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  1. jimbo_uk

    Final stage home. Our intrepid travellers disembarked the steamship Henrietta in Queenstown, now Cobh, which is about 15 miles from the city of Cork. They caught the train to Dublin, the ferry to Liverpool and finally the train to London. Time permitting, that's the route we want to follow, having been re-united with the Flybe Dash 8 here in Cork. 21500 miles flown so far; just 400 to go.
  2. jimbo_uk

    Flight analysis:
  3. jimbo_uk

    Tues 12th, late. Time to go transatlantic in the same United B767-300ER that took me across the Pacific. We're parked at gate B68. Planned t/o is 2200hrs local (0300Z, 13/12). It's cold, just 2C and the winds are 310@16. Rwy 4L departure. With La Guardia and JFK to the immediate east and north-east, Newark departures are to the west and north and also have to avoid Teterboro to the north. Busy airspace. Newark2 SID routes to the west and the SAX VOR. Opted for FL390 and went VOR to VOR NE up the coast to Newfoundland Gander. BAF, ENE, YSJ, YYG, YGR, YJT and YQZ. From thence to KOBEV and an Atlantic crossing track. 1365nm later I passed over MALOT and started the descent towards Cork. With the wind 230@11 ILS rwy 35 was selected, coming in via the KURUM1G STAR. Cork was always going to be a tight squeeze for the 767. But we are very lightly loaded with just the 3 passengers and a couple of stewardesses. I'd fuelled just for the flight and reserve to Shannon, 100 miles to the north. It also had to be rwy 35 as that has taxiway exit at the end. With no parallel taxiway, rwy 17 wasn't an option. First approach captured the localiser ok but I was too high and fast for the glideslope. First go-around of the trip. Conditions were also worsening slightly with the cloud and the rain. Second approach was more stable, Speed was slower, but still a little high, but committed to the landing. Max flaps, max brakes and spoilers deployed And came to a stop just by the exit. With a very short taxi to the cargo ramp. In the drizzle, the temp was 6C. Takeoff at 2200 local (0300Z) and finally landed at 0855 (Z and local), 5hrs 55mins flight time, benefitting massively from a tailwind up to 110kts at times.
  4. jimbo_uk

    Hi JP, I arrived in Cork Wednesday am (13th) into the low cloud and drizzle, so typical of Ireland! Had a couple of holidays in Ireland a few years ago and stayed in Cork both occasions. Visited Cobh and the heritage centre there which was very interesting. Also visited the Jameson Whisky experience which was also very interesting! Right, must write up my log Good luck in the far north - happy landings James
  5. jimbo_uk

    After a lot of planning and looking at real world time available, I have sadly come to the conclusion we will have to fly to Cork (Cobh) Ireland (Queenstown in the book) in a single hop, back in the United B767 again, if I'm going to be able to join people in Liverpool (where our intrepid travellers arrived from Dublin on the ferry) for the final leg to London on Dec 21st. Here's the planned route: Shannon will be the alternate as getting into Cork is going to be tight, depending on the wind. See y'all back in the UK James
  6. jimbo_uk

    Sunday, final leg of the trans-USA stage, going from Chicago/Gary to Newark Liberty Int'l, NJ (KEWR). Arriving at the airport at 7am local (1300Z) it was grey, cloudy and cold (-4C) with the winds 210@10. Departures from Gary only look to be in an arc from SW to SE, I guess to avoid conflicts with O'Hare and Midway to the north. Given that the Dash is so very lightly loaded with just the 3 passengers and fuel for 2hr trip + reserve, the numbers confirmed I could take off on the short (3600 ft) rwy 20. I knew the short field operations of the Dash would come in handy! ELANR4 SID to ELANR. Direct to GIJ / J554 / CRL / J584 / FQM / PENNS2 STAR / KEWR ILS 22R. Took off into the cloud at 0804 local (1404Z). Wind had come round more favourably as 50 kt tailwind. Given the cloud cover, there wasn't a great deal to see. Lake Erie is down there somewhere through the gaps in the clouds. Descending to 6000ft, we suddenly appeared in the sunshine over the Broadway BWZ VOR on Schooleys Mt in New Jersey. And it remained clear all the way in. Turning onto final here just south of Teterboro airport Final approach on 22R with the winds 260@12 and a temp of -1C. Allocated to gate 105 on terminal C Landed at 1602Z (1102 local) giving a flight time of 1hr 58mins. And that completes this stage of the RTW. I now need to work out if I have enough (real world) time to plan and execute the long way round in the Dash or whether to go for the one 767 'hop' across the Atlantic to Ireland. Watch this space! Happy landings, James
  7. jimbo_uk

