airport. this is actually normal since fsx/p3d always leave some out of range scenery and what not loaded from along your route. so testing at the actual airport as the start flight is pointless and does a disservice. you need to test into any airport after 4-5 hour flight to see what it actually does. frame rates are perfectly fine. its unusable due to eating memory like no tomorrow. this and Nassau are 2 sceneries that should have never made it past beta. .but here they are... being sold to the masses.
  3. Hey I was just looking at all the people who cant figure out how to install this because of the wrong word usage. You seem to get annoyed at them. I just pointed out why they can't figure it out. Why would anyone complain? Its the usage of an English word that's wrong (and I seen a bunch of people getting confused by this, so I pointed it out, as a favor). There is nothing to complain about with the actual textures. I bloody even complimented you on them. Stop being so emo.
  4. Please. Do you run 1080p? guess not. because things aren't legible. 4k and 2048 are completely different. I run a super loaded sim and have never ran out of memory. No, that's being lazy from the texture artists. Then I suppose, this product is a few years old. Back then texturing was still stuck in the 90s. Everything new nowadays (that's worth it) is 2k+ and its pretty apparent when you look around. Your harsh comments will hurt my feelings deeply. No really...
  5. you are saying it wrong. bad english delete all files CONTAINING the word "mainpanel". including means delete all the files along with those named mainpanel.... nobody caught on that for all that time? fantastic work btw. thanks for making these and shame on AS for not putting the effort to release it with proper textures.