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  1. Welcome to Mumbai to another Dash pilot, like the pictures in your diary. I flew in and into the haze earlier in the week also from Karachi.
  2. Jess B

    Hi Jess, such a good diary and pictures. Me and my trusty Dash rolled into Mumbai on Wednesday, ASN had predicted fog which was a little pessimistic but it has certainly been hazy since. Your Dove is certainly nearer to flying basics than the Dash. I commend your effort. Might see you for a beer! Like you, I had grown weary of the sand all the way from Port Said, except for the surprising greenness at Salalah.
  3. jimbo_uk

    Friday Update from Mumbai (or Bombay as it was in Fogg's day). Three days into a five day break. Cloudy again today with the temp in the low 30s. Reflecting on the journey so far Getting to Mumbai took Fogg and Passepartout 20 days. In our version I've had 13 flying days to cover nearly 5500 nm in just under 19hrs flying time. Average speed 290kts, average leg about 1.5hrs which was the target I had at the outset. Circumstances allowed me to fit in one long leg across the Med from Brindisi to Port Said avoiding the planned stop in Iraklion. Planning today, I now aim to cross India in 2 legs rather than the original 3, just stopping over in Nagpur. Good flying to everybody else still out there, see you in Kolkata next week.
  4. Is there a problem with the spreadsheet tonight. Trying to update for my most recent flight and all I get is the blue wheel of death and the message google is not responding due to long running script. Trying to stop the script leads to Internet Explorer is not responding! Anyone else having problems? Thanks
  5. jimbo_uk

    Tuesday early morning fog at Karachi scotched any plans of an early getaway and the chance for some sunrise photos (inspired by other logs!) Eventually pushed back at 11.30 local time. Flightplan filed: OPKC 07R/DANGI 3B SID/A791/TELEM/G210/BOFIN/POKON 1C/ILS 14. Uneventful flight following the coast. ASN suggested it was going to be foggy on arrival at Mumbai/Bombay, so time to prep the HGS for the first time this trip. In the event, ASN had been unduly pessimistic and there were no problems with the approach. Parked up and secured my trusty Dash while we have five days break before setting off again across India to Kolkata.
  6. quaxpilot

    Hi Lem, interested to see you using the interactive Navigraph charts facility. I'd forgotten that had been introduced and up until the beginning of this week I'd just been using the standard app on my iPad mini. I've now got a 2nd monitor up and running where I can use either Navigraph or Plan-G. good log as ever and brilliant screen shots. I arrived in Bombay yesterday and have some down time till the next stage next week.
  7. jimbo_uk

    Forgot to post the flight analysis; here it is:
  8. Mark Bradshaw

    Hi Mark, see you got to Mumbai/Bombay. I arrived in Karachi earlier today (Sunday) after flying in from Muscat. Probably flying onto Bombay on Weds. See you then for a curry?!
  9. jimbo_uk

    Sun 15th Trying to get ahead, opted to fly again today, rather than tomorrow as planned. Bit of time in Muscat in the morning, with a planned take off after lunch heading across the Gulf of Oman/Arabian Sea to Karachi. Taking the SODEB1S SID from rwy 08L/SODEB/G216/LOTAT/LOTAT 2A STAR/ILS 25L OPKC. Work in progress at Muscat, taking off from 08L, no new terminal and gates yet. The old terminal and tower is in the distance. Good enroute conditions yet again Having forgotten there was a time zone change, dusk was rapidly turning to night coming over the Pakistan coast Landing at 1340Z (1740 local) after a 1hr 53min flight.
  10. jimbo_uk

    Sat 14th Real world constraints for next week forced a need to move on. Described as a subtropical city we at least had the morning to explore Salalah before getting away in the afternoon. Many consider it to be the second city of the sultanate. Flightplan filed, OOSA/DAXIM1P/B400/OOMS ILS 08L approach via BOXUR. Salalah takeoff and view from the tower of my trusty Dash. Salalah's subtropical nature and the general greenery become more evident climbing away to the east. But once over the low range of hills normal desert service is resumed. Crossing over a range of substantial sand dunes/hills/mountains (?) to the SW of Muscat we turned initially west and then east onto the approach. Expanding Seeb International at Muscat is obviously a work in progress. The scenery I was using had the new northerly runway 08L/26R in place but not the new terminal or gates. Just a large open expanse of tarmac. It's a long taxi over to the south apron and original terminal building. The old 08/26 runway is now taxiway F. Flight time was 1hr 40mins; bit of a headwind most of the way. Oman Air flight is approx. 90 mins, so not too shabby. Hot and sunny and Muscat and looks like more of the same in Karachi when we move on.
  11. Jeff W

    Hi Jeff, saw in the official log when I checked in tonight that you were also in Salalah. I just flew in today from Riyan in Yemen, having flown down from Jazan in Saudi in the morning. I had originally intended to go to Aden but opted to 'cut the corner'. Your diary and screen shots are excellent. I'm flying Majestic's mighty Dash8 in FSX. Good flying!
  12. jimbo_uk

    After an uneventful day exploring Riyan, with the sun setting and the shadows lengthening, time for evening flight over the border to Salalah, capital city of Oman's Dhofar province. Departing on rwy 06 and heading direct to the GDA NDB, night quickly fell. With light winds, flew the KAPET 1F STAR into rwy 07. The old runway with its link to the military apron can be seen to the right of the main runway, which opened with the new terminal in 2015. Salalah appears to be more green and lush compared with the dry, arid stops of the last few days. We will have 1 or 2 days break here before going onto Muscat.
  13. Hi Josef, hope you get my English as I can't do German! Just saw from the official logbook you were in Aden. I've just flown down from Jazan in Saudi this morning, landing in Riyan, further along the coast after opting to give Aden a miss. Hoping to fly on this evening to Salalah in Oman, which I think your heading to as well. Comprehensive diary, good pictures. Enjoy the flying!
  14. jimbo_uk

    Friday 13th, oh dear! For a couple of reasons, opted to avoid Aden and fly direct to Riyan on Yemen's Gulf of Aden coast. Another fine morning. Routing took me to the the Sana'a (SAA) VOR and then eastward to Riyan (al Mukallah). Overflying the airport at 3000ft, followed by a procedural turn onto the VOR DME 24 approach. Bit wobbly, but not too shabby in the light winds. Was historically in Oman, before passing to Yemen. The intent is just a short stopover before flying onto Salalah in Oman this evening. Haven't flown in the evening since the first leg from Biggin to Calais. Heading inland today there was sand wherever I looked. At least the last few days I had the sea on one side. But I did have mountains today reaching to 11000ft. Learning opportunity on Plan-G to sort out a profile for the Dash-8 and start using altitudes.