    Saturday pm - so here we are on the car park on Chicago's Northerly Island where the apron at Merrill C Meigs Field (KCGX) used to be. Stadium on the left, the downtown skyline and the marina. View to the planetarium at the northern end now obscured by the buildings that have sprung up. But the tower is still there! (pictures from Google Streetmap) Or at least was in 2015! Development still looks to be a work in progress. There is some parkland, but still more to do. Apparently it was called Northerly Island when it was first created as an artificial peninsula in 1920. The airport opened in 1948 named after the publisher of the Chicago Herald & Examiner and by 1955 was the busiest single runway airport in the US. Mayor Daley sent the diggers in under cover of darkness on March 30th 2003 to gouge deep 'X's along the runway to show its closure, leaving 16 aircraft stranded. They eventually departed, taking off from the parallel taxiway. Meigs remained in MSFS up to the 2004 incarnation. Interesting to have come here. Does anyone know why Microsoft picked this airport out of all the possible airports in the US?
  8. Hi JP, thanks for comment. I had stiffer headwinds earlier in the week and a 100kt cross wind at FL250 flying to Chicago yesterday. The Atlantic crossing presents a real dilemma. Flying the Dash round what is essentially their ferry route via Gander and Iceland is very tempting, then pick up the Jules Verne route in Liverpool for the final leg back to London. You're right about the time needed for planning/flying the extra legs. On the other hand, I calculated that I can get a lightly loaded 767 with just reserve fuel remaining into Cork, then fly the Dash to Dublin and Liverpool which really does follow the true route. Dilemmas, dilemmas. Flown out of Cork twice after holidays in S Ireland, 6 and 7 years ago. Took in a trip to the exhibition at Cobh where Titanic sailed from. Fascinating. If not before, see you in London. I've got a drink with my name on it waiting on the bar at the Waldorf Hilton from another Dash pilot!
  9. jimbo_uk

    Friday was a rest day exploring Kearney. Cold again on Saturday morning, 0 degrees, part cloud and winds 310 @ 11kts. Kearney airport is only a Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm operation, so my planned departure on a Saturday had meant a bit of negotiation and explaining why we were passing through with only 3 passengers. Planned to push back at 0930 local (1530Z). Runway 31 departure, with flaps 10. Direct to LNK, direct to CVA for MOTIF5 STAR into Chicago/Gary Int'l (KGYY). Forecast for clearing snow at Gary. It really has turned wintry. Uneventful take off at 0935, swinging round to the east to join the track to LNK VOR at Lincoln. Winds aloft at FL250 had gone round a bit since Thursday and were more across rather than directly ahead, but had increased to 100kts. Uneventful flight, with stepped descent to 13000 at DIPSY, 6000 at MINOK and 2400 at Chicago Heights CGT. Snow had stopped, but remained cloudy and cold with ice warnings all the way down. Winds 300 @15kts. Directed to rwy 30 ILS approach. Outbound from WATSU, procedural turn, then inbound for final approach. Lake Michigan looking grey and uninviting off to the right. Chicago O'Hare is a 50 mile hop to the north. Bit of a bumpy landing again. Taxiways and runways were clear, but snow was all too apparent on the grassed areas. Landed at 1138 local time (1738Z) giving a flight time of 2hrs 3mins. Time to explore downtown Chicago this afternoon and tomorrow morning before the final US leg to Newark. Essential to go and check out the former Chicago Meigs field, the default start airport for MSFS for many years before it was controversially closed with the runway dug up overnight in March 2003. It now appears to be called Northerly Island, a 91 acre peninsula with skyline views, with hiking, fishing and playing plus a fieldhouse and live music acts.
  10. jimbo_uk

    Onward, ever onward. After a rest day on Wednesday, Thursday saw us progress to Kearney Regional in Nebraska. A partly cloudy but bright morning with the mercury stood at -3C! Winds 150 @ 5kt, rwy 13 departure, PROVO4 SID to FFU VOR / J116 / FQF / J44 / MCK / KEAR ILS 13. Scenery around Provo is stunning, climbing out over Lake Utah. Schoolboy error setting altitudes caused a bit of a stir when the ground proximity warning went off! Heigh ho! Routing took us over the Falcon FQF VOR at Denver, the Mile High airport at 5300ft. Despite leaving the Rockies behind and Kearney is at a more modest 2000ft it's still cold; -3C when we arrived at 1345 local (1945Z) after crossing another time zone after Denver. With a massive 80+ kts headwind most of the way at FL250, flight time was 2hrs 21mins for the 615 nm. Kearney is a small city of 33,000 people, strategically located on the east-west I-80 and alongside the Platte River.
  11. Mark Bradshaw

    Hi Mark, thanks for comment. Yes, but I did 'cheat' a little by just opting for the one leg across the Pacific. I'm over the Rockies now and into Nebraska after flying to Kearney Regional on Thursday. I am hoping to come round the Bombardier ferry route via Gander and Iceland rather than the 767 across the Atlantic, but it's all a bit dependent. Will definitely look out for the drink in the Hilton at the end of this.
  12. jimbo_uk

    Stunning view from Y Mountain. Provo Muni airport is in the middle distance on the shore of Lake Utah (photo by Raul Castillo)
  13. Well done you going the long way round! I chickened out and flew the Pacific in one hop in a B767. Picked up a new Dash in San Francisco and now halfway across the US. Great pictures.
  14. jimbo_uk

    So here we are, after 10 days on the town in San Francisco, time to join our new United Dash and cross the USA. As noted in the previous post, the Princess stays with us all the way back to the UK. Flew the first leg to Provo Muni (KPVU) in Utah yesterday, Dec 5th and that's now 2 months since we started from Biggin Hill on Oct 2nd. I had move the Dash over from its parking on the far side to Terminal 3 Gate F85, which is regularly used by United. A bright clear morning, 13 degrees, winds 130@12, designated rwy 10R with a FOGG2 SID to MOGEE. Then Q124 / BVL / J154 / TCH / direct to ILS 13 at KPVU. Pushed back at 1015 local (1815Z), with a short taxi to 10R, took off at 1022. Climbing, turned NE across the Bay and over Oakland. Forecast looked like we would enjoy clear conditions the whole way. Here we are approaching Lake Tahoe. On the other side of the lake we passed over Reno-Tahoe. Getting snowy down below. Uneventful to the Utah state line where the time zone changed approaching Bonneville VOR and the salt flats. It suddenly felt like we were back over the desert in the middle east. Then we got to the Great Salt Lake, Followed by a 90 degree turn over Salt Lake City before heading along the valley for final approach into Provo Muni which is alongside Provo Bay on Utah Lake. Provo is 4500ft above sea level and the temperature on arrival was -1C. Arrived 1316 local time (2016Z) giving a flight time of 1hr 54 mins. Landing wasn't one of my best. It's been over 3 weeks since my last flight in a Dash when we flew up to Tokyo from Fukuoka. Seems like an age ago. Provo is home to Brigham Young University and we are recommended to drive then follow the trail up Y Mountain, 8500ft high with commanding views across the city and lake. We'll spend a day in Provo before heading on to Kearney Regional in Nebraska. Happy landings folks.
  15. jimbo_uk

    Planning underway for the next stage across the US to New York. I've opted to fly to Newark, New Jersey (KEWR) which is part of the Port Authority. Taking four legs and going via Provo Muni (KPVU), Kearney Regional (KEAR), Chicago/Gary International (KGYY), 2233nm. Having checked the book synopsis, it also appears that the princess stays with us back to the UK.